Bala Yesu, 10 Yrs, Neuro Problem, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad, AP


Dr. Sundar is providing medicines to Bala Yesu every month at free of cost. He is recovering well and his parents also very happy to see the improvement in Bala Yesu.

05-02-2011: Ourvolunteer Kishore met Bala Yesu and his mother at Arogyadhatri (Dr. Sundar’s Hospital). Dr. Sundar said like some improvement is there in Bala yesu and he continues treatment for one more week, after that through his guidelines parents will be giving the treatment at their home. Dr reduced the dose of fits tablets to 1 from 2 per day.

23-01-2011: Today evening our volunteers Kishore and Sivaji met Dr.Sundar along with the boy and his parents. Dr.Sundar will be starting the treatment from Tuesday onwards, it will be for 10 days. After that the parents need to continue the same therapy at home. The parents will be bringing the boy daily evening at 7pm to the clinic. The medicine for these 10 days costs Rs.5000/- which will be provided by Dr.Sundar at free of cost for the boy. After these 10 days the boy needs to take medicine which will cost approx. Rs1200/- per month. After these 10 days we will speak to the parents to know how much they can bear, it seems they can bare upto Rs.500/600 per month. But anyway can finalize it after 10days treatment.

Thanks a lot to Dr.Sundar for your valuable suggestions and the time that you spent with us.

Volunteers: Sivaji Challa, Kishore

10-01-2011: Spoke with Dr. Sundar and gave the numbers of Amar garu and Kishore to him.

This is the update from him in the evening:

I spoke with Amar and asked him to send the patient to me. Patient is a cerebral palsy case. Such cases will be termed incurable in allopathy. They give some medicines to stop fits but nothing more can be done. But in Ayurveda we can definitely help the patient in many ways like helping him to do things by himself, Stimulating vocal cords to improve speech quality etc. Anyhow, if he needs an expert consultation for any brain related problems, I will take him to Dr Vijayasarathi. If he needs any ayurvedic treatment I will do it free of cost.

Volunteers: Prasanthi

09-01-2011: Amar and Kishore visited Bala Yesu home. After talking with his parents we got this information about the boy They are lower middle class family. Bala yesu able to speak only few words like Amma, akka and Nanna. Past 1.5yrs he is going to St. ann's school located at Ramachandrapuram. School management providing fee amount around like Rs. 200 p.m. through scholarship.Also providing tablets for Fids (Zeptol 200- one per day) freely through BHEL hospital.Parents are saying like after using these tablets fits come down.

But it is a temporary solution. Even local doctors suggested Rainbow child care hospital located in Banjara hills - Road no 14.So Amar was suggested Dr. Hari Radha krishna - (Neurology - Fids specilist) - located at Mytrivanam in Ameerpeta.

Tomorrow Amar is going to meet the Dr Hari along with Bala Yesu and his father around 6 pm. Based on the Dr suggesstion we can take further step.

Bala yesu parents are able to spend Rs: 500 to 1000 per month for his child medication.

About Bala yesu father - He is a daily labour (Electrician), getting Rs: 7k to 10K max per month based on the work.

Volunteers: Amar, Kishore

07-01-2011: When our volunteer spoke to them, they said like patient father is daily

labour getting Rs. 200 per day. Bala yesu is going to school at BHEL but not speaking

properly though he is 10yrs old.

Volunteers: Kishore J and Shilpa P

28-12-2010: This case details are forwarded by Eenadu Rama Krishna

Patient Name: Bala yesu

Age: 10 yrs

Father Name: Madhava Rao

Father Occupation: Electrical worker

Father Income per month: Rs.6000

Mother Name: Vijaya

Mother Occupation: House wife

Mother Income per month: NA

Siblings details: No

Total Family Income per month: Rs.6000

Help required:The boy is suffering some brain related problem. The brain is not much grownup along with his age. He is 10yr. old now but the brain is like a 5yr. old only.

History: The children specialist here suggested some hospital in JubliHills to a Brain specialist. The exact problem and the cost of medicines will be known only after consulting the specialist. Right now the boy is going to a local school which is for mentally retarded children. Whenever the boy gets fits parents are taking him to the nearby hospital and getting temporary treatment.

Hospital Address: Sri Durga hospital, Ashok Nagar, BHEL, Hyderabd.

Reference: Eenadu Rama Krishna

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