L.N.Keshav, 21 Yrs, Leg Injury, Chennai, Tamilnadu

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 Volunteers: Saravanan Govindan, Kishore Javvaji

30-Mar-2020: Keshav is recovering well. Their doctor consultation is posponed due to current lockdown situation. His leg pains were greatly reduced. We will get Soft copies of documents for now. Once the situation become normal, we will collect the hardcopies.

25-Mar-2020: We transferred the Donations balance amount Rs.47908 to Keshav's mother Bank account and got credited the same day.

16-Mar-2020: Keshav is recovering well. His wound is recovering. They will have to visit the hospital only after 2 weeks.Spoke to Keshav as well. He sounds good and confident. His pain is bearable and he is slowly out of bed and started concentrating on other things.Asked Keshav's mom to send the Bank details so that we can send the balance amount from the donations.

11-Mar-2020: Keshav is recovering well. They met Doctor on last Thursday (4th Mar 2020) and doctor confirmed that skin plast/drafting is not needed. They have to visit hospital tomorrow. I will contact them tomorrow for latest status.

28-Feb-2020: Keshav visited hospital on last Monday and Thursday.Doctor still thinking about Skin plast,but will be decided after a week or more.Keshav slipped today while walking,fortunately nothing is serious.They will have to go to hospital on 5th March for another consultation.

18-Feb-2020: Keshav visited hospital today for physiotherapy. They will need to continue physiotherapy for few more days.They are planning to arrange physiotherapist near their home. Keshav said he is feeling better and his pain is bearable now. Apollo pharmacy arranged the soft padded shoe and we (TMAD) have paid Rs.9.5k to them. Keshav and his mother thanked us for sponsoring this shoe.

Expenses: Rs.9500

17-Feb-2020: Keshav visited the hospital today.They have started some physiotherapy sessions today.They applied some icepacks as well. They were asked to visit hospital again.Pain has slightly reduced now now,probably will come to know after few more sessions of physiotherapy. They have also taken X-Ray today and based on that doctor says that there is still more gap in the fracture region. They will have to check that after a month and if it is still the same,they they need to remove one of the screw/nut type from the plate/ inplants. Doctor asked them to buy soft padded post op shoe which might cost somewhere between 10k to 14k. They are planning to but it at Apollo hospital itself since there are different sizes and they need to buy the one which fits his leg.

13-Feb-2020: Keshav is having severe pain in his leg ankle.They called doctor for pain killer tablets. But Doctor said having more dosage of pain killers might affect other organs or nervous system.Doctor said the pain will be there for some more days and will gradually decrease.Currently Keshav is fighting with severe pain.They are going for review on Monday. Discussed regarding the options with Keshav mother about the TMAD's Support. She said it will be really helpful if the money could be transferred to her account so that she can payback her high interest loans.I informed about the letter and bank passbook transaction copy after the transfer and she is fine with it.

11-Feb-2020: Keshav went to hospital for dressing yesterday.Doctor reviewed the wounds and they could see the wounds are recovering better. Hence Doctor said there is no need for plastic surgery. Few of the stitches and staplers were removed. He is having heavy pain in Heel. He is unable to sleep at night and uses sleep dosage currently. Doctor said that pain would reduce gradually. They will visit doctor again next monday to remove the remaining stitches.

06-Feb-2020: Dressing done today. The wounds are getting cured and has good improvement. Keshav still have pain in his leg. He is continuing the pain killers tablets. They were given all the medicines needed during the discharge itself.They will have to visit on Monday again. Doctor will confirm about the final operation details.

03-Feb-2020: L.N.Keshav's Dressing done today. Doctor suggested to visit again on Thursday to review for next operation(closing the 2nd wound). Keshav's mother fainted in the hospital due to low sugar and stress during the last few days. She was also treated and is better now.

02-Feb-2020: L.N.Keshav was discharged on 1st Feb 2020 and is now at home. He will have to visit hospital again on 03rd Feb 2020 for dressing. Doctor will review the situation and will confirm the schedule for next surgery. As of now, the Hospital expenses were Rs.460000 approx. They have paid it with the help of handloan from their relatives. I will keep you posted on further updates.

Details of the Needy:

   L.N Keshav,21 Years, met with an accident on 26th January 2020. His right leg is badly injured below the knee. Truck ran over his right leg. Local people and Police immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital, Apollo Hospital in Vanagaram. 

    His injury was so critical that they have to start treatment even before his mother/relatives arrive. There were multiple fractures. Initially they have operated with placements by rod (26th Jan). Later there were huge swelling and tissues seem to decay in that area. Also the senses are lost in that region. Then they had to do another operation (27th Jan) and then opened up that region and freed up the nerves. Recently they did plastic surgery (took skin from left thigh and placed it on right thigh). One more such surgery is being planned. Earlier, the doctors estimated that it could be 6 lakhs, but due to the need of plastic surgery, it might cost anywhere between 7L to 8L. Hospital said they will consider the concession, but they have not given any guarantee. They had medical insurance for 1L and the cashless is approved. They are currently managing with help from relatives and friends.

    L.N Keshav is a Hotel Management graduate and recently joined at the V7 Hotel as Management Trainee on 9th Jan 2020. In fact, the accident happened while he was going for a job. His father Lakshmi Narashiman has expired. His mother Geetha is doing tailoring and earning about 5k to 6k per month. They are staying in Geetha's father house. Geetha's father,84 yrs is a retired Defence person and unfortunately expired 4 months ago. He was in fact bedridden during his last days. His father's pension is the only income for Geetha's mother, who is a diabetes patient. Geetha's brother is not in good terms with them and not much help offered. Geetha's elder sister and her husband Srinivasan is helping them to their possible extent. Geetha's daughter is married and she is not in good terms as she married against the family will.

    Since the treatment has started and 2 operations were already completed, they have no other option than to continue in the same hospital. We were not able to get hold of complete reports as hospital did not share with the patient as per their policy.

Name: L.N Keshav

Date of Birth: 25/06/1998

Age:  21 Yrs.

Education:  B.Sc Hotel Management 

Occupation: Hotel Management Trainee. Joined in V7 hotel on 9th Jan 2020.

Working for:  V7 Hotel, Recently joined on 9th Jan 2020.

Income per month: Nill 

Husband/Wife Name: NA 

Wife/Husband Occupation: NA

Wife/Husband Income per month: NA

Father Name: Late. V R Lakshmi Narashiman

Father Occupation: NA

Father Income per month: Nill

Mother Name: Geetha S

Mother Occupation: Tailor

Mother Income per month: 5k – 6k 

Sibling’s details (Occupation, Income etc.): 1 Elder sister,Housewife

Children’s Details (Education Qualification, Occupation, Income etc.)Nill

Total Family Income per month (in Rs.)5k – 6k

Eligibility of Government Schemes: TN Govt Health Insurance scheme not eligible for this Treatment.  New India Medical Insurance – 1Lakh eligible

Current Address: 22/40, Old Post Office Street, Venkatapuram, Ambathur, Chennai

Contact No: 9952091357

Permanent Address: 22/40, Old Post Office Street, Venkatapuram, Ambathur, Chennai

Contact No: 9952091357

Help required (Ex: Operation Cost, Room rent etc.) Rs.6 Lakhs 

Hospital Address with Doctor Name and Contact no:

Apollo Specialty Hospitals,

Plot No 64, Vanagaram-Ambattur Rd, Ayanambakkam,

Kil Ayanambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


Dr.Agilvendan – 9003287952



The reason to choose this hospital: 

Police and Public rushed the patient to this hospital from accident spot. Doctors had to immediately start treatment so as to prevent loss of leg.

The needy’s view to help others:  

Keshav is Soft hearted and had involved  earlier in social services like Fund raising, Blood donations. 


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