Lakshmi, 33 Yrs, Leg Injury, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, KA

Documents and Medical Bills

Lakshmi, Thalassemia major patient needs support for post operation leg injury medicines expenses of worth Rs 10,000 per month. They took credit from friends to pay hospitalization expenses of Rs 1.9 Lakhs. She needs around Rs 20,000 for Thalassemia medicines and her husband needs around Rs 8,000 for post heart operation medicines.

Please support her. Even Rs 100 also Makes A Difference to the needy.

Details of the needy

Name: Lakshmi V

Age 33 Yrs

Qualification: X Std

Occupation: Service

Husband Name: Bitu Kotai

Husband Qualification: 2nd PU

Husband Occupation: service in a private company

Husband Income per month: Rs. 20k

Father Name: Vijay Kumar

Father Occupation: retired from Waters India pvt. Ltd, now working as part time accountant

Father Income per month: Rs 12k (as part time job income)

Mother Name: Nimmu V

Mother Occupation: House wife

Mother Income per month: NIL

Sibling’s details: NIL

Children's Details: NIL

Total Family Income per month: Rs 20k (not included her father income)

Current Address: #4, first floor Sri Basaveshwara Nilaya Kempaiah Layout, Sanjaynagar,  Bangalore - 94

History: She is a Thalassemia patient since her childhood. She has been taking daily injections and oral medications for this problem. She had thigh pain for 3-4 weeks, which was not diagnosed properly when they consulted 3-4 orthopedic doctors even after taking MRI scans. Finally they met a orthopedic doctor from Columbia Asia Yeswanthpur. MRI and contra scans could reveal the bacterial infection in her bones. Based on Doctor’s suggestion, she had a surgery on 13th July 2081 @ Columbia Asia Hospital, Yaswantapur, Blr to remove the infection by drilling into the thigh bones.

About Problem: Osteomyelitis surgery for debridement on left thigh

Help required for: Post-Surgery Medication and Expenses of worth Rs 10,000 per month. Her parents and husband are supporting her for physiotherapy exercises. She is taking IV antibiotic injection with the help of nurse and oral medicines. Injections costs Rs 200 per day and Nurse charges Rs 150 per day. She has to continue post-surgery medication for 6 weeks and she would undergo X-Ray after this time line and doctors will suggest how long the medication has to continue and how much she recovered. Doctors said she may recover in Three Months.

Eligibility to get support from TMAD: She and her husband was residing with her husband brother/sisters/mother in a joint family. Her family got losses in business so they are not helping her for operation expenses. She is currently staying in her father's house. Her father earnings are sufficient for paying rent, food expenses etc.. The Oriental Health Insurance was denied stating that the illness is due to Thalassemia. They took credit of Rs 1.9 Lakhs from her father's Manager and friends to pay hospital expenses.

Lakshmi's Thalassemia Treatment: Usually she takes 4 injections and oral medication every day. A box of 10 injections costs Rs 1600 and Tablets box costs Rs 385. Monthly medical expenses for her Thalassemia treatment is Rs 15,000–20,000.

Lakshmi’s Husband Medicines expenses: He had undergone heart surgery 2-3 years ago and Two stents were placed. He could claim insurance during that time. His medical expenses are Rs 6,000-8,000 per month currently.

Volunteer: Karthik Pagadala


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