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Source: Chintu of Serve the Needy group (through BosF)


About the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust:

The KGNMT at Hydersha Kote, Hyderabad, is extending great help to destitute women and children. The centre is providing training to women in various categories of self help skills such as Tailoring Embroidery, Textile block printing, Biscuit-making, Bakery, confectioneries and condiments, the centre is also extending teaching in the making of plastic disposable glasses,

Now women in the centre, are not only confident of their skills but also are able to sustain them selves with a sizable income through these jobs.

The centre provides food, shelter and clothing to the inmates.

Periodically health camps are carried out with the help of Doctors, to care for the health problems of not only the inmates but also of the residents in the nearby colonies.


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Direction: It is very near to Bapu Ghat, which is at Langar House, which is on the left side from Mehdipatnam. After crossing Bapu Ghat, go straight around 2 kms, take a turn towards Kali Temple (direction boards show the route). Go straight for about 3 to 5 kms, on the right side there will be a  temple (Narayana College also is there). Take a U-turn and the immediate lane after Narayana College.


InCharge: Srinivas - 9393667141


Visiting Hours: 10 am to 5 pm




A. Clothes (other than sarees): As some are mentally ill, they cannot wear sarees and they do not have any sense of their body that they excrete in their clothes. So these people burn the clothes. There are around 10 to 15 such women and one dress is required for each day.
B. Provisions: Actual strength is 60 but 90 inmates are there. So any support for provisions would be of great help.

C. Medical Camp: A doctor comes and do the check up once in a month or so. But would be good if other doctors also come and attend to them.

D. Yoga Classes: Yoga would make a lot of difference in the lives of inmates.

E. Extra Curricular: We can conduct any classes to the girls - May be personality development, meditation, music or dance or any other art. 
F. Almirahs: There is a requirement of 6 almirahs (Rs. 3800 each)

G. Beds: Adjusting the beds as there are kids as well. There is a requirement of 6 beds.


Our Visits:

3rd July:

Our volunteers, Prasanthi and Naveen visited the place and felt that this is a place to be supported. Shared with the team that we need to visit it again and set the date as 10th July.


10th July:

Our team visited the place again on 10th July.


It has been a very fulfilling visit though it was heartrending to see the girls and women who had undergone extreme trauma and torture in their lives.

The inmates here are joined either by Police or Women and Child Welfare Department. Most of them are rescued from trafficking, rape victims and victims of domestic abuse. There are girls who were rescued from marriages (at a tender age to older people).



Current Activity:

We planned to do a collection drive for this trust regularly and the first one would be on 7th August.

a. Girls' clothes (punjabi dresses, pyjamas etc.,)
b. Jeans and shirts (no sarees)
c. Note Books
d. Books for reading (library sort of)
e. Sports material (Carrom Board, Skipping, Ring Ball, Tennis or Table Tennis) 
f.  Sanitary napkins
g. Any other articles you think would be of use to the girls
h. Provisions (Dal, Oil, Rice)

We are also raising fund to buy almirahs.




1. Abbas - Rs. 1000
2. VS Chary - Rs. 300
3. Chandana P - Rs. 600
4. Chandrasekhar V. - Rs. 1000
5. LVS Ravi - Rs. 300
6. Dr. Rudresh - Rs. 500
7. Sarath Chandra and friends - Rs. 1500
8. Jayadev - Rs. 500
9. Murthy garu - Rs. 1100
10. Naresh Nutalapati - Rs. 500
11. Sai Pavana - Rs.1000
12. Naresh M - Rs. 500
13. Charan - Rs. 500
14. Saripalli Suryanarayana Murthy - Rs. 600
15. Madhavi's friends - Rs. 1500
16. LVS Ravi's friends - Rs. 600
17. Kalla Sunil Babu - Rs. 2000



Prasanthi, Ravi's Mother, Madhavi, Ramyadeepika, Naveen, Sivaji, Harinath, Ravi Sankar, Naresh Nutalapati, LVS Ravi, Sarath Chandra, Dr. Rudresh and Kishore

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