Baby of Manjula, 1 month, Preterm, Santhapeta, Nellore, AP

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Baby of Manjula


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Kishore Kumar Javvaji


Poorna Kamichetty


Shyam Sundar S


Silpa Pagadala


Sudaarshan Reddy Chenchu


Satyanarayana Gubba


Utukuri Venkata Krishna Prasad


Srivatsala M


Saravanan Govindan


Pullarao MBV


Neela Megha Shyam C


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Sailaja Jaldu


Deepika K


Sangeetha Thangaraju


Sudhakar Oggu


Krishna Prasad UV


Dr.  Sri Dev MB


Sudhakar Reedy Annapareddy


Saravanan Govindan


Pavan Kumar Ch


Silpa Pagadala


Prasanna Bapanapalli


RLV Prasanna


Maheswar Pavan Kumar Ghanta


Sharvanee Maduri


Venkata Saidavali


Ram Naresh Rayaprolu


Lakshmi Gupta


Ajay Surya Kongara


Pratap Koyi


Balaji Jeganathan


Ravi Teja Voggu


Venkateswararao Remella


Santosh Rangula


Arunkanth Thentu


Lava Kumar U


Vemuri Sasikanth


Pandian Baskaran


Narasamma Allu


Prasad Hariharan


R C Rao


Sarath Chandra C


Maheedhar Maddi


Abbas S


Rajasekhar Mylavaram


Praveen Kumar U


Aditya Yeleswarapu


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Volunteers: Kishore Javvaji, Ajayprasad Vakati, Pratap Koyi, Saravanan Govindan

16-Sep-19: As baby's condition is well Doctors discharged her. Thanks a lot to all donors for their great support. They don't need any support from us.

04-Sep-19: She got eligibility to cover the treatment expenses under Govt. Arogaya Sri scheme now and current weight of baby is 1.815 kg. Based on baby's condition she will be discharged in 10 days. 

31-Aug-19: Baby is doing well, current weight is 1.690 Kg. Per Dr baby's eyes are good and not required another operation (it requires two operations normally based on patient's condition),  suggested eye drops for few more days 

30-Aug-19: Baby is doing well. Her father came to Chennai to buy milk bottles. We sponsored milk bottles.

Expenses: Rs 30,555 

29-Aug-19: Baby's current weight is 1.64 kg, her father is doing well by changing medicines.

Local Corporator talked to the hospital management to reduce the bill amount from 80k to 40k and donated 10k. Thanks much to Corporator for his great support.

Contributions for 40k (advance paid: 2k, Corporator: 10k, borrowed amount:17k , TMAD contribution: 11k)

Expenses: Rs 11,000

28-Aug-19: Baby is doing well now (current weight: 1.6 Kg), need to stay for 20 more days. They have to pay the treatment expenses by tomorrow. Baby's father Ravi is suffering with high fever from past few days, undergoing medication but no improvement so he will be planning to go for some kind of scanning tomorrow as suggested by Dr. 

23-Aug-19: Baby is doing well. Her father came to Chennai to buy milk bottles. We sponsored milk bottles.

Expenses: Rs 32,737

22-Aug-19: Operation completed within 10 mins and Dr suggested Eye drops for 10 days. She is doing well post operation. Operation cost was Rs 8k.

20-Aug-2019: Modern Eye Hospital Dr will come to KIMS and do Laser treatment for baby's Eye which costs around Rs 10k, baby's father is taking care of this minor operation. Current baby weight is 1.510 kg, milk dose is increased to 30 ml per sitting

18-Aug-2019: Our volunteer Ajayprasad met baby parents in KIMS hospital, Nellore around 5 PM. After that, he spoke to Dr. Obulesh who was working as duty doctor at that time. Per Dr baby condition is quite good and slowly improving her weight but the problem is with eye vision currently. When the baby was at Rainbow hospital there was infection (preterm retinopathy at stage II) affecting babies eyes. After discharged from Rainbow hospital they had advised them to continue antibiotic drops but due to some issues at Ravi children hospital they didn't continued those drops for the baby and results in progression of the disease. Dr Rajsekhar at KIMS had advised Laser therapy for the baby to reduce the infection which costs around Rs 10,000. If it is not treated now there will be development of blindness in later stages.

17-Aug-2019: Currently baby weight is around 1.3kg, anytime Dr can suggest to discharge after crossing baby weight to more than 1.5kg based on baby condition, yesterday as per Dr.s advise baby father gave 1 unit of blood to baby, baby is B +ve blood and her father is O -ve blood (hospital management got exchanged blood), currently Dr.s saying like baby eyes nerves were not grown properly so suggesting to go for cataract treatment around 10 minutes minor operation and it's cost around 10k, our Dr. Ajayprasad (TMAD beneficiary) consulted some other Dr. in Tirupati SVIMS hospital but they said like there are some stages if it's in stage 2 operation not required, we are in process of checking it and Ajay is going to Nellore tomorrow to discuss with patient treating Dr to check the actual condition and confirm the need of operation. If required he can stay there one or two days. Today Ravi came to Chennai and took baby milk 42 bottles (Drs yet to suggest towards increasing feeding quantities. In the same hospital another mother is feeding milk to (baby of Manjula once in a day as a help or charity), for today's milk we spend around Rs: 22,916.00, expecting to support 2 more weeks for milk. Dr's suggest to give milk by baby mother after 1st week of September.

Expenses: Rs 22,916

11-Aug-2019: Baby is discharged and joined at KIMS Hospital, Nellore for further treatment.

10-Aug-2019: We bought Milk for one week. Doctor advised to increase to 20 ml per dose.

Expenses: Rs 20,733

02-Aug-2019: Our volunteer Kishore went "Medihauxe International Pvt Ltd" life saving medicine distribution office to get baby milk tins around 6.30 PM. They gave discount 3% after explaining our TMAD support to the baby, Thanks a lot to them. This milk bottles need to carry very careful and it should be kept at 10 degree temperature. Baby needs this milk one more month. We bought Milk for one week.

Expenses: Rs 15,277

30-Jul-2019: Baby is doing well

26-July-2019: Baby is discharged and admitted at Dr Ravi Children's hospital, Nellore.

24-July-2019: Our volunteer Kishore met parents of the baby and paid 50k to the hospital directly and they paid balance amount of 35k.

Expenses: Rs 50,000

23-July-2019: Till today the baby's medical expenses is Rs 4.55 Lakhs, baby's parents paid Rs 1.35 L as advance, Trust is going to support for Rs 2.35 L and the remaining balance is 85k.

20-July-2019: After discussing TMAD members we (TMAD Chennai)  decided to use existing amount which we had collected earlier for some other case and which we didn't used at (Deepika case amount not used but operation completed successfully).

19-July-2019: Pratap got an update from Ravi like Dr. has confirmed to discharge on Sunday (21-july-2019), then they will go to Ravi hospital Nellore to continue further treatment, same Rainbow hospital Dr. visit weekly once to Nellore hospital too. So now they are worrying about amount which they need to pay during discharge time.

18-July-2019: Pratap spoken with Ravi for the update,  we were informed that baby was not able to take breath properly few days ago so Dr. put breathing mask and she is doing well now. Dr is planning to discharge from NICU within a week time. Then they are planning to move to Ravi Children hospital, Nellore for further treatment.

Support from other NGOs:

Saravanan followed up with Ekam foundation but they said like we have a tie-up with Rainbow hospital but usually they only refer a case based on patient financial condition and treatment costs and urgency factors but till now they didn't refer this case and also they referred some other case, so we are not willing to help at this moment to this case.

Saravanan approached Abilasha foundation and was informed that they help the patients from Maharashtra only.

Kishore is checking with Kinnera foundation, expecting positive response.

17-July-2019: As they are unable to pay daily expenses, hospital is trying to raise funds through NGOs and Donors.

14-July-2019: We requested below NGOs to help her.

1) Kinnera Foundation - AP

2) Ekam Foundation - Chennai

3) Abhilasha foundation - Maharashtra

13-July-2019: Pratap went to Rainbow hospital and met baby's father Ravi; got the details and required documents.

12-July-2019: Kishore spoke with Ravi (baby's father) and confirmed the requirement. They took credit of 2 Lakhs by mortgaging his House (co-owner) and paid Rs 1.35L so far. They are eating food at AMMA canteen. Baby is responding well for the treatment. As this treatment doesn't cover under Andhra "YSR Aarogya Scheme" they are requesting their friends, relatives etc.. for help.  

10-July-2019: We came to know this case through Andhra Jyoti Telugu news paper

24-Jun-2019: Baby's Mother delivered a baby girl with 700 gm weight in 7th month in Nellore. As per Dr Ravi Children's hospital Dr Ravi's suggestion baby was admitted @ Rainbow hospital Chennai around 10PM, NICU Dr.  Rahul Anand Yadav is treating her. They paid initial payment of Rs. 15,000.

Details of the needy

Name: Baby of  Manjula D

Date of Birth: 24-Jun-2019

Age:  Less than1 Month

Father Name: Ravi Kumar Darmavaram

Father Occupation: worker in Jewellery shop in Nellore

Father Income per month: Rs 9,000

Mother Name: Darmavaram. Manjula

Mother Occupation: Housewife

Total Family Income per month: Rs 9,000

Eligibility of Government Schemes: No

Current Address: D.No-11/721,Boggulu Street, Santhapeta, Nellore(dt),524001

Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Permanent Address: D.No-11/721,Boggulu Street,Santhapeta,Nellore(dt),524001

About Problem: Born in 7th month

Help required: forbaby's daily NICU treatment

Hospital Address with Doctor Name and Contact no: Rainbow Children’s Hospital,No-158-160,Groundfloor,Annasalai,Guindy,Chennai-600015,+91-44-40122444. Dr. Rahul Anand Yadav

The reason to choose this hospital: Suggested by Dr. Ravi (Ravi Children’s Hospital, Nellore)


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