Kumara Swamy, 6Yrs, Vision Loss, Done, Kurnool, AP


24-03-2012: Kumarswamy and his father went to LVPEI for checkup, Dr.Muralidhar did required tests and removed eye guard, then suggested few eye drops and asked them to come for checkup after one month.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

17-03-2012: Our volunteers went and met Kumaraswamy in the patient ward, Dr made some tests to check his vision, after the tests he confirmed he got 50% of vision and an eye guard is fixed to his right eye which avoids dust. He is very active and there is no sign of pain in his face. Dr also prescribed some eye drops, tonics and also asked them to come for checkup on 24th march.
Medication Instructions:
1) Pred forte eye drop 6 times a day.
2) Homide eye drops 3 times a day.
3) Vigamox eye drops 6 times a day.
4) Syp. Ibugesic Plus 1 tea spoon (if he feel pain in eye)
Medicines Donor: Mr. Harish Velamati ( CSC - HYD)
Supporters to this case: LVPEI Management and Sai Baba garu (Loksattha party)

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji
16-03-2012: Kumarswamy and his parents came to LVPEI, Banjara hills, HYD @ 11AM as per Dr's appointment for operation. Our volunteers co-ordinated between Dr's and patient parents, and at around 3 clock operation was done by Dr Muralidhar and was shifted into the room.

Surgery: IRIDECTOMY (Right Eye).
Later Kumarswamy and his father stayed in hospital itself for one day observation process, during that time hospital management provided accommodation with food free of cost.
Volunteers: Vijaya(BOSF),Prakash,Pradeep and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

25-02-2012: We went to LVPEI for treatment, where they collected preliminary details and made some tests. After check up they told that for these kind of cases the operation must be done as earlier as possible when the problem is detected and the chances are less for the child if he is more than 3 years. So they advised to go for further tests (B-scan for Eyes). In the process of these tests he is able to identify Apple, Box, House and Circle etc. after telling one or two times by Dr.Sunayana.
After further tests Dr.Muralidhar said there is no chance to get full vision in this case but we will try to do some improvement by doing some other tests which need to be done in the first week of March.
Patient Medical Record (MR) no: N241263 -KUMARSWAMY

Volunteer: Kishore Javvaji

11-02-2012: We took the boy to LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad @ 7AM and consulted Doctor. As per Dr, getting vision is difficult at this stage and recommended to consult senior Dr. We got the appointment on 25th Feb.

Volunteers: Kishore Javvaji (TMAD), Shiva Kumar and Rakesh (Loksatta)

9-02-2012: We met Mr. Sai baba garu (Loksatta party President) to help him by providing required documents. He was helped in Ranadeep brain fever case earlier. He promised us to support this case.

Volunteer: Kishore Javvaji and Shilpa Pagadala

02-02-2012: We are able to talk to Kumara Swamy’s parents with the help of Eenadu Reporter (Rama Krishna garu) and found below details.

Name: Kurapati Kumara Swamy

Age: 6 Yrs

Father Name: Kurapati Maddileti

Father Occupation: Daily labor

Father Income per month: Rs. 3000

Mother Name: Rama Lakshmi

Mother Occupation: Daily labor

Mother Income per month: Rs. 2000

Sibling’s details: Joshtna -3yrs, Spoorthi – 2yrs

Total Family Income per month: Rs. 5000

Eligibility of Government Schemes: Aarogyasri card available

Current Address: Kurapati Maddileti, S/o Seelanna, Harijanawada, S C Colony, Malyala, Done Mandal, Kurnool (Dt), AP

About Problem: He had a problem in his eyes like white dots @ the age of 3 months. On that time they went to hospitals in Kurnool and Hyderabad. Doctors advised operation which costs more than Rs.1Lakh. Due to insufficient funds, they were unable to go for operation.

26-01-2012: Eenadu published article in Tamil Nadu edition as “Dathalu Dayachuparu” about Kumara Swamy for help.

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