Philip, 2 Yrs, Heart Problem, BangaruPalyam, Chittoor, AP

24 Feb 2010 :

Philip came to Narayana Hrudayalaya for check up. TMAD consulted Dr. Chinnaswamy Reddy today. The boy (Philips) is doing good, and he has to come for check up after 6 months. Philip's father only spent the amount for all tests. Nothing is sponsored from TMAD this time. Unfortunate thing is that, Philip's grandfather lost his driver job as he spent so many days at Narayana Hrudayalaya with philips. Please let us know if anyone finds any suitable job for him.

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Philip's ECG Report
Philip's Case Sheet



Case Updates :

"Case is closed successfully with good news!!!!!!!!! First of all we would like to thank all the donars, without them we could not have given new life to the baby. we expect this kind of support in the future projects too.Thanks once again"

Please find donars list here

31/12/2009: Anilkumar BVN completed all formalities to get discharge the baby. We think this new year is definitely a special one for the baby, Thanks to all those who spent their time volunteering or helped financially for the case. People who are faster doing things than talking have made this operation possible we think. So, thanks to all those friends
Expenses: Medicines (Rs. 395)
Special thanks to We Serve People NGO, AMIGOs, Rotary Bangalore Vidyapeeta, MANAM Social Welfare Organization and all the donors supported for this case. Without them, we could not have helped Philip. Last but not least, thanks to Jitu for updating the information regularly in TMAD website though he was working for late hours at office, Pradeep and Susheel for giving money to Anandaiah whenever they require for food and accommodation. Patient returned part of the amount gave for their food and accommodation.

30/12/2009: Dr. CReddy informed baby's grand father Anandaiah that the baby is fine and ready for discharge. As Dr is busy, Pavan unable to catch him.
Expenses: Cath Test Balance (Rs. 7191)

25/12/2009: The baby is moved from ICU to General ward.

18/12/2009: Hurrrraaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! We passed the test successfully. :) The operation is completed and baby is fine. Doctor said the operation went well. Should thank the brave and intelligent NH team actually. Kudos to Pavan who is on leave for past 3 days working on formalities in the hospital. Indeed he has almost spent nearly 7 day effort taking leaving or going late to office in. Special thanks to Ajitha who has come forward immediately for fund raising as well as was volunteering to take the baby to hospital couple of times weekdays when we are busy in office work for fund co. To Amigo's team too for contributing funds. Also, Special thanks to Thilak and Neeraja who were the ones who took the baby for the first time and got through the things when every one was occupied with other works. Very special thanks to Anilkumar BVN for coordinating all to make this happen and Dr. Vishal and Dr. Dayananda for taking great care of the boy.

16/12/2009: Pavan admitted the baby for operation. The package is changed from CT Angiogram to Operation.

14/12/2009: Dr. C Reddy informed Pavan that the baby is ready for operation.

12/12/2009: Reports are ready by today evening. As Dr. CReddy is busy with emergency cases, Pavan was unable to discuss with Dr regarding operation. Expenses: Food (Rs. 1050)

11/12/2009: CT Angiogram is done.

10/12/2009: Senior surgeon Dr. Chinnaswamy Reddy advised for CT Angiogram to decide whether operation is required or not.

09/12/09: 10:45 AM: The Angiogram will be done today due to non availability of doctors.
7:37 PM: The doctors agreed to operate on the baby today. Till today the baby is admitted for angiogram. But today, have decided not to do angiogram but to go ahead with the operation. They said they will reimburse the money paid for angiogram. So we need not pay anything for 4 days admission in hospital.

07/12/09: Pavan admitted the boy for Cath Test after consulting Doctor.
Expenses: Cath Test (Rs. 13200) and Food (Rs. 350)

06/12/09: Our volunteer Jitu went to hospital to admit baby but management asked for Doctor's permission again. Lack of availability of Doctors on Sunday, he needs to admit on Monday.

05/12/09: The baby was taken to hospital today by our volunteer Ganghadhar. The doctors asked us to admit the baby tomorrow (Sunday) so that Angiogram can be conducted on Monday. The blood count also increased by 1 point it seems.
Expenses: Blood Test (Rs. 245)

28/11/09: Doctors advised to bring the baby again this week as the baby is severely affected with cold and fever last week. The doctors have given medicines for cold and fever. So, no tests were done. Have warned the parents to be careful and not to take any chances. Ajitha volunteered again last week to take the baby to hospital even though we had given short notice as other volunteer fell ill. Appreciated....
Expenses: Consultation Fee (Rs. 150) and Medicines (Rs. 176)

26/10/2009: Ajitha and her friend took the baby to hospital on Monday to check whether the baby can be operated/given green signal for Angiogram. Blood tests worth Rs. 2500 were taken and the doctors finally concluded that Hemoglobin is very low and hence can't be operated right now. They have given a Tonic and asked us to come after 25 days. We should thank Ajitha and her friend who has spent almost the whole day and logically concluded the case. Though they had to leave by 11 AM, they stayed till 2:30 PM and helped the patients in all ways. They really deserve appreciation. We have sponsored them the Tonics and asked them to come after 25 days.
Expenses: Blood Test (Rs. 2500) and Medicines (Rs. 81)

24/10/2009: Our team (Gangadhar Thilak and Neeraja) went to NH with the baby. Here is the update
1) The case is more critical than Sowmya's as the doctors has to shift of two arteries in this case and close the hole.
2) The doctors were not able to decide on the operation. They said they want to do Angiogram which requires the patient to be admitted in NH on Monday. It costs Rs. 15500.
3) Once Angiogram is done, the NH team of doctors who meet every Wednesday will discuss whether the operation can be done or not. If lucky, they will do the surgery.
Expenses: Registration Fee (Rs. 250) and Medicines (Rs. 26)

22/10/2009: We contacted hospitals in Hyderabad to get support for this case under Aarogya Sri Scheme, but as this case is very critical nobody has come forward to do the operation. So, we have the only option is to consult Narayana Hrudayalaya Doctors.

14/10/2009: Philip's father Ravi Chandran contacted us through Sowmya's father Mogilesh. TMAD only supported for Sowmya's heart operation at Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore.


Case Details :

Name: Philip T
Age: 2years
Father's name: Ravi Chandra
Contact No:  
Occupation: daily labour (Coolie)
Income: Rs.70/day (if they get work)
Problem: Hole in the heart
Consulted Hospitals earlier: CMC Vellore, Apollo Hyderabad and Satyasai Hospital Bangalore
Consulting Hospital: Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
Consulting Doctor: Chinnaswamy Reddy
Patient ID: 284793
Cost of Operation: Rs. 2.25Lakhs. TMAD spoke to the management and reduced the amount to Rs.43,000


Philip (2yrs) from Bangarupalem, Chittor (dt) needs support for his heart operation. His parents are coolie, get Rs.70 per day if they have work. Doctors informed about his problem at the age of 2 months (He is2 + years old now :( ) . They consulted CMC Vellore, Apollo Hyderabad, Satyasai Hospital Bangalore but they did not get support (finance) from any hospital for operation.

TMAD team took that baby boy to Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital, Bangalore, last month for check up. Doctors advised to take Cath test to assess his condition. Due to lack of Heamoglobin content in blood, he was provided medication. We took him to Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital last week for the same test. He got admitted after paying Rs.13000. Doctors discussed about this case on Wednesday and decided to do CT scan and an extra Rs3000 was asked to pay. Dr Chinnaswamy Reddy(surgeon) is looking after the case. Doctors today decide to operate and has given us the estimated cost to be 1.62500 lakh after all their support for the cause. (actaul cost is 2.25 lakh). As this case is critical, operation has to be done as early as possible which may costs around Rs.1.5 Lakh after few concessions.

Grand parents are taking care of him now at hospital. If his parents come to hospital for few days, they have to loose their daily earnings. So, they have sent boy's grand parents. Also, the boy's mother conevied recently and so couldnot be present at hospital.

Doctor Prescription

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