Baby Alekhya, 7 Yrs, Brain Surgery, Nizamabad, TG

Source: Raja garu of Kinnera Memorial Foundation

Note: Special mention to Helping Hand volunteer Anil who helped us in the hospital. Also Krishna and Prasanthi are volunteering in terms of co-ordination and Vasu garu is the on-field volunteer who visits the hospital daily and talk with the doctors on behalf of the family.
Other Volunteers: Vaibhav, Raja garu, Rajender garu, Sonu Surana, Amarnath, Amar, Dhanya, PhaniDeepthi, Ravikanth, Pallavi, NC Kiran, Surya Gupta, Rangaiah garu, Dr. Hemanth, A Sathya Sai Devotee

Donations Sent to TMAD Account:

4000 rs. – from Vasu gari friends
1000 rs. – from Kalpana, TMAD Regular Donor
Money Given to Sarada in Cash:
2000 rs. through Vasu garu (from TMAD)
1000 rs. by Vasu gari Aunt
2000 rs. by Rajender garu
Amount spent by volunteers:
Mobile recharge by Vasu garu (amount not known)
Amount paid for food purchased for Sarada (amount not known)
Amount paid for injections for Alekhya and for personnel at various tests (amount not known)
2687 rs. – Amount spent by Ravikanth (to be given from TMAD)
276.45 for Medicines by Pallavi (to be given from TMAD)
Bills we do not have:
16/5/2018: Hotel Bill: 700 rs.
16/5/2018: Food: 100 rs.
22/5/2018: Auto Bill: 200 rs.
Toll Plaza Fee:  320 rs. (100 rs. + 105 rs. + 115 rs.)
Food: 105 rs.
Provisions: 862 rs.
Rice: 1400 rs.
Medicines: 276.45
Fan: 800 rs.
Medicines: 118 rs.
Medicines: 80 rs.
Latest Update:
Rajender garu visited Nizamabad.  Paid school fee for Alekhya’s brother. Went to bank and get approval for one lakh loan for Sarada for setting up a tiffin center. The owner of the tiffin center where Sarada currently works offered to be a partner and guide her.
21-06-2018: On 21st June, assessment for Speech Therapy has been done. They will take note of the case history. Then Sarada will leave for Nizamabad. It is up to her to decide the next course of action.
20-06-2018: On 20th June, Sudhakar garu (alias Vasu) and Rajender garu took Alekhya to Manasa School for Special Needs Children. They agreed to offer free treatment for two years (different kinds of therapies for 4-5 hours each day). They also agreed to provide a job to Sarada in the school itself after two to three months. Meanwhile they try to keep her in a private Sayodhya home.  On 20th June, assessment for Physiotherapy has been done. 
18-06-2018: Sarada along with children came to Hyderabad on 18th June. Rajender garu took her to Neuro Physician and discussed her case. She was dropped at Sayodhya home for that night. Next day another consultation with a doctor who is specialized in Autism. Sarada was given shelter in Rajender gari home on Tuesday and Sudhakar gari home on Wednesday.
02-06-2018: Ravi dropped Sarada and Alekhya at Nizamabad in his car and also purchased provisions and rice for 15 days. Also medicines were purchased as per doctor’s prescription. They were asked to come after 15 days for further check up. Next appointment date is 22nd June.
01-06-2018: Ravi went to the hospital to take them to Nizamabad but they were not discharged due to some meeting in the hospital and formalities are not completed.
31-05-2018: Rajender garu and Vasu garu visited Sarada late evening. They explained about various training programs available and the jobs possible. Rajender garu gave Rs. 2000 in cash to Sarada. Vasu garu paid money for mobile.
28-05-2018 to 30-05-2018: Vaibhav visited Sarada and Rs. 1000 has been given to her in cash which is donated by Vasu gari aunt.
27-05-2018: Four volunteers, Sonu Surana, Dhanya, Deepthi and Ravikanth visited Sarada on Sunday at different times. All of them took several food items with them and gave to Sarada.
26-05-2018: Our tmad volunteer, Amarnath, visited her in the evening and gave food.
25-05-2018: Surgery has been done and baby is in NICU. It was for about three hours. A volunteer by name Pallavi came based on a message sent by Kiran. Vasu garu was in the hospital since 7:30 am. He went out for a while and came back.
23-05-2018: Vasu garu has to literally argue for early surgery as it was told to us initially. Sarada has another child too, a boy, whom she left with her sister. Other than the two to three hours time that Vasu garu spends in the hospital, no other volunteer is there and she is all alone.
Daily Vasu garu has been visiting baby Alekhya. We missed meeting doctors on Monday and Tuesday. Vasu garu gave 1000 rs. to Sarada.
22-05-2018: When Vasu garu visited, they were asked to rush to CM camp office for CM fund for them as they do not have Arogyasree card. Vasu garu and Siva garu went there and as Siva garu has some contacts they could get approval. They took Sarada in car and left after approval is given. Sarada waited till the document is given to her and returned in auto.
18-5-2018: It was very late by the time the reports are given so doctors couldn't assess the situation. As 19-5-2018 is Sat'day, there will be no OP or doctor consultation. Only on Monday, 21-05-2018, there will be an update.
Expenses: Vasu garu gave 1000 rs. to Sarada. She is paying Rs. 40, Rs. 50 or Rs. 100, as required at each of the tests. We will update with the exact money on Monday.
Volunteer: Vasu (Sudhakar Majety)
17-5-2018: They got admitted and various tests were done.
Volunteer: Vasu (Sudhakar Majety)
16-5-2018: Sarada came to Hyderabad and Vasu garu met her. We are not aware that there will be no OP on Wednesday and Saturday. So they had to stay in a lodge.
Expenses: 700 rs. Lodge Rent
Volunteer: Vasu (Sudhakar Majety), Prasanthi and Krishna
Volunteer: Krishna Punna. He visited the baby's family on 5th May, 2018 in an hour's notice and shared the details.
Name: Alekhya
DOB: 9/1/2011; Age: 7 years
Gender: Female
Parents: Sharada, Ravindra
Occupation: Daily Wage Laborers (Husband left Sharada and she is only taking care of the baby now)
Address: c/o N, Vittal Rao, 2-4-106. Opp. Mahila Police Station, Gole Hanuman Temple, Nizamabad
Contact Number: 79970 66689  (mother's number) 
Health Problem: Multiple problems due to a fall and was in coma for 8 months post brain surgery, initially. She has eye, hands and legs problem as well and need to get operated in stages as she progresses in age.
Support: Rangaiah garu (94940-25573), a teacher, has been helping them for the past one year. Kinnera Memorial Foundation too helped initially.
Pl. go through the details of the case at the end of this post:
Current Status:
The girl has to get operated (brain surgery). It will be done free of cost in Osmania Hospital but medicine expenses has to be borne along with the travel and stay expenses for the period they need to be in the hospital
They also need regular Physiotherapy support.
There is no threat to the life of the girl and she can lead a comparatively better life if she gets operated and gets the Physiotherapy on regular basis.
What Do We Need?
Mostly volunteers who can receive them at the hospital, when they come here and talk to doctors. See to that they (the baby's mother and aunt) have an accommodation (or a place to stay within the hospital or near by) and food.
Need to visit them twice daily, once in the morning and later in the evening, to know the updates and how they are doing.
The baby's father left them and the baby's mother does not know much about interacting with others.
Urgent Help:
Volunteers who stay near Osmania Hospital. Based on the volunteers' availability we have to ask the baby and her mother to come for surgery.
Our Plan:
We want to see if we can train the mother herself for doing the required Physiotherapy so that it will not be a financial burden for them. Currently the Physiotherapy charge is 7k per month in Nizamabad. So if her mother can be taught on how to do it, they may go to Physiotherapists, may be once in a week to check the progress.
Support Required:
Any financial support for medicines, travel, food and physiotherapy is welcome. More than money, volunteers are required. Pl. come forward
Case Details:
Med_Alekhya_VHC Poly Clinic_Outpatient Card
Med_Alekhya_Food Security Card
As shared by Raja garu:
అలేఖ్య అనే 6 సంవత్సరాల వయసు గల పాప 4 సంవత్సరాల క్రితం (2 సంవత్సరాల వయసప్పుడు) 27-11-2013న ప్రమాదవశాత్తూ మెత్లపై నుండి కింద పడటంతో బ్రయిన్‌లో blood clot అవటంతో ఉస్మానియా హస్పిటల్‌లో surgery అయిన 8 నెలలకు కోమాలో నుండి బయటకు వచ్చింది. ఆ ప్రమాదంలో తలకి బలమైన దెబ్బ తగలడంతో కాళ్ళూ, చేతులు, కళ్ళూ దెబ్బతిన్నాయి. తలకి తగిలిన బలమైన దెబ్బవల్ల సగం skullని తీసివేశారు, మాట కూడా ఇప్పటివరకు మాట్లాడటలాడా లేదు. ప్రస్తుతం నిజామాబాదులో కాలికి, చేతికి physiotherapy treatment, speech Therapy జరుగుతూ వుంది. ఇప్పూద్డిప్పుడే మాట వస్తూంది, physical condtion better అయ్యింది. ఇఒంకో 1 year physiotherapy అయిన తరువాత కుడికాలు bone syrgery చేయించాలి. అమే వయసు 12 తరువాత cement plastic surgery చేయాలట.
తల్లి దండ్రులిద్దరు రోజు కూలీలు. వున్న ఆస్థి, నగలు అమ్మి వైద్యం చేయించారట. కిన్నెర  మెమోరియల్ ట్రస్ట్ నుంచి కొంత సహయం చేసాము. మా friends కూడా కొంత సహాయమందిస్తా మన్నారు.
 I spoke to Dr Anand 2, 3 times. He told me that ALekhya can have a physically handicapped life, if she gets more help. 
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