Lingachary, 30 Yrs, Decreased Vison, Nutankal, Nalgonda, AP

27-May-2018: Unfortunately he was expired. May his Sour rest in Peace.


Documents and Medical Bills

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Donor's Details:

Donor Name

Contribution (in Rs.)

Jayadev P


Bujjibabu Ambarapu


Ganesh Prasanna T


Girish Mallavaram


Anil Kumar BVN


HKS Kumar Chunduri


Harinath Mallepally


Jayaram Puvvula


Kiran Kumar Gudimetla


Pavankumar Duddempudi


Praveen Kumar Vitta




25-08-2016: We supported for Panchakarma Treatment to improve his vision.

Expenses: Rs. 20,000

Volunteer: Sreekanth Anne


Donor's Details:

Donor Name

Contribution (in Rs.)

Karthik Pagadala


Pradeep Shivanatri


Kishore Javvaji


Geethika Krishna


Jayadev P


Praneet Chunduri





05-05-2016: His The treatment took 4 months to successfully stop all the harmful steroids and immune suppressant drugs he had been using since many years. His condition is ok now. There is little improvement in vision and Dr felt that he needs more treatment procedures under expert care. So sending to Dr's other branch in Hyderabad where Dr Suchitha (MS Opthalmology Ayurveda) will supervise his treatment. 

Thanks to Dr Sundara Raj Perumall for providing the treatment at less cost, sponsoring for his food/room expenses and travel expenses from Vizag to Hyderabad.

Expenses: Rs 18,000

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji 

18-01-2016: He was admitted at Dr's clinic in Vizag for Ayurveda treatment. We paid Rs 7,000 for the treatment.

19-12-2015: As he didn't get full vision, we consulted Dr Sundar for Ayurveda treatment at his clinic in Hyderabad and we were informed as below by Dr.

He is suffering with auto immune disorder. It is a condition where our own immune cells which should protect the body from external infections turn hostile and attack our own body and in his condition eyes nervous system and all joints are under attack by his own immune system, treatment he was receiving from past many years is combination of immuno suppressant drugs steroids, tranquilizers, some vitamins and antacids. These steroids and suppressant drugs are very harmful on long term usage and might damage his vital organs. In Ayurveda Drs perform certain therapies which will help the patients in modifying the disturbed immunity. This will help him in correcting his eye problem, his joint pains in a comprehensive way.

i have written the prescription for him his treatment needs around 2 months of stay in our hospital. generally for the treatment planned, we charge around fifty thousand rupees and for room rent and food around 18000. in his case from my side i will do the treatment for free and also provide free food and accommodation but if some one can help me in procuring medicines required for the whole treatment (2months) which costs around 25000 then i can comfortably treat him without excess burden. 

This treatment is getting rid of all the steroids and tranquilizers he is using right now, giving him enough relief and confidence that he can go back to work and be able to support himself.
Volunteer: Kishore Javvaji
18-06-2013: He visited the Hospital for check up after some tests Dr said that he has good improvement in the left eye but in the right eye he is having cataract so they told him to go for cataract operation for the right eye then only they can do treatment. They also told to continue the medicines for one more month.

     So Lingachary enquiring the possibilities to get cataract done under Arogya Sri through known Doctors.

 Expenses: Rs 8499
             Bus Tickets (to and fro) : Rs 1090
             Test expenses             : Rs 3400

             Consultation Fee           : Rs 400

             Medicines                   : Rs 3609

Volunteer: Satish Y



Sitaram Jakka


Dinesh Kumar


Harish velamati


Pavan Kumar Pyda




27-04-2013: After examining the tests results Dr prescribed medicines for one more month and said they will let us know next month whether he needs operation for the eye or it will be treated with injection.

Volunteer: Anilkumar Punukollu

Donors: Pavan Pyda

Expenses: Rs 14987

              Bus Tickets (to and fro) : Rs 985

              Dr Consultation fee       : Rs 6021

              Tests Fee                    : Rs 700

              Medicines                    : Rs 7281

26-04-2013: He went to the Hospital, Dr told him to undergo blood test, chest X-ray and some other tests to the eyes and said to meet Retina Doctor.

Volunteer: Krishna Prasad Utukuri

25-04-2013: He went to Hospital but the Dr told to come tomorrow as he has some other appointment.



Vinay T


Dinesh Kumar


Roopesh Sompalli


Maheshwar Rao Abbineni





25-01-2013: He visited Doctor with scanning reports and doctor told there is no improvement in his condition so he advised him to continue the same tablets for another 2 months.


Dr suggested tablets like below:


1) Prednisolone: 1 morning after breakfast.

2) Mycophenolate Mofetil 500 MG (Mycept or Cellsept): 1-0-1 daily for 2 months

3) Ranitidine 150 MG: 1-0-1 for 2 months

4) Shelcal 500 MG: 1-0-1 for 2 months.

Expenses: Rs 11333(Balance amount we are going to use it for next visit which is after 2 months.)

Volunteers: Anil Punukollu and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

24-01-2013: He went to the Hospital and met Dr Biswas after seeing his condition, he suggested to undergo scanning for which he took appointment on 25th Jan. Then he stayed at our volunteer room in chennai to night.

Volunteer: Anil Punukollu


11-01-2013: He asked us to help for his travel expenses to chennai as he has Doctor appointment on 24th Jan. So, we booked tickets to chennai.


Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji


20-10-2012: With the help of friends, we bought medicines for low price.

Expenses: Rs.7500


Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Donor Name

Amount (in Rs.)

Dinesh Kumar


Pavan Ambekar


H.K.S. Kumar Chunduri


Roopesh Sompalli





15-10- 2012: He visited hospital alone and there our volunteer joined him. After general test and check up doctor told there is possibility for him to get cure completely. Dr prescribed medicines for another 2 months and asked to meet after 2 months.

Prescribed Medicines:

1) Mycophenolate Mofelii (Mycept or Cellsept) - 500 mg - 2 Months (1st month - 4 tablets per day and 2nd month - 2 tablets per day)

2) Prednisolone - 40 mg - 1 tablets per day

3) Ranitidme 150 mg - 2 tablets per day

4) Shelcal 500 mg - 2 tablets per day

We purchased Mycept for 1 month and rest all for 2 months.

We need Rs: 13,000.00 to purchase rest of medicines for coming 2 months.

Expenses: Rs 3708

Donor: Anil Punukollu

Volunteers: Anil Punukollu, Satish Y and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

14-10-2012: He visited hospital with our volunteer but due to unavailability of the Dr, appointment is postponed to the next day.

Volunteers: Satish Y and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

20-09-2012: Doctor Appointment was rescheduled to 6th October as Doctor is not available in the hospital so cancelled the tickets for Chennai.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

12-09-2012: He said he is doing good and able to see somewhat after checkup by wearing glasses, but he want to change the glasses power during the next visit to doctor

As per Dr. Biswas he will get the appointment again for check up on 21st Sep 2012, so we booked tickets to him (KCG -Chennai Egmore) and return ticket 22nd Sep 2012 (WL - Charminar).

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

16-07-2012: After seeing the test reports Dr. Biswas said like there is a significant improvement in his condition, he prescribed some medicines and ask us to meet after 2 months.

Expenses: Rs.4596

Volunteers: Anil Kumar Punukollu and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Donor Name


Madhavi Dubasi


Pavan Pyda





14-07-2012: Our volunteers went to Shankar Netralaya - Chennai and met Dr. Jyotirmayi Biswas, he does a general check up and suggested a OCT - Optical Coherence Tomography test. Due to more number of patients they asked us to come on Monday for test.

Volunteers: Sathish Y, Kasi Viswanath and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

12-07-2012: Took appointment in the Hospital and also booked tickets for the patient to go to Chennai.


Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

04-07-2012: Got request about this case and collected the needy details.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Details of the needy

Name: Juluri Lingachari


Father Name: Satyanarayana

Father Occupation: Small carpenter in his village

Father Income per month: 5000

Mother Name: Jayamma

Mother Occupation: House wife

Sibling’s details: 3 younger brothers,

1) Poornachari – working as a mechanic in Bajaj automobiles (5k pm)

2) Uma Sankar (also joined recently as a learner in same company, getting 2000 PM),

3) Potuluri chari (recently completed Vocation course)

Total Family Income per month (in Rs.): 12K PM

About Problem: Mr. Lingachary from Nutankal (near Suryapeta) having problem with his eyes (Decreased Vision), for that he approached Sarojini & LVPEI hospitals in Hyderabad but there is no improvement in his condition. Later someone suggested Shankar Netralaya - Chennai. There he was treated by Dr. Jyotirmayi Biswas garu, he gave some injection in his eyes and suggested to use few tablets continuously for one month and come later.

While using that tablets he found improvment but due to lack of money he used that tablets only 15 days and didn't go again to Sankar Netralaya.

Help required: support for the treatment and medicines

Hospital Address with Doctor Name and Contact no: Dr. Jyotirmayi Biswas, Shankar Netralaya,College road, Nungambakam, Chennai

Life Ambition: To support his family, study well and help others

The reason to choose this hospital: After gone through treatment all major hospitals one of the Doctor, Suggested this Hospital.

The needy’s view to help others: ready to help once he settles in any job.


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