Murugesh, 28 Yrs, Periyakottagola, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu


Updates :

20-06-2008: Dr. Rajesh and Pavan Pyda met Krishnagiri collector to support him. He helped him to put a vegetable stall at his native stall. So, no need of help from our side.

07-06-2008: As per Dr. Rajesh, Narayana Nethralaya, Murugesh is doing well and will go for cataract operation after some time. Pavan Pyda transferred Rs.6k to Dr. Rajesh towards Murugesh’s medication.

31-07-2007: Dr. Rajesh Babu talked to Lakshmi Mani garu (Narayana Hrudayalaya Charity Head) about this case. She agreed to give 50% concession in fee. So, we have to pay around Rs. 3k per month up to 6 months. He was discharged two days back from Narayana Nethralaya and Dr. Rajesh Babu paid the money.

10-07-2007: Pavan Pyda visited Narayana Nethralaya to see Murugesh and met Dr. Rajesh Babu also. Murugesh condition is good. Dr. Rajesh has been supported him financially. Dr wants to talk to Laxmi Mani garu, incharge of NH Charity regarding this case to get concession for tests to be conducted every month Murugesh visits NN

Murugesh is suffering from severe cataract problem and doctors at Narayana Nethralaya advised for operation immediately. Dr. Rajesh, Narayana Nethralaya,has sought our help for the operation expenses of Murugesh as any delay would cause permanent damage to his eye sight. Dr. Rajesh explained us the condition of Murugesh and we readily consented to help him. Murugesh is doing well now after operation and has recovered completely.

07-07-2007: Dr. Rajesh Babu talked to Lakshmi Mani garu (Narayana Hrudayalaya Charity Head) about this case. She agreed to give 50% concession in fee. So, we have to pay around Rs. 3k per month up to 6 months. He was discharged two days back from Narayana Nethralaya and Dr. Rajesh Babu paid the money.

Volunteer: Pavan Pyda

Docs: Click here


In a Nutshell:

Mr Murugesh, a labourer in a brick kiln, has been diagnosed with life-threatening illness called Wegener's Granulomatosis. Already he has had a serious life threatening lung event in form of an Empyema Thoracis for which he had needed intensive care at Narayana hrudayalaya. He also had bilateral anterior necrotizing scleritis and posterior scleritis with a Mckluskey score of 15 which is serious enough to threaten vision.

His diagnosis was clinched by careful examination and appropriate investigations ordered by doctors at Narayana nethralaya and Narayana Hrudayalaya. The first challenge was successfully conquered by suspecting and doing the C ANCA test that was 3+ positive confirming this difficult diagnosis based on an ophthalmic examination by Dr. Rajesh.

The major challenge is the treatment which would cost him about 100,000 rupees over 1-2 years. A free CT Guided Biopsy of the lacrimal gland was arranged at the behest of Our doctors. Now the patient is on oral cyclophosphamide and cotrimoxazole with tapering schedule of oral steroids.

He needs to be on regular cyclophosphamide and monitoring of its side effects. At the same time he needs regular follow up with the physician at Narayana hrudayalaya and Narayana Nethralaya . Dr. Rajesh have arranged to take care him as free academic case at our hospital. He is now experiencing another acute urinary obstruction crisis precipitated by urethral stricture and has been admitted in a govt hospital in Salem.

He is hesitating to come here to NH as he is worried about the expenses. Dr. Rajesh has been repeatedly trying to assure him that he will get him a waiver. The staff at the govt. hospital will be clueless about how to manage him as the expertise to treat him is available only in Narayana Health City.

If he gets the recommended treatment, there is a 60-88% chance of achieving full recovery and remission of the disease. Prevention of end stage renal disease and pulmonary failure and above all saving his eyes from sure destruction and 100 percent blindness. The drugs can be stopped when there is 6-8 months of inflammation free period or if side effects cause severe complications.

Date of News: July 2, 2007

Source: Dr. Ismail Penukonda, our US member

Name of the Patient: Murugesh

Age: Middle aged

Occupation: A labourer in a brick kiln earning less than 3000 rupees a month

Family: 4 members and he is the sole bread winner.

Disease: Wegener's Granulomatosis which is an aggressive form of ANCA-associated systemic vasculitis

Seriousness: Invariably fatal, if left untreated.

Current Status: Murugesh was admitted on 1st of July, 2007

Doctor: Dr. Rajesh Babu, M.D., Dept of Uveitis & Ocular Immunology, Lead Medical informatics & EMR

Contact Number: 91-98445-59214

Hospital: Narayana Nethralaya , Narayana Health City Hosur road, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore.

Phone Numbers: +91-80-66660655-0657

Details of Treatment and Expenses:

  • Cost of oral Cyclophosphamide Rs 50 X 52 weeks = 2700 ( approx)
  • Cost of oral and topical steroids Rs 100X 6 weeks = Rs 600
  • Cost of periodic monitoring of blood counts and liver and renal function parameters = Rs 15000
  • Cost of miscellaneous medicines and special expenses if need arises = Rs 5000
  • Cost of travel to hospital for the patient and one attendant = Rs 300 X 20 visits/year = 6000
  • Total cost comes up to Rs 25000/year for this patient
  • Another 25000 -50000 might be required for emergencies

Our comment

Our Bangalore member, Pavan, is in touch with Dr. Rajesh. Dr. Ismail contributed Rs. 4000 and Sri Prasad Charasala has contributed Rs. 8,064 for this cause.

This saturday Pavan will visit Narayana Nethralaya to meet Dr. Rajesh. He will give the money (Rs. 12,064) to Dr. Rajesh. We will approach Eenadu, Blr and TV9 Channel to get support for Murugesh.

Dr. Rajesh hopes to find someone to help Murugesh find gainful employment so that he can earn decent money and maintain his dignity by taking a health insurance.

He also wants us to refer any NGOs working in northern tamilnadu in krishnagairi and Dharmapuri districts so that he can contact them. He already knows one NGO called Myrada.


You can talk to Dr. Rajesh. If you want, you can contact Pavan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 91-98806-92680


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