Badhulla Bee Shaik, 9 yrs, Polio, Buchireddy palem, Nellore Dist, AP


Documents and Bills

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29-09-2014: Girl Visited hospital, Doctor advised some exercises and prescribed some medicines

Volunteer and Medicines Sponsorer: Ajay Prasad

11-08-2014: Girl visited hospital, Doctor prescribed some medicines and asked her to back on Sept 29th

Volunteer and Medicines Sponsorer: Ajay Prasad

24-05-2014: After examining herdoctor advised them to go home from the hospital & use medicines for 2 months, take care of the wound, and come for review after 2 months then they will plan for surgery for left leg.

Expenses: Rs 1542

Donors: TMAD Group fund

Volunteers: Ajay Prasad, Kishore Kumar Javvaji, venkata Ramana P

20-5-2014: she was shifted from I.C.U. to pre-operative ward.

17-5-2014: she was successfully underwent surgery for right leg(IMPLANT REMOVAL) & shifted her to I.C.U. for two days

15-5-2014:Head nurse informed her mother surgery that will be on 17th may

13-5-2014:Blood tests are done and after seeing the blood reports doctor said that she is normal, Now , they can plan for surgery for right leg and advised to give good nutrition.

12-5-2014:They have taken O.P. and consulted the doctor after examining the patient doctor advised to admit her in the hospital for surgery (IMPLANT REMOVAL). she was admitted in the hospital in pre-operative ward.

11-5-2014: They went to the hospital for review after 2 months.Our volunteer helped them for travel and food expenses.

Expenses: Rs 700

Donor: Krishna Prasad Utukuri

24-03-2014: They came for check up Dr made some tests and told that everything is fine and he is planning to remove the implants from her leg first leg and rhen left leg. Dr asked them to come and join in the hospital for 10 days. Her mother told that they will come next month during holidays as the girl is writing exams.So, Dr prescribed her syrup for bone strength and told to come in holidays.

Expenses: Rs 62

Donor: TMAD Group Fund

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

25-01-2014: Our volunteer searched for the shoe of her size but couldn't find them so he arranged shoes that works for her at that time after 2 months they came to check up again, this time our volunteer found the shoes and they tried the chappals(FIZIK BELT),made her walk and asked her to come for check up after one month.

Expenses: Rs 350

Donor: TMAD Group Fund

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

17-10-2013: She visited  visited BIRRD Hospital for check up wither her mother, Dr made check up and told that there was a slight height change between two legs so Dr prescribed her to wear shoes.

                   Our volunteer took measurement for her shoes and he is trying to get shoes from his hospital where he is working(approx costs Rs 700), Until then she is using normal shoes temporarily.

Expenses: Rs 480

                 shoes: Rs 150

                Medicines: Rs 330

Donor: TMAD Group Fund

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

18-07-2013: She came to the Hospital for check up, after checking Dr told due to some pressure some stitches came out so Dr did dressing again and prescribed some antibiotics for few more days.

Expenses: Rs 218

Donor: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad, Kishore Kumar Javvaji

07-07-2013: She got discharged from the Hospital.

Expenses: Rs 958(Medical Expenses) and Rs 542 (Travel Expenses)

Donor: Pavan Kumar Pyda

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

05-07-2013: She is shifted to post operative ward.

03-07-2013: Surgery was done at 9:30 am and shifted to pediatric ward, surgery was completed successfully. we arranged blood for the surgery from the hospital blood bank by paying advance Rs 1000 which will be returned back during the discharge.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

29-06-2013: Again they checked the Hemoglobin content and now it is 11gm and the Dr said he will do surgery on July 3rd and told to arrange 2 units of blood.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

22-06-2013: Rechecked her Hemoglobin content this time she has improved her content to 10gm and Dr again said to her mother to give good nutrition and also informed they will plan surgery after one week as there is a shortage of implants in the hospital.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

15-06-2013: Got the reports and after checking them Dr said her Hemoglobin content is low (i;e 8gm) and asked her mother to give good nutrition and after the improvement they will plan for surgery.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

Blood Report: normal range 12 to 14gm%

13-06-2013: After 3 months of the surgery she came for checkup after checking her doctor said she is doing well and we can do surgery for her left leg also and he told to go for blood test so that they can plan for the surgery.

                    She got admitted in the post operative ward and undergone blood test.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

08-04-2013: The girl got discharged from the Hospital and the Doctor told to come after 2 months for checkup and also told her how to take care of the operated leg and advised to give the girl nutritional food.

                  They are very happy for the support provided by TMAD and all the credit goes to Ajay prasad who has taken care everything in Tirupathi. TMAD is proud of Ajay Prasad who has been supported for education by TMAD.

Expenses: Rs 1300 (Medical Expenses) and Rs 1700 (Food and Travel Expenses)

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

05-04-2013: Dr told he is going to discharge the girl with Disabled Concession Certificate after observing the x-ray

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

02-04-2013: Dr advised her to take an x-ray to know the alignment of the fixation The result of x-ray is normal

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

31-03-3013: Talked with the patient parents they are very happy for the support done by TMAD and the patient is under Dr observation for few days.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad 

27-03-2013: The patient is transferred from ICU to the General ward and she needs to be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and in mean time we are providing the girl with healthy food which is not available at the hospital.

                        The operation is done to one leg and she is not able to walk for few days after that she will. The doctor said they will do operation for another leg after one year. 

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

26-03-2013: Operation was done to the patient which is success and our volunteer is taking care of everything.

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

21-03-2013: After taking O.P, consulted the Dr. Shivarami Reddy.  He testing it is diagnosed as osteogenesis imperfecta (Improper development of bones) for both upper limbs and lower limbs and advised them to admit in the hospital.

After admission in the preoperative ward,  blood test was done for present status of the patient. 

Blood Report: Hb-7gm%(normal range 12 to 14gm%)
After seeing  report theytold the girl has anemia and advised them to give good nutrition to the patient and said that they will plan for SURGERY - SOFIELD'S OSTEOTOMY Initially for right femur(Leg), later after four months they will plan for left femur(Leg), and right humerus(Arm).

Volunteer: Ajay Prasad

16-03-2013: Our volunteer contacted the Doctor at BIRRD and talked about the patient, Dr told the patient has to be tested and then only he can tell what the condition is so making arrangements for the patient to come to Tirupathi for treatment.

                        Our volunteer also arranged preoperation tablets at free cost from RUYA as he is working at the hospital and also arranged the blood which is required during the operation otherwise these things need money to be paid for them.

                        Our volunteer also gave accommodation to the patient and her relatives to stay during the treatment.

Volunteers: Ajay Prasad ( TMAD supported him for education), Kishore Kumar Javvaji

12-03-2013: Our Chennai volunteer went and collected the needy details which are genuine.

Volunteer: Krishna Prasad U V

10-03-2013: Got Request from the teacher of the needy seeking help for her.

Volunteer: Amarnath 

Details of the needy

Name: Badhulla Bee Shaik

Age: 9 Yrs (Studying 4th class in Govt School)

Father Name: Late Peda Badulla

Mother Name: Jameela pathan

Mother Occupation: Small shop near school (Baddi kottu)

Mother Income per month: Rs 1000

Sibling’s details: 1 elder sister (studying 8th class in Govt school)

Total Family Income per month (in Rs.): Rs 1000

Eligibility of Government Schemes: Arogya Sree Card

About Problem: The girl attended the medical camp in Aug 2012 for Polio problem. As per BIRDS Director Mr. Jagadeesh’s advice, she visited and was informed that she needs Rs.40,000 for pre/post operation expenses which does not cover under Aarogya Sri scheme. Lack of money she returned and waiting for donor’s help.

Help required: Pre/post operation expenses which does not cover under Aarogya sri scheme.

Last Date to pay the Amount: As soon as possible

Hospital Address with Doctor Name and Contact no: Balaji Institute of surgery research and Rehabilitation for disabled, TTD, Tirupathi

Eligibility to get help from TMAD: The girl has no father and her uncle or grand parents are unable to help due to the poor. Her uncle also running small shop and taking care of her grand mother.


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