Vedamani, 65Yrs, Neuroand Cardio problem, Nagarjuna Sagar, Guntur Dt, AP

27-Jun-2017: Vedamani came for the second check up and doctors advised medicines for six months.
Expenses this time: Rs. 6000 + Rs. 9522 + Rs. 500 = Rs. 16022
Car: Rs. 6000
Medicines: Rs. 9522
Food: Rs. 500
Volunteers: Parvathaneni Prasanna, Shakeel Ahmed, Naeem, Megha Shyam Gondi, Prasanthi Uppalapati, Atluri Sravya
Total Expenses as on 6/16/17: Rs. 10,542.00. We are yet to pay the monthly fee to the Physiotherapist.
The fee for Physiotherapist for each month is Rs. 5000 and she will do physiotherapy daily for one hour.

Total Expenses as on date, 23-6-17:

Rs. 9053 + Rs. 1290 = Rs. 10343






Parvathaneni Prasanna


5000 rs.

One time

Hamender Rana


2000 rs.

One time

Padma Addada 



10000 rs.

5000 rs. (Monthly)

HS Ramanujam


1000 rs.

1000 rs. (Monthly)

Shanmugam Sibbala 


500 rs. 

500 rs.  (Monthly)

Nara Jeevan Kumar


Rs. 6398

500 rs. (Monthly)

Ganesh Prasanna T



1000 rs.

500 rs. (Monthly)



25398 rs.



Date: 12-June-2017

Physiotherapist Dr. Glory started doing physiotherapy, one hour daily and six days a week, for a fee of 5000 rs. per month.

Date: 17-May-2017

Shyam garu purchased the rest of the medicines and couriered to Vedamani.

Medicines: Rs. 1243.25 (Rs. 673.75 + Rs. 569.50)

Courier Charges for Medicines: Rs. 46

Total Expenses: Rs. 1290


Date: 25-Apr-2017


Vedamani booked a car of Venkata Ramana and came to Hyderabad from Sagar along with his wife. Visited NIMS and got the check-up done. Doctors mentioned that no tests are required and advised to get the Physiotherapy done for six months and prescribed medicines for two months.


Expenses: Rs. 6100 (Car) + Rs. 500 (Physiotherapy) + Rs. 500 (Food) + Rs. 1903 (Medicines) + Rs. 50 (Outpatient Card)


Suggestion from Doctors: No tests are required. Advised to get the Physiotherapy done for six months and prescribed medicines for two months.
Next Checkup Date: 24-Jun-2017
Cab Fare: 5500 rs.
Driver Fee: 300 rs.
Waiting Charge: 300 rs.
Outpatient Card Fee: 50 rs.
Medicines: 1903 rs.
Physiotherapist Fee: 500 rs. (No bill has been given)
Food/Meals: 500 rs. (Bill is not available)


Total: Rs. 9053


Needy Details:

Patient Name: Degala Vedamani

Contact No: 85000-79087

Age: 65 yrs

Occupation: Not working currently

Income per month: Not working currently

Wife Name: mariyamma

Age: 52 yrs

Occupation: Stitching Clothes

Income per month: ---- (not working currently)

Total Family Income per month: 1500(Elderly Pension amount)

Children: 4 (3 girls, married; one boy died)

Address: Hill Colony, Nagarjuna Sagar, Guntur Dt., Pin: 508202

Family Details: Mr. Vedamani is the head of the house. He has a wife and four children. One boy died and three daughters are married.


About Problem: Neuro and Cardio problem

Help Required: Approximate Expenses:

For Medical Check-up in NIMS, Food (6600 rs.) - Once in two months

Medicines (1300 rs.) - Once in two months

Physiotherapy - 5000 rs. - Per month

Venkata Ramana, Car Driver: 94926-11225
Dr. B. Glory, Physiotherapist: 79977-63053; 94411-88658 




Long back in 2005-2006, we supported Raju, from Nagarjuna Sagar, for his kidney operation. Raju is the only son of Mr. Vedamani. Raju is obedient, loving, caring and a hard working bright student (was pursuing MBA), got infection of kidneys.  Raju's mother, donated the kidney. The request for help was published in Eenadu in 2005 (11th September). Raju's family consists of parents and two sisters.

TMAD raised around one lakh eighty thousand rupees and helped for surgery. Later also we helped for medicines for some months. They used to call for two years and after that we lost touch. Later in February, 2012 we came to know that Raju has expired. Raju was doing well and even started earning working in a company. He met with an accident, went into coma and doctors mentioned that he has to be on antibiotics and if he takes them, it would affect his kidneys and there are very less chances of survival. Still the father tried his level best, spent around one lakh rupees. Luckily there was no instance of kidneys getting affected and the boy's condition improved. All of a sudden, he got heart attack and died.


Later in March 2017, Vedamani approached us again saying that he got paralysis and even his heart and lungs got affected. He requested support for medical check-up and medicines. We sent volunteers to his place, enquired and found that he is in bad need of help. He is surviving with the amount his wife earns, which is minimal.


Due to paralysis and heart and lung problem, he can't board bus and he has to come in car to any place. We asked him to get the check up in NIMS.

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