Malakondaiah, 31 Yrs, Spinal Cord damage, Udayagiri, Nellore, AP

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27-11-2011: Devi handed over medicines to Malakondaiah. He is very happy now.

26-11-2011: Our volunteer Kishore collected medicines from Dr. Sundar and gave to Devi.

25-11-2011: Devi, friend of Venu (SAC NGO, Bapatla) is interested to handover medicines to Malakondaiah @ Chennai. Thanks a lot to Venu and Devi.

20-11- 2011: We are regularly speaking with Mala kondaiah. He went to his brother’s home in Chennai along with his mother so that he can get support for daily needs. He can not visit Dr Sundar’s hospital for Medicines. He is doing well now. We need to find the way to send medicines to him

18-08-2011: We spoke to Dr. Sundar then he suggested like if that is the case I will give medicines for 1 month you can use it in your home and once everything is settled (family problems) then you can come back again for treatment. Then they were agreed for that and took medicines and all precautions and started to go their village by bus along with one attendant Ratnam (working in Dr. Sunder hospital).

When Malakondaiah is saying to his family members and other villagers like I am coming by bus they were shocked due to he didn’t traveled by bus once after he met with an accident.
Dr. Sunder dropped them at bus stop by his car, he was there until they got into the bus and finally he said one thing with them we can’t leave you until you run.
We gave them Rs: 2000.00 for their traveling expenses.We have a confidence like Malakondaiah can get well soon.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

17-08-2011: Malakondaiah mother-in-law health condition is very critical so her sister has to go her village. So without her assistance Malakondaiah can’t able to stay for his treatment. So they decided to go back to their home.

16-08-2011: We got a feedback from Dr. Vijay sagar saying like operation is not required but physiotherapy is necessary to cure. So if you want to join NIMS I can inform to the concern doctors but it’s not a free of cost you need to pay some amount.So we withdraw that option due to Dr. Sundar garu already doing physiotherapy in part of his treatment.

12-08-2011: We got the MRI scan copy after paying Rs: 600.00 under Arogyasri scheme and we send that scan and other reports to Dr. Vijay sagar garu.

05-08-2011: Malakondaiah went to Gandhi hospital by 108 to get the MRI scan there he met Dr. Ravi kumar garu advised by Dr. Vijay sagar garu.

24-07-2011: We met Malakondaiah at Sundar garu Hospital and felt very happy as he was recovering very fast, and he is able to sit but before he can’t.Sundar garu also gave Knee pads to him so that it will support the legs. He is very thankful to us and also he felt the Hospital as his home. Doctors are confident that he is able to stand in a short period of time.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

05-06-2011: Malakondaiah over phone said he is able to stand with someone support before he can't do that even. His mother also having some health problems with Kidney & Eye's, so Dr. is trying to get some treatment to her through some other hospitals.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

15-05-2011: After two months of treatment, Malakondaiah able to stand with someone’s support. He could not able to do that earlier. It is very good sign. Hope, he will recover soon.

12-03-2011: Kishore visited hospital and spoke to Dr. Sundar. Dr started 1st stage of treatment recently it will take 10 more days to complete that and then later next stage like that. Dr is very confident that Malakondaiah can able to walk after the treatment.

Dr is giving the treatment to his mother’s eye problem also. Currently she can't able to see properly, so he is giving accommodation as well as treatment to both of them and Dr is planning to take her to Ayurvedic eye hospital located at ESI for some other tests.

08-03-2011: Dr Sundar came to hospital and started treatment for Malakondaiah

07-03-2011: Kishore visited hospital. Dr Sundar is out of station, other Drs are taking care of him.

06-03-2011: He came to Hyderabad along with his Mother and Sister. Navajeevan NGO @ Udayagiri supported for his travelling. Our volunteer Naveen taken care to join him @ Arogyadatri (Dr. Sundar’s hospital).

02-02-2011: Our volunteer Kishore Javvaji got the needy contact number through Udayagiri reporter, talked to him over phone and asked him to come to Hyderabad. He needs support of one person in addition to his mother. Whenever he finds the person then he will inform us.

31-01-2011: Our volunteer, Ayurvedic Dr. Sundar is confident that he can treat him using Ayurvedic medicines at his clinic in Hyderabad.

19-01-2011: Mr. Krishna (SR Puram, near to Udayagiri) was requested Eenadu to publish the news about his neighbor Hazarath who was struggling to pay BTech course fee 4 yrs back. We provided books to him and course fee was supported by donors from Nellore. We requested Mr. Krishna to get the contact number of Malakondaiah. He visited the needy’s house and get the required information. Thanks a lot to Mr. Krishna.

14-01-2011: Our volunteer Kishore Javvaji was able to spoke to Eenadu Udayagiri reporter Mr. Srinivasulu (8008573944). He will provide the needy contact no soon.

03-01-2011: This request is published in Eenadu, Bangalore edition.

Name: Arikondu Malakondaiah

Father Name: Balaiah (Expired)

Mother Name: Venkatamma

Mother Occupation: Daily labor (as she is old, no proper vision and unable to go for work)

Family Details: He has 4 sisters who got married and elder brother got married. His brother also a daily labor so unable to support him. He and his mother get Rs.500 and Rs.200 respectively as pension which is the source for them.

History: He met an accident in 2008 and his spinal cord got damaged. He underwent operation @ Dr. Acharya Lakshmipathi Neurosurgical Center in Chennai. They spent around Rs.3L for operation by selling their land. It got failed and need to undergo operation one more time as per the visit to Dr in 2009

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