Sai Charan, 4 Month, Heart Problem, Erra Mukku Palli, Kadapa, AP


Sai Charan's request for help in Eenadu News Paper


Documents and Bills


TMAD in the NEWS


03-11-2007: Tests are done and found no issues. Follow up is not required from now onwards. Baby’s father Ramesh contributed Rs. 500 to TMAD.

Volunteer: Pavan Pyda


05-05-2007: Tests are done and found no issues. Baby has to come for check up after 6 months.

Volunteer: Anilkumar BVN


10-03-2007: Our help to Sai Charan is published in Eenadu Kadapa Edition in Page 7. Donors sent Rs.1,12,581 to Eenadu office. This amount is deposited in Union Bank of India, Kadapa in the name of Sai Charan and has to utilize for further medication and education.

02-02-2007: Baby recovered fully, so discharged from hospital. Baby has to come for check up after 3 months with X-Ray, Echo and ECG reports.



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Consultation Fee


Tests Fee


Injection Cost


Operation Expenses


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28-01-2007: Our volunteers Rajasekhar P and Pavan Pyda visited NH to see Sai Charan. He is doing well.

23-01-2007: As the baby condition is well, moved to General ward.

16-01-2007: Operation is done successfully. As per Dr. Rajesh (who performed the surgery), baby has to be in ICU for 1 week and 10 days in General ward. Pavan accompanied the patient’s parents at hospital.

Volunteer: Pavan Pyda

14-01-2007: Our volunteer Anilkumar BVN paid Rs.45000 towards operation. Dr. Rajesh informed that they are planning to do the operation on 16th.

13-01-2007: Our volunteer Anilkumar BVN received the family in Bangalore and took them to Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital. After series of tests, Doctor told that the baby’s condition is critical and it is good if the baby is operated as soon as possible. We paid the initial registration fee, test fees and Injection cost (Rs. 7835).

We requested the charity organization that is associated with Narayana Hrudayalaya for help. After lot of concession they asked us to pay Rs. 50000 towards operation. We paid Rs. 5000 as advance and admitted the boy for operation.

Anilkumar BVN spent the whole day to complete all these processes. Kudos to him.

03-01-2007: Eenadu Telugu daily news paper published the details of Sai Charan. Our volunteer Pavan Pyda contacted the needy and found below details.


Patient Details:

Patient Name: Master Sai Charan

Date of Birth: 09-09-2006

Father’s Name: U Ramesh

Occupation: Driver for Principal of Nagarjuna College, Kadapa

Income: Rs.4000 per month

Mother’s Name: Mamatha

Occupation: Home maker

Courtesy: Eenadu, 3rd January, 2007

Problem: Impure blood is circulating in all parts of the body due to hole in the heart

History: Initially Ramesh took the kid to Apollo hospital after he received some help from other individuals. However, the hospital authorities told him that the kid has to go on medical treatment for some more time may be weeks or even months and only then, they can explore the option of a surgery as this is a rare heart problem and very serious in nature.

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