Medical Camp @ Begur, Bangalore, Karnataka


22-03-2009: Pradeep and Balu acted as volunteers in the camp.

01-03-2009: Kishore attended Medical Camp @ Begur and informed about our activities to Medical Representatives who attended to the camp. They got impressed about TMAD activities and are ready to help us.

Volunteer: Kishore

08-02-2009: Neeraja and Shobha went to the medical camp and appraised Dr. Ramana Rao regarding the details on “How to record in the Guinness Book of world records”. We provided him with the print-out.

He also told us the background of how he failed to get into it last time when he applied for it. At that time there was no reason given for rejection. So this time he wants to know from us on a more definitive approach so as not to fail. We also saw the ledgers that were being recorded week after week. Neeraja got a call from Dr. Abhijit (Dr. Ramana Rao’s son) saying that he would forward me the details on how they had applied the last time and the communication details.

The camp yesterday was again attended by approx 700 people.

Shobha and Neeraja also enquired about the nearby schools around Begur. We could collect more details on this in our subsequent visits.

Volunteers: Neeraja and Shobha

01-02-2009: Kishore acted as a volunteer at Dispensary in Medical camp. If we have 3 members who can go regularly in turns, we can support Dr at Dispensary. Dr. got recognition from Limca Book of Records 2007 and is looking for Guinness Book of Records. If anyone has idea how to apply for it please share the info asap. Dr needs our support to create Data Base of Patients.

Volunteer: Kishore

25-01-2009: Dr. B Ramana Rao has been conducting free medical checkups and distributing medicines at TBegur (35 km from Bangalore, near Nelamangala) from the past 33 yrs on every Sunday. His wife and two sons (doctors) are also joined him. His vision is to serve the more and more people in rural areas.

Honeywell on part of CSR activities supports for medical camps conducted by employees either in their native places or in Bangalore under Native Village Adoption Program. Neeraja took the initiative to conduct the medical camp at T Begur. They issued a cheque of Rs. 25k to conduct the same on Jan 4 th .

Our members (Pradeep, Raghu, Kishore, Madhu, Krishna, Neeraja and Pavan Pyda), Honeywell Team (Sri Satya and Satyanarayana) and Munisekhar from We Serve People team are participated and made this event successful. We distributed Iron and Calcium tablets for all the patients in addition to the medicines prescribed by Dr and served food also. This program was held from 8 AM to 1 PM and around 700 patients visited. The patients are very needy and they don’t know where they have to go in the absence of Dr. We can’t imagine it. Hats off to Dr. We will support him as volunteers on every weekend.

Volunteers: Neeraja/Krishna/Shiva/Pavan Pyda

Photos: Click here for event pics.

Pavan Pyda attended Medical Camp @ Begur. Dr. Ramana Rao needs help for explaining the usage of medicines to patients. If any one of us go regularly, we can help him out. Please let me know whoever are interested to act as a volunteer.

06-12-2008: He has 10 volunteers.Pavan Pyda visited that place on last Sunday. Dr is providing 30 zinc and iron vitamin tablets (cost Rs.120) to each patient, syrups and medicines provide to patients based on the disease. The medicine may cost Rs.200 per patient. Around 500 patients visit on every Sunday for checkup. Food is providing to them by ISKCON (volunteers informed me this info)

Honeywell on part of CSR activities supports for medical camps conducted by employees either in their native places or in Bangalore. We can support Dr for this noble cause. If we visit once again, we can decide what else can we do and how to work together. Please mark your calendar to visit that place on 21th Dec.

Volunteers: Neeraja/Krishna/Shiva/Pavan Pyda

01-11-2008: Honeywell on part of CSR activities supports for medical camps conducted by employees either in their native places or in Bangalore. Neeraja and Krishna will find out the process to conduct this camp and let us know the details soon.


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