Venkata Ramana, 32 Yrs, Tongue Cancer, Anantapur , AP

Updates :

Documents and Medical Bills

01-12-2008: Unfortunately he died. May his soul rest in peace!!!!!

15-07-2008: He is doing well and using medicines.

13-06-2008: He is recovering well so got discharged.

07-06-2008: Ramana got operated at Narayana Medical College, Nellore for his Tongue cancer. Our volunteer Dr. Hemanth and his friends donated 4 units of blood towards his operation. Due to removal of tongue partially, he cannot speak properly.

10-05-2008: Venkata Ramana underwent Chemotherapy treatment and Doctors suggested for small operation to remove the existing wound.

08-04-2008: Venkata Ramana underwent Chemotherapy treatment and he has to visit in May.

13-03-2008: He got discharged and has to come for next round of treatment on 7th April. Our volunteer Chaitanya Ganesh gave Rs. 2000 for post treatment medicines.


Donor Name

Contribution (in Rs.)

Sirish Kumar Tummala


Miscellaneous Donor





10-03-2008: Our volunteer Chaitanya Ganesh met Venakta Ramana at Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Hyderabad. As he has Rs. 7000 which was given by Donors from Kadiri, we gave Rs. 10,804 to pay medicines bill of Rs.17, 804.


Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Jairam Puvvula 1000
Srinath UV 1000
Murali Krishna M 1000
Krishna Prasad V V 1000
Pyda V Pavan Kumar 1800
Seshu Thaneeru 500
Pullarao MBV 500
Neela Megha Shyam C 500
Rajesekhar Pallantla 500
Madhusudhan Rao 500
Eswar Rao Chekka 500
Hanuman S 200
Badri Baindla 500
Miscellaneous Donor 500
Chaitanya Ganesh U 804
Total 10804


They would be staying for 5 days i.e. till Friday and they have to take an injection of amount Rs. 44 daily and they are left with Rs. 400 in total.

05-03-2008: Our volunteer Pavan Pyda talked to Ram Prasad and found this details.The patient’s condition is very good now. Initially
he is not able to chew anything; he can eat Chapatti also now. He had 3 injections so far and need 3 more. He is coming to Hyderabad
on 8th for 4th treatment. They are shortage of Rs.20000.

20-01-2008: Venkata Ramana case details are published in Eenadu, Anantapur on Jan 20th. Our volunteer Pavan Pyda talked to Ram
Prasad (9440968139), friend of Venkata Ramana and found the below details.


Name: Venkata Ramana
Age: 32 Yrs
Profession: Tailor
Dependents: Wife and Boy (2.5yr)
Address: Yerravanka Palli, Nallamada (M), Ananthapur (Dt), AP

History: He was suffering from Cancer since January, 2007. He borrowed Rs. 30000 from his friends and got Rs.35000 from Chief Minister’s fund, used for Medicines and Radiation Treatment but not recovered fully. He underwent Chemotherapy treatment at Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Centre, Hyderabad which costs Rs. 32000 from 3rd to 7th January, 2008. He took 3 injections with the support of his friends and donors from Kadiri.

Volunteers: Pavan Pyda, Chaitanya Ganesh

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