Ranadeep, 2 Yrs, Hearing and Vision loss, Naidupeta, Nellore, AP

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24-07-2011: Randeep (2 Yrs boy) passed away this night. He had his last breath around 9 pm  (23rd July 2011).His father called and informed us about this, he said, "Boy was healthy till evening...and he slept as usual, but he didn't wake up" It is very pathetic situation we got disappointed by listening to this sad news. We tried our best for him, but couldn't able to give him long life.


13-03-2011: We got Randeep medical report from LVP eye hospital today, once after seeing that report Dr. Sundar garu told that there is a chance to cure in ayurvedic treatment and asked us to bring the boy when he comes for the check up next time
Volunteers: Kishore, Shilpa


25-02-2011: After getting reference from Loksatta President (Nampally division), we went to consult the doctors in L V Prasad Eye Hospital with Randeep.

We met Eye Specialist Dr. Amit Gupta. He did required tests and said boy’s Nerves system got damaged a lot. So it is not possible to get vision for him. He forwarded Randeep case to Rehabilitation team. Dr. Hemalatha gave some sort of counseling to Randeep, which helps him to recognize the things slowly such as light etc. After that consulted physiotherapist, Dr. Karthik Bhushan. He suggested some small exercises to the boy and told them to practice regularly, so that he will recover slowly. They asked them to come back after one month for some other tests. All the tests are done at free of cost and we are also accompanied by the two people who are sent by the loksatta president who introduced us to doctors.
Volunteers: Shilpa, Kishore Kumar Javvaji
24-02-2011: Randeep went to Apollo Hospital to consult Psychiatrist; required tests are done for him. After meeting Psychiatrist they met Dr Vinay Kumar (ENT Specialist) who verified all the reports (Eye check up reports, Audiology, BERA test and Psychology). After verifying the reports, Doctor told that boy’s hearing system is good, currently he is not responding to sounds as his brain has stopped growing and now it is similar to a 6 month baby brain. The brain is recognizing the signals but not able to process and respond to the sound signals.
Volunteers: Shilpa,Kishore Kumar Javvaji
21-02-2011: Eye check up was done at Sarojini Eye Hospital by Dr.Mohamed Akthar, after checking him the Doctor said one nerve which is connected from eye to brain is cut, so there is no chance of getting vision for the boy. He also gave a certificate stating that the boy is completely blind. So we are planning to take the boy to LV Prasad eye Hospital for second Doctor’s opinion, for this we are searching for reference through different channels.
They have to meet the Dr.VinayKumar (ENT Specialist), Psychiatrist at Apollo Hospital but the respective doctors left for the day so they are planning to meet them tomorrow.
Volunteers: Kodandapani (BOSF), Shilpa, Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Krishna Murthy (SAHI)
19-02-2011: BERA test was done to the patient at Apollo Hospital.
Volunteers: Krishna Murthy Garu (SAHI)
18-02-2011: They met neurologist Dr Satyanarayana garu in Niloufer Hospital. Required tests are done and the doctor after verifying the reports he said that there are very few chances for the boy to become normal as he was suffering with multiple problems. He also suggested the boy to take nutritious food, gave medicines for seizures (fits) and told them to come after one month with ENT and EYE check-up reports.
17-02-2011: We went to Apollo hospital for BERA test to the boy with his parents. But doctors are not able to perform the BERA test so they asked us to come the next day for the test.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Shilpa


16-02-2011: Randeep came to Hyderabad with his parents and he was taken to Niloufer Hospital to meet paediatrician, after checking him the Doctor forwarded him to Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Neurologist, ENT Specialist and Eye specialist.

We met psychiatrist in Niloufer Hospital, after checking the boy he told to consult Neurologist, physiotherapist first and also referred us to meet ENT (At kingkoti), Eye specialist (At Sarojini Eye hospital). After that we met Dr Vinay Kumar (Head of the dept. of ENT) at Apollo Hospital with help of SAHI people, the doctor told us to for Audiology test and eye related tests so that he can tell the boy condition. Audiology tests are performed for the patient at Apollo Hospital and there was no response in the boy so they told to go for BERA test (i.e sending some signals through Computer to Boy’s brain and observing his responses). Accommodation is provided for them at Nenunnanu Home.

Volunteers: Kishore, Shilpa, Amargaru (Nenunnanu Home)


15-02-2011: We met the lab technician at Niloufer Hospital who will help us to take the boy to the neurologist once the boy comes to Hyderabad for check up.

Volunteers: Shilpa, Preetam(Smarami Lab technician)


07-02-2011: We met Dr. Satya Narayana (Neurologist) at Niloufer Hospital for suggestion with randeep’s reports; he told us that he wants to check up the boy as the reports are old. We also consulted the Arogyasri team at the Niloufer Hospital as the patient’s  father don’t have Arogyasri card and got information about the card from them.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Shilpa, Prabhakar


05-02-2011: This case was published in the Eenadu news paper. Randeep got Brain fever due to that he lost his vision and hearing. When we enquired his parents about his health condition they told that boy got tumors on his head, they took him to neurologist in Tirupathi for check up but the doctor told them to go for MRI scan and they are not able to bear the cost of the tests. After knowing the boy’s condition we contacted SAHI (in Apollo), which is a foundation that works for Hearing Loss Patients. They asked us to get audiology reports of the boy. Chakradhar garu suggested us to go to Niloufer Hospital and met Pediatric Neurologist.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Shilpa, Chakradhar


Volunteer: Shilpa


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