Bhargav, 9 Yrs, Skin Cancer, Marripadu, Nellore, AP

17-08-2010: Discharged today and has to come again after two weeks.
Volunteer: Naga Pavan.


16-08-2010: Bhargav’s operation is done today, boy is doing well.
Volunteer: Naga Pavan.


14-08-2010: Bhargav admitted in Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital for removal of cancer part from his forehead.
Expenses: Rs. 10286 (Caution Deposit: Rs. 10000 and Medicines Rs. 286)
Volunteer: Gangadhar.


31-07-2010: The operation has been postponed to 16th August. Bhargav has to come for both eye checkup and operation for nose on Saturday 14th August. Operation cost is 10K.
Expenses: Rs. 1200 (Consultation fee and Medicines)
Volunteer: Srinivas D


15-07-2010: The boy is doing well, discharged today. Dr suggested drops as well as Goggles.
Expenses: Rs. 243 (Drops and Goggles)
Volunteer: Sagar M


14-07-2010: Bhargav got operated for the eye today and the operation was pretty much successful. Both the eyes were operated and left eye still seems to be a problem with slow progress. The minor operation for the nose which was supposed to be done along with eye operation was cancelled and will be operated in the first week of August.
Expenses: Rs. 20000 for eye operation.
Volunteer: Venkatesh.


03-07-2010: He is supposed to get operated today but postponed due to cold. The plan is to come back once he is alright.


26-06-2010: Continuing drops as usual
Volunteer: Venkatesh
Expenses: Rs. 350 (Consultation fee for two Doctors)


19-06-2010: The boy's face looks pretty good now with the help of sun screen lotion.
The second issue that is bothering all of us is the cancer to eye. Past 2-3 months, every week the boy is brought to hospital for eye drops and checkup. As they couldn't operatethe eye with cancer, they planned to reduce the infection first to permissible limits and then planned to operate. Unfortunately, the right eye is responding well to treatment but left eye is not.
So, they have been using various drugs to make left eye respond and operation will be done once it responds or when they exhaust all ways. They haven’t planned when to operate. But they expect the eye to respond in next two weeks.

As the left eye is not responding the Drs decided to continue the same course for another 2 weeks and are trying different mechanisms to make the left eye respond.
Volunteer: Anil BVN


12-06-2010: Right eye is having good progress when compared to left eye and Drops will be continued for another 2 weeks and the eye is operated.
Volunteer: Venkatesh
Expenses Rs. 153(Medicines)


05-06-2010: Need to continue the drops
Volunteer: Venkatesh

Expenses: Rs. 600 (Medicines and Dr Consultation Fee).

29-05-2010: Bhargav came to see Dr. Himanshu, Narayana Nethralaya. Drops are given to him for one week and he needs to come again on next Saturday for check up. Small operation to be done on forehead, which is planned on next Saturday.
Volunteer: Srinivas D
Expenses: Medicines cost Rs. 150


22-05-2010: Bhargav came to see Dr. Himanshu, Narayana Nethralaya. It seems his eye is responding to drops. He has to visit again on coming Saturday for check up. After 3 weeks, Dr will decide the operation date.
Volunteer: Shobha Laya


15-05-2010: As cancer affected area is more in both eyes, he will lose vision if those parts are removed. New tissue will replace but it should not be opaque so vision is not clear. Dr. Himanshu is trying to reduce the affected area by using drops, then operation is done to remove the less portion of the eye so loss of vision might be less. Bhargav has to visit Narayana Nethralaya on every Saturday for check up till 1 month. Based on the condition Dr will decide the operation date.
Volunteers: Kamal and Pavan
Expenses: Rs.150 for Medicines and Rs.1500 for Accommodation Expenses.


17-04-2010: Bhargav's nose tumor has been removed. couple of sutures has to be removed next week. Eye related cancer has to be operated depending on availability of membrane which will be taken from a pregnant woman. As of now, the membranes are exhausted. Next week, they may get delivery cases and so planning to get membranes for his operation. These membranes will be used and replaced with the existing once of the boy which is cancerous. Bhargav will be in Bangalore till next week.

Here are the pictures of Bhargav after operation.


Bhargav After Operation 1
Bhargav After Operation 2
Bhargav After Operation 3
Bhargav After Operation 4

Below are the bills for Bhargav's operation.


13 -04- 2010: He will be discharged tomorrow from cancer ward. He will be undergoing Eye check up at Narayana Nethralaya on coming Saturday i.e., 17th April due to non availability of senior Doctors. Bhargav and his parents will stay in Bangalore till Saturday.


07-04-2010: The boy got admitted yesterday, operation took 7 hrs to complete, boy is doing well now.
Volunteer: Sharvani


31-03-2010: Dr. Girish, told to bring the boy after April 4 th


18 -03- 2010: Bhargav joined in Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Hospital for operation.He underwent Blood and Urine test, CT scan, ECG etc to assess his fitness. As he has some infection in nose, Doctors advised medication for 1 week. Due to unavailability of Senior Surgeon Dr. Moni from next Monday onwards, he has to revisit on 5th April 2010. TMAD only supported for all these tests (Rs. 5515).


15 -03- 2010: Bhargav is coming to Mazumdar Shaw cancer hospital, Bangalore on coming Wednesday (17-03-2010). TMAD is going to pay Rs.1 Lakh out of required Rs.1.5 Lakh to start the operation.

02 -03- 2010: Doctors discussed about the Bhargav's operation and called Pavan (TMAD) today to give updates. As per Dr. Moni (Surgeon), kind of plastic surgery has to be done for nose rather than free flap reconstruction by removing the skin from boy's thigh as per earlier decision. They will put one plastic nose after removing that tumor on nose by using 3 or 4 screws which cost around Rs.15k each. Flap reconstruction will be done on other parts of the face. The total cost of the operation will be around Rs.1.5 Lakhs. As they have to buy these screws from outside, they cannot give concession for the operation. We need to pay at least Rs.1Lakh to start the operation.


28-02-2010: This case is published in Andhra Jyothi, Bangalore Edition, Page 3. Click here


27-02-2010: This case is published in Eenadu News Paper, Bangalore Edition, Page 2. Click here


23 -02- 2010: Dr. Vikram gave concession of Rs. 50,000, now the operation costs around Rs.1.5Lakhs. As the patient is poor, Doctors asked TMAD to deposit Rs.40,000 in advance to start operation. Bhargav (patient) has to stay for 15 days after operation. They will inform TMAD if they can provide any more concession and within 15 days we need to pay the balance amount.


18-02-2010: Consulted Dr. Anuradha Rao (Dermatologist), Dr. Moni (Head, Oncology Department) at Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals and Dr. Gagan (Ophthalmologist) at Narayana Nethralaya.

As Dr. Moni is in hurry to go to Delhi for conference, he informed us that it can be done with Grafting by taking skin from his thigh and asked me to call later for operation cost and more details.
Volunteer: Pavan


16-02-2010: Doctor is informed about Bhargav’s visit to the hospital.
Volunteer: Pavan


10-02-2010: As they don’t have any contact number, the reporter visited his house, informed about the consultation. As they are unable to come on consultation day i.e. 11-02-2010 needful arrangements are made to visit hospital on next Thursday (18 th Feb)


08-02-2010: Dr. Anuradha gave consultation date on 11-02-2010 and informed that she is available on every Tuesday and Thursday.
Volunteer : Pavan


05-02-2010: Dr. Dayanand forwarded patient details to Dr. Anuradha (Senior Dermatologist @ Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals)


04-02-2010: The case was forwarded to Dr. Dayanand


Please click here to find the letter given by Doctor.

28-01-2010: Our volunteer's friend Pratap Koyi visited the needy and collected the below details.

Case Details :

Patient Name: Bhargav Reddy Vurimindi
Age: 9 years
Father's name: Krishna Reddy V
Father's age: 33 yrs
Father's occupation: daily wage labourer
Mother's name: V Venkata Ramanamma
Mother's age: 28 yrs
Mother's occupation: daily wage labourer
Contact No:  
Annual Income: Rs. 9600 (as per Aarogya Sri Card)
History: Multiple swellings and black pigmentation on face from the age of 8 months.
Courtesry: Eenadu, Bangalore edition
Reporter Name: Venkateswarlu, Marripadu

Please click the links below to see Bhargav's Doctor prescription, Receipt and Medical Bill.


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