Divya, 22 Yrs, Rehabilitation, Banashankari, Bangalore, Karnataka

26-12-2008: Jayaram visited Association of the mentally challenged and find out that they are providing free vocational training (weaving, candle making, knitting etc.) to the needy. They have vehicle also for transportation but we have to bear the charges. He is going to visit NIMHANS also to find the details of vocational training. Based on Divya’s interest we will support her to join these courses.

Fame India NGO , is the school for the mentally and physically challenged people. It is at Jayanagar 7 th block, Near National College. Shobha visited this place on Saturday in regard with divya’s Case.

Students at this place are in such harmony with each other and disciplined that she was dumb founded. The management has good rapport with them. They actually frame the fee structure based on the family income. The institution is run by a trust and they get most of their funds from corporate.

We would be lucky if we get Divya into this Institution and besides this is close to her house and has van facility too. They have their admissions open from April. It is very difficult to get admission as they have very limited seats. They hope that by god’s grace we get lucky with the admission for Divya

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Volunteer: Jayaram/Shobha

31-05-2008: Jairam, Bijesh and Shobha visited Karantaka Vocational Training Center at NIMHANS to find the details to join Divya (28 yrs). They give training only for the children below 20 yrs. They will provide the details of other training centers which can provide trainings to Divya.

Action Plan: Shobha will share the doctor prescriptions of Divya.

Jairam will find out the training centers and talk to NIMHANS training center too.

12-12-2007: We take the help of my colleague to provide wheel chair for Divya. We have to send her NIMHANS vocational training by taking the advice of Doctors. Shobha is going to talk to Doctors in this weekend.

Volunteer: Shobha Laya

31-07-2007: This weekend laya will take Divya to Nimhans rehabilitation centre.

06-06-2007: Pavan Pyda’s Colleague Gopinath Manchukonda gave a wheel chair (Cost: Rs. 8200) to Divya

22-07-2007: Shobha had been to NIMHANS to seek guidance in Divya’s case. The doctor whom we had spoken last time regarding this matter is not present. So we had to return without any major development in that case.

21-05-2007: Pavan Pyda and Shobha Laya went to NIMHANS along with Divya and her mother. We consulted Dr. Ravi there. He briefed us about the vocational courses that they have there at NIMHANS.

And the patient should come to the rehabilitation centre and attend these courses. Bus facility is also available for such people. But that bus comes only till Banashankari and not the area where Divya lives which is around 2 kms from Banashankari. Commuting will be a problem to this family because they rely on earnings of her younger brother which is just sufficient to earn their bread. He told us that Parents Association for Mentally Retarded (PAMR) could help such cases.

He suggested us to go to NIMHANS social work department for further help. They were not able to help us more in this case. They said they will get back to us once they find any help for her.

Dr. Ravi referred Divya to Dr.Abhishek if he could help her with any further intervention. But Dr. Abhishek said that no surgery could help. He suggested a wheel chair that would help Divya for mobility which is available at Mobility India near JP Nagar.

Looking forward for any suggestions or pointers in Divya’s case so that we can do the best to her so that she can earn a living by herself. That’s the actual Moto as there is not much medical help

Volunteer: Pavan Pyda and Shobha Laya


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