Prasad, 52 yrs, Chest Pain, Kavali, Nellore, AP

Documents and Medical Bills

18-05-2018: TMAD gave monthly medicines and for sugar test

Expenses: Rs 2,520

16-05-2018: Travel expenses to visit Dr @ Apollo, Nellore and for  Eco test and Medicines

Expenses: Rs 5,801

11-05-2018: Hestarted going to Dr in Nellore @ Apollo hospital so TMAD gave expenses to visit Hospital, Registration charges, CT Scan and Medicines

Expenses: Rs 7,376

27-04-2018: Gave money for Chest  X ray

Expenses: Rs 250

Details of the needy

Name: Prasad

Age:  52Yrs.

Father Name: Sivarama Rao

Sibling’s details: 1 younger brother un married

Permanent Address: PH Prasad, HNo: 10-40-17 A/3,Janatapet,Kavali-524202

Help required: Monthly medicines

About Problem:

Prasad got Chest pain 15 yrs ago, took treatment by consulting Dr Jagannath K and he was doing well. He got the same problem 4 yrs ago, consulted another Doctor in Hyderabad who gave different medicines so didn't recover. While taking treatment in Hyderabad, he fell in bathroom and his Hip got damaged so unable to walk more than 50 meters now, walking with support stick. So he again consulted Dr Jagannath K in Chennai from April 2014 onwards.

His father passed away when he was 2yrs old and mother also passed away 15 yrs ago. He and his brother only staying in a rented house, daily expenses are supporting by the local MLA, relatives, friends etc..

As he can't sit properly, he is  going to Chennai by Car only from the past 2.5 yrs.


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