Mariyamma, 10 Yrs, Plastic Surgery, Addanki, Prakasam, AP


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26-03-2011: She is doing well and is also able to smile now
Volunteer: Kishore

03-03-2011: MariyaDasu came to the hospital for check up and dressing .After check up, doctors told she is fine and asked her to come back after 10 days for check up.
Volunteer: Kishore

02-03-2011: She is very fine and due to her successful operation, so many people are contacting us from their village and nearby villages if they have any problem
Volunteer: Lakshmi

21-02-2011: Got discharged from the Hospital
Volunteer: Kishore

20-02-2011: Due to illness she was not discharged yesterday. If her condition is good we are expecting them to discharge on Monday. Regarding financial support Amar (Nennunnanu NGO) gave Rs.2500 to them few days back, which they are using for some medical expenses which they are not getting under Arogya sri Scheme. If it is required we will provide them traveling expenses.
Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

19-02-2011: They are going to be discharge today from Mahaveer Hospital.
TMAD Volunteers: Dr. Hemanth, Haranth garu, Prasanthi, Anil, Kishore Kumar javvaji
Other Volunteers: Sai Prasad(through Anil), Sudheer (through Ajitha), Amar Garu(Nenunnanu), Lakshmi Garu Tirupati NGO, Lakshman (Helping hands), Naveen (through Amma Association Srinivas) and some of them through BOSF.

15-02-2011: Today we met Mariya Dasu at Mahaveer Hospital along with Lakshman (Helping hands NGO). She is very happy now; Dexorange tonic was given to her for energy. Yesterday onwards she is having food. When we enquired the nurse in that ward, she said they have to stay in the hospital for 7 to 10 days under observation. Mean time they will do dressing to her. Based on the patient health condition they will decide when to discharge her. After 15days of discharge they have to come once again for check up.
Beneficiary Parent’s voice: We really lost hopes for our daughter’s condition as the treatment costs lot of money (in lakhs), at that time TMAD gave her a new life for which we are very grateful. We can't explain this happiness in words
Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Shilpa

12-02-2011: Operation was done at 9:30AM and is successful. Dr Praful Chand was the doctor who operated her.
Volunteers: Naveen, Amar, Suresh, Mahender, Santosh, Amma Org, Srinivas karthik, Srinivas karthik and his friend jagadish

11-02-2011: Doctor informed that they are going to do operation tomorrow at 7AM and it will take one hour for that.
Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

07-02-2011: Today Mariya dasu was admitted in Mahaveer Hospital for her operation under "Arogyasri". Hospital provided bed, food for the patient and the attendant in ladies ward. Ward no -320 (2nd floor). Blood test, X-ray test is done to the patient. . This evening Mariya dasu father has come to Mahaveer Hospital along with his father-in-law, talked with us; attendant (Mariya ammamma).Final conclusion is that they are ready for the operation. Doctors will confirm about operation date after seeing the reports, if everything is fine operation will be done within couple of days.
Volunteers: Sudheer, SaiPrasad, Kishore kumar Javvaji

05-02-2011: Today morning we met Mariya Dasu at Ahalya Apartments where accommodation was provided by Amar garu. We gave fruits for the girl. They are preparing food on their own.
Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Sudheer (Prasanti Cousin).

03-02-2011: Today we went to Mahaveer Hospital along with Mariya Dasu (Mariyamma) for checkup. First due to overflow of cases in the Mahaveer Hospital Mariya dasu case was not taken by them and after seeing her condition her case was taken by the hospital with the help of reference people. So they told us to come on Monday for check up. Now we provided accomdation for Mariya dasu and her grandmother at ahalya apartments with the help of Amar (Nennunnanu Home) at old Boinapalli. We are dropped by Mr. Lakshman at the apartments.
Reference People: Dr. Nagabushan (Superintendent of Mahaveer hospital), Dr. Annehasan (Genetic Dept in Mahaveer) referred by Dr. Ratnavali.
Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Lakshman (Helping hands NGO), Amar(Nennunnanu Home)

02-02-2011: We made a call to Mahveer hospital to confirm about the registration. Hospital Management said to bring the patient to the hospital but chances are less for checkup/operation. So we are looking for reference in Mahaveer Hospital. We did 2 times registration to Mariyamma.

1st Reg no 97 - On Sunday Reg by Haranath garu
2nd Reg no 107 - registered on last Monday.

Lakshmi garu (NGO - Tirupati) spoke to Srinivas Reddy (village President), Singaiah (patient’s father) and conformed they are coming to Hyderabad tomorrow.
Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, lakshmi P.M

Details of the patient
Patient Name: Yesu Mariamma
Age: 10 years
Father Name: murikipudi Singaiah
Father Occupation: Daily labour
Mother Name: Marthamma
Mother Occupation: Daily Labour
Sibling’s details: 3
Address: A small village near Mukteswaram
Contact Patient: 9848444321(village president)

History: Mariyamma 10 year child was suffering from severe burns. when the baby was 1 months old, a lamp fell on the baby which caused her severe burns at the throat and neck she was taken to the hospital but after that they un knowingly the throat skin and the neck skin came into contact which made the girl unable to turn her head. The Condition can be solved by consulting a Doctor but due to their family financial support they are unable to go for the treatment, so the baby was suffering with the problem from 9 years. The parents are waiting for a helping hand so that their child condition can be changed.

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