Ashirvadam, 35 Yrs, Leg Fracture, Gangavathi, Koppal, Karnataka


Updates :

29-05-2010: He is using medicines. Need to consult doctor after 13 th of this month.

22-05-2010: He is under medication till next month. Please find the details of him in the below link.

15-05-2010: He and Mr. Yoseph, local Church father consulted Dharmasthala hospital, Dharwada last week. Dr suggested medicines for one month after that he will remove the instrument inserted in his leg which Rs.5500 per month (app). As they don’t have money came back from hospital. we deposited Rs. 5500 in his SBI a/c. They planned to get medicines from Dharwada which is 4 hrs journey from his village earlier but they found medicines for 15 days at medical shop in Gangavathi (1 hr journey from his village). They will send Ration Card, Discharge Summary, Medicines Bill etc. soon. After 1 month they have to consult the Dr again then he will be informed about his condition.we talked to assistant Dr at hospital over phone, he said the operation might cost Rs.10k.

Docs: Click here for Medical bills

Case Details in a Nutshell :

Name: Asirvadam (35)
Children: 4 ( 2 are working and 2 are going to school)
Courtesy: Eenadu, 2010-05-06
Reporter: Mallikarjun
History: RTC Bus hit him while walking on the road. His right leg got damaged and joined @ Dharmasthala Medical College, Dharwada. They inserted one instrument, discharged on 27th April. It costs around Rs. 1.5L. This is supported by his villagers and relatives. It takes around Rs.30k to remove this instrument. Otherwise, it makes pus formation and makes it critical. It is supposed to remove by 5th May. As he has no money unable to go to hospital.
Ashirvadam’s rings are removed from his leg on 02-07-2010 and rods are available inside. He is using medicines now.
He has to visit hospital in next week, then Drs will remove all rods followed by 1 month hospitalization (based on his condition) which costs around Rs. 15000. He has to take medicines for one month after discharge as per Dr.


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