2016 Independence Day Celebrations @ Govt. High School, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru, KA


For this independence day, we conducted competitions such as Drawing and Collage Making to 8th, 9th and 10th class students. Children participated with enthusiasm in all competitions.

On Independence day we went to school and we were received well by the school. The children participated in drill, delivering speeches and singing. After which, we distributed prizes (exam pads, school box with pencil, pen, sharpener and eraser, coloring activity books, tables books etc..) for the competitions we held on weekends. The prizes were distributed by The Principal Sir. Later, we invited Gayatri (she is a TMAD beneficiary who scored exceptionally well with our little financial support) to encourage students as she is a role model who came from a similar Govt school and achieved great lengths. She took the stage and inspired the children with an awesome engaging speech.

Children were happy receiving prizes.

Thanks to Gayatri who made the event lively.

Thanks to Neelima for helping us with the organization of events.

Drawing Competition Winners:  Bala Chandra N, Vennela C and Saritha

Collage Making Winners:

Team 1: Bala Chandra N, Shyam, Sruthi, Yaswanth

Team 2: Dhanamma, Vennela C and Ramesh

Volunteers: Sruthi Subrmanyam, Neelima and Srivani

Expenses: Rs. 422

Donor: Bujjibabu Ambarapu


Photos: Click here

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