Sravani, 3 Yrs, Hearing Loss, Lingaraja Puram, Bangalore, Karnataka

Updates :

10-06-2008: She recovered very fast and going to regular School now.

12-12-2007: TMAD volunteers Pavan Pyda and Hanuman visited Sravani on last Sunday. She is responding for our call. Her mother and that girl is going to Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bangalore for training to recover fast. She needs 6 more months to get full hearing capacity. They don’t need any further financial support from us.

10-11-2007: I talked to Mr. Munendra, Sravani’s father on Sunday regarding her condition. She is using hearing aid provided by Doctors. They are sending her to school. She will get full hearing ability within 1 yr by taking training from Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bangalore.

Volunteer: Pullarao

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In a NutShell :

Source : From friends, Pavan posted to group - TMAD Bangalore

Date : 10 - 10 - 2007

Munendra Babu's daughter Sravani (3 Yrs 4 Months Old) is suffering from hearing loss by birth. She will be undergoing an operation in Sagar Apollo hospital, Bangalore on 17th of this month, and it will cost about Rs11 Lakh (The cost of instrument alone is about Rs 9 lakh). Please find attached the pdf to see the letter issued by Hospital. They arranged Rs.7L by applying for loan so need only Rs.4L. As being a small employee at Bank, Munendra alone can't bear this much expense. Although this is a huge amount, Rs.100 also can Make A Difference. If you are willing to contribute, you can send a Cheque/DD in favor of Sagar Apollo Hospital, Bangalore and on backside write M. Sravani, UHID No. 172719 and send it to Hospital address directly. If you are contributing some huge amount and want a tax benefit, please send the Cheque/DD to her father's address which is mentioned below. He will take a receipt from Hospital and send it back to you.

M. Munendra Babu
Canara Bank. SMB Branch
Mahadevapura Branch
Mobile No: 91-94480-52874

The Difference
The baby operated and she recovering fast. In oct 20th Pullarao and Jithendra visited the baby in the hospital. Bangalore Team members along with their friends collected a sum of Rs. 15000. On Nov 10th, Pullarao given the money to munidra garu at their home. On Nov 15th she is going to the next phase of the treatment. Pavan visit her on 17th.



Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Rajasekhar P 1000
Preet Pillai 500
Ganesh T 200
Keerthi K 1000
Pyda V Pavan Kumar 700
Neela Megha Shyam C 500
Pullarao MBV 1000
Vijay HS 500
Suhasini 100
Sandhya S 100
Anil A 300
Murali Krishna M 1000
Shobha Laya 1000
MVK Mouli 1000
Chaitanya K 1000
Suresh Pyda 500
Anjaneya Prasad 500
Solleti Venkata Ramana 500
Krishna Prasad V V 500
Badri Baindla 500
Nagabushan M 500
Gopal Rao 100
Yashomati 300
Krishnamraju 200
Madhavi 500
Muralidhar 500
Madhusudhan rao 500
Total 15000


  • Pavan : 91-98806-92680, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Pullarao
  • Jithendra

Date: Dec 2nd, 2007

Pavan and his friend Hanuman visited Sravani at her home. If we call her, she is responding. Her mother and she is going to Chandrasekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing for training to recover fastly. She needs 6 more months to get full hearing capacity



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