Paparao, 58 Yrs, Heart Problem, Mantapam Street, Vijayanagaram, AP


Divena introduced Paparao garu who is also a heart patient, to Prasanthi. He requested her for a blood donor. She mailed to the group and called few friends and Prudhvi, friend of Ravi Shankar, donated blood (O +ve)at 8:40 am on 20th February.

Srinivas Surya and Prasanthi visited Divena and met Paparao garu too. He asked us help to get CM fund. Later we came to know that he didn't have money and one Mr. Khaleed, a fellow patient's relative, was providing them food.

Paparao worked as a worker in Jute Mill. He is too poor to sustain himself and his wife. He used to sit as an attender @ Rs. 30 per day and his wife, Radha, goes to prepare Camphor Garlands that are used for marriages. For 12 garlands, they will give 2 rs.

Their eldest daughter stays near by and she will bring curries to them. She also gave Rs. 1000 by mortgaging her gold earrings. They went to Vizag with that money and got treated in KGH. Later they referred him to NIMS. To come to Hyderabad, second son-in-law gave Rs. 300 and the third one gave Rs. 500. She mortgaged the ration card for Rs. 1000 and with that money they came to Hyderabad and joined in ESI. She broke out while she is saying that to me. Somehow they got one lakh rupees from ESI.

Pranahitha, Sudha and their friends collected money for a child who didn't survive. They wanted to use that money for a good cause and when we referred Paparao's case to them, Pranahitha visited the old couple and moved. She gave Rs. 500, her own money. After discussing with friends, they decided to reimburse the money that we spent on Divena and requested us to take care of Paparao's expenses.

Source of Information:Divena

Date of News: February 19, 2007


Age:58 years

Parents:Not alive

Family:He has three daughters and all of them got married.

Contact Address: Nandi Veedhi, Near Dr. Prabhakar Rao Hospital, Mantapam Street, Vijayanagaram

Contact Number: 94405-68437 is the number of Mr. Shankar Rao, first son-in-law of Paparao.

Ailment:Hole in Heart, Problem with Valves

Date of Operation: March 1, 2007

Discharge from NIMS and Admission in ESI: March 6, 2007

Left for Vijayanagaram:March 24, 2007

Money Spent: Rs. 6376


Sarath has spent Rs. 170/- while discharging Paparao garu from NIMS, Punjagutta and admitting him at ESI, Erragadda.

  • 110/- at NIMS cash counter towards cost of visitors pass
  • 30/- for secuirty guard & ward boy
  • 30/- auto fare from NIMS to ESI

For Fruits - 500 rs. (Pranahitha gave her money)

Food and other expenses in ESI hospital - Rs. 500

Tickets to Vijayanagaram for couple - Rs. 206

For general expenses - Rs. 500


Groceries worth Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 1200/- cash for daily expenditures and medicines.


Rs. 400 for house rent.

Groceries worth Rs. 1100. Rs. 50 for petty expenses.

Rs. 1250/- in cash for daily expenditures and medicines.

So total amount given to Paparao in Vijayanagaram = 1000 + 1200 + 400 + 1100 + 50 + 1250 = 5000

Paparao needs Rs. 1000 for his travel expenses to Hyderabad for checkup.


Rs. 25, 296 is given by Pranahitha, Sudha and her friends for this case. They paid for Divena case and asked us to spend that money on Paparao.

Satya Krishna's colleagues contributed Rs. 1550.

  • MR. Venu - 100/-
  • Mr. Sridhar - 100/-
  • Mr. Abhishek - 50/-
  • Mr. Rajani Kanth - 500/-
  • Mr. Satyakrishna - 100/-
  • Others names are not known. All are colleagues of Satyakrishna.

Volunteers: Prasanthi, Sarath, Srinivas Surya, Pranahitha, Krishna, Satyakrishna

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