Manjunath, 4 Yrs, Spinal Tumor, Magadi Road, Bangalore, Karnataka

20-07-2010: Manjunath’s mother sent documents to TMAD for support.

As he is going to school, school HM gave one request letter to Narayana Hrudaylaya to support for his Tumor operation. They did at free of cost. He is not aware of his urine passage and bowl movement. He has to use Urine bags to suck the urine using Infant feeding tube and Red Rubber Catheter for bowl. For cleaning, it requires Gloves, NS, Clean ups etc.. which costs around Rs. 4500 per month (see atmt).

As his father expired, he stays at his Grandmother along with his mother.


Manjunath’s Mother: Janaki (+91 9341565768)


Quantity per month

Cost per piece

Total Cost

Infant feeding tube




Red Rubber Catheter






01-08-2009: Manju’s mother is not taking much care about his health. We need to follow up regarding the assigned tasks to her. Even if she calls Gangadhar, he only call back to her without answering to her call to avoid call charges to her. She is not giving any update.


Ex: Gangadhar gave all the information to her how to get Income Certificate from Tahaseeldar to get some concession for MRI scan but she said so many reasons to do the same. We can’t contact Tahaseeldar on behalf of her.

Gangadhar informed her about his visit to her home to handover medicines, at that time she said ok. When he went home, she went to her friend’s house along with Manju. He spent 3 hr to go there and come back. The above r few examples. Her response is not good. She has to do some tasks on her own. Everything can’t be done from our side.

We are not going to support her any more from now on wards.We are very thankful to Gangadhar for dealing this case with lot of patience.

28-06-2009: Sparsh Hospital (SH) is conducting medical camp for Handicapped children from July 8 th -10 th in Bangalore. This news is published in Eenadu paper. Doctors from Germany visit this hospital in August and do the operations at free of cost. Kishore talked to SH, booked appointment on July 8 th for Manju.

Action Plan: Gangadhar will inform to Mrs. Janaki to take the boy to medical camp.

21-06-2009: NIMHANS do MRI scan at free of cost only for the BPL card holders. Gangadhar informed Manjunath’s mother where she can get it. She will go today to collect the same. Once it is done, she will get scan and need to contact NH doctors.

Volunteer: Gangadhar

31-05-2009: Gangadhar couldnt see Manjunath at their home, as their family went to their friend's house. So he called Janaki (Manjunath’s mother) on Saturday and asked her to collect medicines from Anil.She has collected medicines from Anil on Sunday.

Action Plan: Gangadhar and Baluwillbe taking Manjunathto Narayana Hrudayalaya on coming Saturday.

24-05-2009: Anil BVN gave medicines to Manju for one week. Pavan Pyda talked to Santhosh, Basaveswara Medicals, Tavarekere to get these medicines with 15% concession. We will get the same by day after tomorrow. Gangadhar/Kishore will handover medicines to the patient on coming Saturday. We have to take him to Dr next week


Currently this kid has been suffering with the following problems:

Wound on right leg

His mother is taking the kid to a clinic which is near to their home. She has to take him to that clinic thrice in a week for dressing the wound and for medication. It will costs 350 Rs for each visit and totally 1000 Rs for a week.

So far she has spent ~ 3000 Rs for this. She borrowed this money from some one for this purpose. And it will take one more week to get cured from that wound.

Urinal infection

Treatment is not yet started for this .It will cost around 10,000 Rs for this treatment. ( see further details below )

Operation to remove the Tumor on Spinal cord

Gangadhar and Kishore have consulted Dr. Komal Prasad (Neuro Surgeon in Narayana Hrudayala ) along with patients mother, Mrs. Janaki. Doctor told to us, as the kid's body can’t tolerate too many medicines at a time, first the kid should get cured from the above 2 problems before the operation to remove the tumor. And he estimated the cost of operation as ~ 70,000 Rs.

He also suggested that for the Urinal infection, the kid can be treated in Narayana Hrudayalaya itself, which takes 10 to 15 days and costs ~50,000 : if the kid stays in hospital (in patient) ~10,000 : as out patient.

Details of costs for treatments briefly:

Wound infection : ~3600 Rs

Urinal infection : ~ 50,000 Rs as Inpatient / ~10,000 as Out patient in Narayana Hrudayalaya

Operation to remove the tumor: ~ 70,000 ( Estimated by Dr Komal Prasad, Neuro Surgeon, Narayana Hrudayalaya )

Action Items from our side:

To give 3000 Rs to her or help her for further medicines for the Wound treatment.

To forward the request for finance help for treatments of Urinal infection and Operation and collect the funds for the same.

25-04-2009: Kishore and Gangadhar take the patient to Narayana Hrudayalaya, find out the details with Doctor and talk to Mrs. Laxmi Mani regarding support from NH Charity. Kishore talked to the patient’s mother to prepare plan to visit NH.


Name: Manjunath
Age: 4 yrs
Mother's Name: Mrs. Janaki
Mother's Occupation: Daily wages labour
Problem: handicap and suffering from Spinal Tumour. He lower part of body has no senses. He can’t even control his reflexs as of now. He needs to get operated to live long.
Estimated Cost : Rs.2Lakhs
Current Status: His father left them. Janaki's mother is taking care of them with support of Rs.350 pension per month. Underwent operation twice @ Kidwai, spent Rs.60k. He has not recovered completely. He needs to undergo one more operation @ Narayana Hrudayalaya ASAP.
Required Help: Need Rs.650 per month to remove puss
Courtesy: Page 11, Eenadu Bangalore Edition, 31/01/2009

Docs: Click here for more info.


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