Kalavathi, 48 Yrs, Degenerative disk disease, Kothacheruvu, Anantapur, AP


22-04-2012: She got discharged from the hospital, doctor prescribed medicines for 15 days and told them to update the condition every week to him.

They said they are very thankful to TMAD organization, dr.sundar garu, kamalnath garu, kishore garu, satyanarayana garu, omprakash.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji


20-04-2012: Treatment is over and now she is very happy for the treatment given by the doctor.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji


16-04-2012: His son called us and said she has swelling in both knees, so doctor by examining the X ray said that treatment has to be given for few more days to reduce pain. Before this she also undergone NASYA KARMA treatment as she was suffering from migraine and now her condition is good.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji



Donor Amount
TMAD 5000
Disha Vora 3000
Satish Y 200
Bhanu Prakash Chunduri 1500
Suresh E 6300
Rajasekhar P 2000
Vasu Pyda 2000
Total 20000


17-03-2012: We enquired the patient about the treatment they said it is very good and now she is able to make work on her own, she must stay 1 or 2 weeks in the hospital .There we also met Kamalnath’s father and brother who came to visit the patient.

Volunteers: Satyanarayana garu, Om Prakash and Kishore Kumar Javvaji.

06-03-20 12: She got admitted into the hospital

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

27-02-2012: Patient told they are going to join in the hospital on March 10, 2012.

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

19-02-2012: Collected the estimation letter from the doctor and all necessary documents are collected from the patient.

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

28-01-2012: Our volunteers accompanied the patient to consult Dr. Sundar. He gave medicines for one month and said total cost of the treatment will be Rs. 20,000. As per our process we need the letter from Dr about the treatment details and expenses for the same. Sundar has not taken money for first month medicines.

Volunteers: Om Prakash and Kishore kumar Javvaji


Details of the needy

Patient Name: Smt Yerramantla Kalavathi

Date of Birth: 01-01-1963

Husband Name: Yerramantla Linga Reddy

Husband Occupation: Agricultural Labour

Husband Income per month: No regular monthly income, only agricultural income per year Rs.8000 per annum

Children details: One son

Children Education details: MBA passed, not employed

Address: Door no – 1/94, Byrapuram(V), kothacheruvu(M), Anantapur(D)-515110.

About problem: Degenerative disk disease with mild disk bluz, thickened ligmentum, flavum, spondylolysis at L-5, S-1

Help required for: Treatment of the problem and also for the medicines

Doctor Name: Dr Sundar garu

Hospital Address: Arogyadhatri, 1st floor, Sri Venkata Sai Nest, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Required Amount details (Operation cost, Room rent etc..): Rs. 20,000

The reason to choose this hospital: This patient needs Pancha Karma ayurvedic treatment for regeneration of the vertebral discs. In modern medicine there is no palliative treatment for disc degeneration, sometimes doctors will suggest surgery in such conditions which is not very safe and expensive. Patient needs almost twenty days of ayurvedic treatment and admission into the hospital. Dr Sundar garu has treated many cases which have marvelous results for the patients so we are planning to join her there.

Eligibility to get support from TMAD: As her husband doesn’t have a good income, his son being unemployed they are unable to pay for the treatment.

The needy’s view to help others: His son told once he gets job he will help others who are in need

Last Date to pay the Amount: 10-03-2012

25-01-2012: One of our volunteer Kamalnath brother Om Prakash referred this case and his father Satyanarayana garu directly went, collected the information about the patient.

Volunteers: Satyanarayana N, Om Prakash and Kamalnath N

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