Divena, 17 Yrs, Heart Problem, Arandal Pet, Guntur, AP


Divena is a 17 yr old girl. The operation cost is Rs. 2 lakhs but the NIMS doctors gave concession of 60k. Dr. Krishna is the one who treated her initially. They have only 2000 rs. with them. They have 82k for the operation granted by CM (Rs. 32,000) and PM (Rs. 50,000). As they do not have enough money, they couldn't come to Hyderabad. But if she doesn't get operated by March 31st, the money sanctioned by CM and PM fund will be taken back.

We mailed to Eenadu Helpline for the contact details. Due to some reasons, we got the information after one week. One of our members, Ravi Shankar, visited Divena. She discontinued her studies in 7th class due to health problem. But she is very much interested in studies and she want to become a doctor. Why doctor means she wants to serve poor people like her. She says she never tried the diagrams (drawing the figures) but she is not afraid of working on frogs or whatever.

We felt very happy after talking to her. It seems she is an intelligent girl. She has lots of enthusiasm. She sounded very happy and confident when she said she wants to become a doctor. She specifically mentioned that it is only due to health problem that she had to discontinue her studies but not due to lack of interest.

We gave her assurance that we will help her for the operation. Her parents showed interest to come to Blr or to any other hospital in Hyderabad, money is their only problem. We didn't have to think of other hospitals leave alone Bangalore, for we get good and positive response from NIMS authorities.

Our members, Kasyap and Prasanthi visited NIMS and spoke with the PA of NIMS Director. She was very co-operative and she asked us to consult Dr. Krishna who treated her initially. We went to him and he told us to ask her to come after 5 days of the periods. They came to Hyderabad on 1st February. Prasanthi met them and took them to Dr. Sundar's hospital as they have to wait for a vacant room till evening. She was asked to get admitted.

After series of tests and days of waiting, she was operated on 6th of March and she recovered well.

They are in regular touch and they came for a second visit. She is doing well except that she became lean. She is asked to discontinue the earlier medicines and is given new medicines.

Source of Information: Eenadu Help Line

Date of News: 13 January, 2007


Age:17 yrs

Parents:Tammisetty Subbarao does sentring work

Family:She has two elder sisters both of them got married.

Contact Address:Arandel Pet, Guntur

Contact Number: 99496-46579 is the number of Mr. Paul Babu, brother-in-law of Divena.

Ailment:Hole in Heart, Problem with Valves

Date of Operation: March 6, 2007

Surgeon: Dr. R.C. Misra

Hospital: NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad

Money Spent: Rs. 26,465

Source: ChandraReddy - 500$

Rs. 25, 296 is reimbursed by Pranahitha, Sudha and her friends.

10,000 rs. - Bill : 84 rs. - DD charges (Direct from account)

1500 rs. - money (cash withdrawal)

512 rs. - articles (flask, hot pack etc.,) (Gave only 500 rs. to Kasyap)

600 rs. - (300 rs. for food + 100 rs. for worker woman + 200 rs. for medicines)

100 rs. - for fruits, biscuits etc.,

500 rs. - medicines

10,000 rs. towards hospital bill (in cash)

1500 rs. for their travel charges to Guntur and also Divena's post operative care (for healthy food) (in cash)

500 rs. for medicines for one month (in cash)

< Personal Contribution of Vani to Divena> Rs. 200

On 24/4/07 - Kasyap paid Rs. 500 for the room (Rs. 150 per day) -- 50 rs. is given back and we asked them to keep it.

On 26/4/07 - I reimbursed Rs. 572 for the tests/reports, 97 rs. for medicines

Expenses on behalf of the group, for the first visit for operation, are: Rs. 25, 296.

Total money spent for the second visit of Divena - 1169 rs.

Volunteers: Ravi Shankar, Prasanthi, Kasyap, Vani, Chaitanya, Sarath, Satyakrishna, Saritha, Suguna and her friends, Satish and her friends, Krishna Konakanchi, Srinivas Surya, Dr. Sundar, Divya, Yasoda-Chandra, Santosh, Prasad Charasala, Suresh Ediga, Nachaki, Ratan, Suresh Adina

In this case, almost all our members paid their attention. They were here for 40 days and we took shifts to visit them daily. They needed emotional support.

Everyone in NIMS Hospital, right from Director's PA to ward boys co-operated a lot.

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