Ramana, Brain Tumor, Hyderabad, AP

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Satkaarya Foundation


TMAD Group Fund


Vemula Srilakshmi


VijayaIaxmi Chinthala


Aravind Revanasiddayya Hiremath


Bhabani Sankar Bhol







10-09-2014: Supported him for medicines

Expenses: Rs 16,000

Volunteers: Krupal Kasyap

08-07-2014: Supported him for medicines.They moved to Anurag Rehabilitation Centre room No 110,  opp Indira park near RK Matt .They requested us to extend support for next  3 months . We checked with Nurse about the same  she told that treatment need to continue for minimum three months which costs around one lakh.

Expenses: Rs 17,000

Volunteer: Krupal Kasyap

05-04-2014:Supported him for medicines

Expenses: Rs 19,200

Volunteer: Krupal Kasyap

05-01-2014: Supported him for medicines

Expenses: Rs 20,000

Volunteer: Krupal Kasyap


13-11-2013: Our volunteer went to Hospital even though not feeling well, talked to hospital staff and got concession of Rs 5000in the Hospital bill.

Expenses: Rs 20,272

Volunteer: Krupal Kasyap


12-11-2013: A check has been given to medical shop owner as a deposit for 2 months medicines.

Expenses: Rs 10,500


11-11-2013: Shashi (Shashi is a medical rep and he knows the medical shop owner) friend visited the patient's father and talked to the hospital authorities. They accept payment either in cash or DD but not in check. Initial payment is Rs 12,500 has to be given in the form of DD to be payable to The Director, NIMS, Hyderabad.

                    They also spoke with a medical shop owner who agreed to give medicines for two months for the patient and for that medical shop owner asked a deposit of Rs 10,000 for two months.


27-10-2013: The patient is moved to NIMS His father says that NIMS people are asking 70k and saying that they are going to discharge them if they don't pay. When we insisted he told that they gave 20 days time. They are in Neurology Dept. in NIMS.


12-10-2013: Sravan worked on this case and visited Ramana Reddy at the hospital. They moved to ESI (St. Theresa Hospital) two weeks ago. When asked about the estimate, the doctors mentioned 2.6 lakhs and based on the request of Venkat Reddy (patients father), they reduced it to 2.3 lakhs. We didn't get to meet the doctors as they are not available after 6 pm or on holidays/Sundays.




Donor: Satkaarya Foundation


Case details: Ramana is from farmer family and he completed his schooling from ZHHS and inter from Govt junior college and he joined in REC(formerly NIIT Warangal ) and later he worked in HCL till 2012 Nov and later he got offer in Germany he resigned job in December.He got married to Doctor where she left him for another person. While he is travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad in a bus he is suffering with high fever and fell unconscious in bus so the bus staff admitted him in the Care Hospital. Meanwhile in the bus he lost his wallet, important documents, ID cards in the unconscious stage.


                     Due to doctors wrong diagnosis, they gave treatment for typhoid instead of Brain TB due to that now his legs and hands are not working and he gradually went into coma and was in ICU for 2 months which the Hospital charged him 10 Lakhs. After that he again spent 2 lakhs in the Yerragadda Hospital. As he gave resignation to his job, he doesn’t have any insurance from the company. As is he from Middle class family his parents sold property and gold for his medical Expenses. Totally they spent 16 lakhs for his treatment at several hospitals.


                      His parents are old and now they are taking care of him like buying medicines.His parents are uneducated so they don’t have any idea about the CM fund or Arogya Sree Scheme.

                      When our volunteer approached them they don’t have money for discharge also.

Now the patient was changed to Ramdev rao memorial hospital from NIMS as they don’t have Physiotheraphy dept in the Hospital. The hospital staff told the procedure will cost Rs 30,000 for month.

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