Break Free Event 2011 @ Maheswari Bhavan, Okalipuram, Bangalore


Break Free Event 2011 @ Maheswari Bhavan, Okalipuram, Bangalore

"Break Free Event" is basically a cultural festival with all the fun events like Singing, Dancing, Rangoli, Exhibition... etc for the Orphans and Government Primary School children in Bangalore. By participating on a big platform and performing in front of such huge crowds, we could inculcate in them the competitive edge. This is Winning Aspirations (WA) NGO third edition of the event and WA has already seen a huge improvement in their confidence from the last time, while WA was preparing them for this event. This event not only gives confidence in the children but also gives a platform to shape up their career for better living.

For this noble cause, TMAD also joined, took the initiation to coordinate with Head Masters of 2 Government Primary Schools at Nellorepuram and Vimanapura in Bangalore. 47 kids from both schools (10-14 years),  teachers (Mrs Latha from Govt Primary School, Vimanpura and Mrs Jhansi and team from Govt Primary School, Nellorepuram) and 4 volunteers (Kamalnath N, Pullarao MBV, Bijesh AS and Anilkumar BVN)  from TMAD participated in the event. There were total of 8 schools and orphanages who participated in the event.

Event Details
07:30AM: Buses started from all Schools
08:30AM: Reached the venue (Maheswari Bhavan, Okalipuram, Near Majestic, Bangalore)
09:00AM: Breakfast

10:30AM: Events Started
01:00PM: Lunch

02:00PM: Events Resumed
03:30PM: Events Closed
04:00PM: Started Prize Distribution to Winners
05:00PM: Started to Schools
07:00PM: Reached back to Schools

There were a total of four competitions and our school won prizes in 3 of the competitions.
1) Solo Dance - Vidya Rani, Govt school at Nellorepuram,  won
1st prize
2) Group Dance - Govt Primary School at Nellorepuram, won
2nd prize
3) Group singing - Govt Primary School at Nellorepuram, won
3rd prize
Vidya rani from Govt Primary School at Nellorepuram was the only one selected for Special Scholorship by the NuWare Systems Pvt Limited.



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