Shejad, 17 Yrs, Electric Burn Injury, Tarikund, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha




Jaya Kishore Tunga   -- Rs 1,800

Pyda V Pavan Kumar -- Rs 8,200

                        Total -- Rs 10,000


Case Details

Name: Shejad khan

Age:  17Yrs

Father Name: Babu Khan

Father Occupation:Not working now due to Burst of Tumor in Intestine

Mother Name: Ramila Bibi

Mother Occupation: Homemaker

About Problem: The Boy was working as a helper in a Hotel in Anantapur, the room where he was staying had got some electric wires near its balcony, unfortunately he came in contact with those wires and got electrocuted. As a result, his right part of his body has been burnt and the right hand was amputated @ St. John's Medical College Hospital, Koramangala, Banglore on Jan 11, 2015.

His cousin Asif requested TMAD for support. Our volunteer Kishore visited him at the hospital. As his father was hospitalized due to burst of Tumor in Intestine, discharged from the hospital by paying the money with support of his relatives and neighbors at his village. He joined at Khadija Nursing Home in Cuttack on Jan 13, 2015.

Doctors informed that he has to stay for two to three weeks to recover fully which costs around Rs 50,000. He is discharged on Jan 29, 2015. TMAD paid Rs 10,000 towards his treatment. Rest of the amount was paid with support of his relatives.

Expenses: Rs 10,000

 Volunteer: Jaya Kishore Tunga

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