2008 New Year @ RIMRS Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Palamaner, Chittoor (Dt), AP


It was very good experience with I am not able to put in words. After seeing children over there we really felt how far better by gods grace.Since Pavan and I visited earlier the children who saw us came to us greeted us. It was amazing experience. Later Dr. Sudhakar told us that once they see a person they won't forget them very easily. I think it's god gift to them.

We started as 5 here, myself, Pulla rao, Jayaram. Srinath and Pavan. My friend Sreekar also joined us. Total we were six.By the time we reached it was 10:30 AM. So we went directly to RIMRS. We met all children over there. As it was very tuff to control all children when new people visit they were kept in one place. We had a chat with Dr Sudhakar, Founder, Mangeshwari, Principal and rest staff.

First we had cake cutting. All children were called and we took a child for cake cutting. Then the cake was distributed to all children. As it was getting late for the children lunch time, so lunch was served at around 12:30 PM.

There were greeting cards which were made by Deaf and Dum children of the school. They are really good.We distributed the items we took with us. We handed over them to the Principal of the school.

Items were:
1. Clothes from Pawan
2. Chocolates from TMAD (Rs. 650)
3. Toys from Shyam

Later we sat down for some time looking at the albums of the schools functions and we had long conversation with Dr Sudhakar and Mangeswari on RIMRS. We bought the greeting cards and then at 3:30 started back to Bangalore.

Distributed Chocolates and cookies followed by Cake Cutting

Expenses: Rs.1050

New Year 2008 @ RIMRS


07-10-2007: Given to RIIMRS for sponsoring 1 child/yr

Expenses: Rs.6000


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