Pallavi, 11 Yrs, Kidney Transplantation, Kuderu, Anantapur, AP

28-02-09: Jithendra contacted Pray foundation to get support for Pallavi. As they are running out of funds, they asked him to contact next week.

26-01-2009: . TMAD handed over the cheque’s to Srinivas (Pallavi’s father)
Volunteer: Jithendra/Anil Kumar BVN

20-12-2008: Jithendra collected cheque of Rs.1000 from Anjuman Foundation and Pavan Pyda collected cheque of Rs.1000 from PRAY foundation.

13-12-2008: Anjuman Foundation asked us to visit their office in this week. Anil Kumar BVN will go and talk to them.

06-12-2008: Pallavi’s father collected the cheque issued by PRAY foundation, Anjuman foundation will let us know their support by this weekend.
Volunteer: Jithendra/Anil Kumar BVN

29-11-2008: Anjuman foundation asked us to contact after 8 th Dec.

22-11-2008: Kishore visited Anjuman Foundation to know the status. They asked us to follow up after 1 st Dec.Pavan Pyda collected the cheque from Pray foundation for November month and has to collect the same by 25 th Dec again.

01-11-2008: We have to collect cheques from both Pray and Anjuman foundation on 21 st of every month.
Volunteer: Jithendra/Anil Kumar BVN

04-10-2008: Pray foundation provides Rs.1000 pm for 3 months. Bagaria Trust gave Rs.3000. Anjuman foundation decided to support Rs.1000. They will inform us later that how long they will support.
Volunteer: Jithendra/Anil Kumar BVN

28-09-2008: PRAY Foundation handed over cheque of worth Rs.1000 to Mr. Srinivas (Pallavi’s father). They provide cheque on 25 th October next time. Anjuman Foundation has meeting on 4 th October. They discuss about Pallavi’s case on the same day. We have to call them on 2 nd October.
Volunteer: Jithendra

21-09-2008: Jithendra went to Bagaria Educational Trust and got the letter. The letter will act like gift voucher. So please inform Srinivas (Pallavi’s father)( or provide me the phone number so that I can inform ) that when he comes for purchasing the medicine next time lets use this letter and get that 3000 exchanged with Novartis.
Volunteer: Jithendra

17-09-2008: Pray foundation has offered them Rs 1000/- per month. Bhagaria trust agreed to pay Rs 3000/- per month. We have to apply for every month to these NGOs. We don’t know how long they can support.
Volunteer: Jithendra/Anil Kumar BVN

30-08-2008: went to Anjamuun foundation w.r.t pallavi case. we have to meet the head of trust to discuss the continuity of their support for priya. Went to Bagarah trust and convicned them that this case really requires help and they have agreed to pay for one month only which they will confirm soon.

13-06-2008: Pavan Pyda requested Pray foundation for help. They may help her once we submit the required documents. Pavan Pyda spoke to Mr. VT Naik, Sales Manager of Novartis Bangalore regarding concession for Cyclosporine. He is ready to give 5% concession. Pallavi has Rs.10k in her account, which is at St John’s Hospital funded by Tata Trust. Hospital management didn’t allow her to take the money to buy medicine from Novartis so she paid Rs.7500 to buy Cyclosporine at St JH instead of Rs.6k at Novartis Company.
Volunteer: Pavan Pyda

20-04-2008: Need to find out NGO, which will give money for medicine that she needs. It costs Rs. 6,000/- every month. This task needs to be taken by every one as no one know about any NGO as such.

01-09-2007: Pallavi has undergone kidney transplantation in St.Johns Hospital, Bangalore. Her parents sold their entire property for her operation and post expenses. She needs financial support of Rs. 6K per month for her kidney’s post operation for life long. The medicine Cyclosporine, which she needs is manufactured only in the US and is very costly. We have to search for alternatives.

Google Docs: Please click here for more info.

Case details In a nutshell:

Pallavi, 11yrs old from Anantapur had kidney transplantation at St.John's Hospital, Bangalore in Jan 07. She needs financial help for her medicine (Cyclosporine 0.4 ml/3 times a day) and to meet other medical expenses. She has to have this medicine for life long as per the doctor's advice. Her father earns Rs.3000 per month. He sold his whole property for operation and took the help of hospital too.

The actual expenses details are as follows :

1. The Cyclosporine syrup (50 ml/per month) - 6500

2. Monthly Tests ( General ) - 1000

3. Cyclosporine level test ( 3 months/once) - 1500

The total amount required is Rs 8000 per month which her parents could not afford with their earnings.

Source of Information: Andhra Jyothi Reporter (Lakshmi Narayana)
Contact Address: D/o N. Sreenivasulu,Kadadarakunta (Vi & Po),Kuderu(M),Anantapur (Dt),Andhra Pradesh.
Contact Phone Number: +91 9491120153 - Sreenivasulu
Fathers Occupation: Self - Employed

Donors :
We first consulted PRAY foundation for medical support during last August, from then they are supporting the case with Rs 1000 every month. They also provided the details of other Trusts which do medical support for kidney patients.
Anjuman Trust - they are supporting this case with Rs 1000 for every 2 months.
Bagaria Educational Trust - they supported the case with Rs 3000.

Volunteers : Anil Kumar BVN, Pavan, Kishore, Jithendra.

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