Need support for patients from BKothaPalli (10 Km from Kadiri, Anantapur), AP


Dr is regularly checking the health of patients and distributing Medicines, Eggs and Raagi powder on monthly basis. TMAD is sponsoring for 10 patients and need your support to help the more needy. Hari Prasad Reddy garu gave Blood Analyzer which helps the Dr very much to analyze so many samples at one time.

25th day of every month TMAD depositing cheque of Rs. 4000 (10*Rs400) in Dr. Khadeer Ahmed's SBI account. On 1st day of every month Dr Khadeer distributes the Medicines, Raagi malt, and Eggs to the needy.



Donor Name Amount
Srinivas Maddu 2500
Sitaram Jakka 4000
Amarendra Javvaji and Vijaya Yellu 10000
Sushanth and Suman Chandra Vemuri 6500
Adella Yogarjuna kumar 12000
R Suseel Kumar Reddy 5000
Pyda V Pavan Kumar 7000
Gali  Bapavani 12000
Santhosh Kumar Alladi 5000
Anusha Vemuru 4000
Neela Megha Shyam C 3000
Navshad Ali 10000
Girish Mallavaram 5000



11-12-2011: TMAD volunteers Kamalnath N and Dr. Sundar attended camp. This time along with regular medicines & food suppliments, we distributed money caps to all 30 patients. Another donor ( relative of Dr Khadeer Ahmed ) distributed new cloths to all the patients.

Due to old age, all are suffering from knee pain, body pains etc.. Dr Sundar is an Ayurvedic Doctor. He explained Dr Khadeer how to prepare medicines by using leaves available locally which relieve all types of pains. Dr Khadeer will take care from now on wards.

Photos: Click Here

07-05-2011: TMAD volunteer Kamalnath N visited medical camp

Photos: Click Here

10-10-2010: TMAD team visited medical camp
Volunteers: Kamalnath N and his mother, Neela Megha Shyam, Swetha Pyda and Pavan Pyda

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03-01-2010: TMAD team visited medical camp
Volunteers: Kamalnath N, Gangadhar Thilak and Pavan Pyda

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12-09-2009: Satya, TMAD Treasurer dropped a cheque of Rs.4k in favor of Dr. Khadeer Ahmed, which is going to use for BP and Sugar medicines for 10 people.

02-08-2009: First, let me introduce the details of Ram Prasad, Dr and his team who initiated this program.

1) Dr. Khadeer Ahmed, BAMS has been doing great service from the past 20 yrs at BKothapalli. He charges only Rs.20 from the patient. He do free service and provide free medicines to many people who see him.

2) Mr. Ram Prasad, Diploma holder in taking care of Special children. Survey the special children in and around Kadiri and train them at their homes under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan program.

3) Mr. Srinivas (same as Ram Prasad)

4) Dr. Ainudden, MD, In charge for PHC, Tanikela (M), Anantapur (Dt)

5) Dr. Kareem,

6) Mr. Chandu, Medical Shop owner

7) Mr. Koti,

8) Mr. Gangi Shetty, Founder of Green Tree Foundation

Our volunteer Pavan Pyda with Dr  and his Team visited the needy homes and talked to them regarding their condition on Saturday afternoon. All are very poor and above 50 yrs old. Though few of them have sons, they are migrated to cities and working as daily labours. Their son’s earnings will be sufficient for family expenses only. We can imagine how much they need to spend to live in cities. They are not in a position to support their parents. The old people can not go outside for work. They are depending only on Govt Pension money of Rs.200 per family and get rice Rs.3 per kg. Family has to run with this amount only. The assessment is done by Dr and team and I also came to know these details by talking to them. We found 30 needy people so far from 5 villages around BKothapalli.

Dr means Dr. Khadeer Ahmed

Dr conducted tests for BP and Sugar before and after break fast on Sunday. Break fast is provided to the patients. Final assessment is done by Dr. Ainudden, MD. They are suffering from BP, Sugar and Asthma. We distributed medicines to all for 1 week, in which few are provided by Kamal. Dr will conduct tests on monthly basis and distribute medicines. Dr's family (his father, wife, himself, his sister) is sponsoring for 5 people. Few donors from surrounding area came forward to sponsor them. They requested us to sponsor for at least 10 people which costs Rs.250 per head per month. As they don’t have good diet, we planned to provide Rs.2kgs of Raagi Powder and 10 Eggs per head.

Medicines: Rs.200 (app)

Raagi Malt and Eggs (10): Rs.50

The details of the 10 patients are available in the below link.

Beneficiaries Details

The below medicines are required by the 10 patients from Sidduguri Palli (9) and Veerappagari Palli(1).

1. CIDOGRAL-A   90 TAB   240
2. AMLOKIND   30 TAB   39
3. RAMIPRIL   30 TAB   180
4. RAMIPRILL-M   90 TAB   550
6. GLIMICAP   30 TAB   70
7. ACILO+PARA   60 TAB   180
8. REXILAC   60 TAB   120
9. RECOBAL PLUS   180 TAB   1100
10. STAMLO   30 TAB   150
11. UNICORTIN   30 TAB   400
12.HAZER-D   50 TAB   250
13.THEOASTHALIN   30 TAB   120
14.ASPRIN   30 TAB   30
15.THEOASTHALIN   30 TAB   240
16.PIRACETAM   30 TAB   150
17.LOTACE-M   30 TAB   100
18. RAMIHART   30 TAB   90
19. LOSARTAN   30 TAB   90
    TOTAL   4169

We will get 20% discount through Institutional Sales, so it costs around Rs.3335.
As they don't have proper diet, it is better to give Raagi Malt (2 Kg) and 10 Eggs per month.
Total Sponsorship need per person: Rs.400 (Medicines Rs.350 + Raagi Malt and Eggs Rs.50)

Future Plan:
Dr. KA do check ups on regular basis and based on that dosage will be provided. Dr. Ainudden will visit the camp on every quarter.
Once the Analyser is received, we are going to conduct a camp to all the people around Bkothapalli and help the needy patients with the help of donors.
We are looking forward for your kind support.

Rural Development Trust (RDT) has hospitals in Anantapur district. They will provide medicines to the SC/ST people with 40% discount only. We have to take the help of NGOs which can provide free medicines to BP, Sugar and Asthama.

31-05-2009: Our volunteer Pavan Pyda informed Kamalnath N (DoIT Bangalore Coordinator) about the Dr. He showed interest to provide free samples collected from the medical representatives. He talked to the Dr regarding required medicines. He will provide the same by this weekend.

Action Plan: Need to find out the Drugs company, NGOs which provide the medicine

Neeraja will check with Honeywell whether we can get support to conduct medical camp @ BKotha Palli.

27-05-2009: Dr. Khadeer Ahmed is doing great service to the poor with nominal fee for the patients coming from 40 villages around his clinic. Ram Prasad (friend of Venkata Ramana to whom TMAD supported for Cancer treatment. He died unfortunately) told our volunteer Pavan Pyda about the Doctor.

Our volunteer Pavan Pyda called the Doctor and got the below details:

Dr came across that so many people are suffering from Sugar and BP which leads to Paralysis in later stages, so he would like to create awareness as well as support the poor for medicines which costs Rs.400 per month per person. Donor is ready to provide Analyzer which can test both BP as well as Sugar.

Dr's plan on how to find the real needy:

We conduct Sugar and BP tests for all the people first and find the poor who can't afford to buy those medicines. We need to provide medicines for one person for 6 months at least, costs Rs.2400 (app.). Based on the severity condition of the patient, economic status, availability of medicines for 6 months, we select the patients. If we get more donors to support for this cause, we will support more people based on the list we have.

 If you are interested to help, pls donate us. Details in the below link

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