Mats Distribution at M N J Cancer Hospital Shelter


As part of our yearend and winter activity, we, TMAD volunteers at Hyd, visited M N J Cancer Hospital, RedHills, Nampally, on 17th Dec, 2011 to enquire about the requirement of blankets. By chance we could meet the Director, Dr. Prabhakar Rao. When we introduced ourselves and expressed our interest to provide blankets for patients, he responded very positively. He suggested that at any time hospitals require blankets. We can consider giving patients directly so that they can take it to their homes or can give to hospital itself so that they can use it for sets of patients, as hospital property. He mentioned that if we want to give to hospital it should be in red color only as they follow color code.


Dr. Prabhakar Rao also suggested that it would be useful to provide mats to the patients who stay in the temporary shelter adjacent to the hospital (as an annexe).  This is for patients who undergo radiation treatment. Each patient needs to be here for at least 25 days to 30 days.

Usually they have to come to hosptial only for radiation treatment.  Once the procedure is done, they can leave and come back next day. But as they come from different places and also they do not have enough money to pay for dormitories to stay during this period, shelter is provided at a place adjacent to the hospital.

This shelter is arranged with the help of donors. One person provided asbestos sheets (roofing) and some provided fans and lights. A owner of the hotel, which is near this hospital, is doing great service. He arranged gas stoves, cylinders and provisions. Patients need to bring utensils only. In addition to that he provides milk in the morning, breakfast and one meal a day.

As we felt that the need is genuine, we acted immediately and purchased 30 mats (6X9 ft) and delivered on the evening of the same day, 17th Dec, 2011.  As the Director left for the day and not many staff are available, it was decided to provide the mats at the shelter on the successive Monday, 19th Dec, 2011.

We visited the hospital later for Blankets Distribution and felt very happy to know that the mats were very much useful.


Visit Date: 17th Dec, 2011


Purchase Date: 17th Dec, 2011


Date of Use: 19th Dec, 2011



Cost of 30 Mats:  Rs. 5400.00 (@Rs. 180 per mat)

Transport in Auto: Rs. 50

Total: Rs. 5450



Swathi - 30 Dollars (Rs. 1540 )

Sireesha - Rs. 3910

Total - Rs. 5450



Prasanthi, Kasyap, Kishore and Harinath


Snaps of the Activity:


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