2012 New Year Celebrations


Tmad Celebrated 2012 New year with childrens from different places. Following are the details


New Year 2012 Celebrations @ Chavadi Children Home at Telecom Nagar, Hyderabad


On every new year day, we visit different homes either visually challenged, aged or orphans. This year we chose Chavadi Children Home at Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli.

There are 32 students (orphans and semi orphans) at this home. 4 to 5 children are below 5th class, 2 are Intermediate and others are in 9th and 10th standard.

Our volunteer, Prasanthi, visited this home on 30th December, along with her parents and noted down the requirements. The requirements of this home are: Provisions, Lunch Boxes and Stationery.


After discussion, we decided to donate Lunch Boxes and some Provisions along with Fruits. Our volunteers visited the home at 9 am and were there till 11 am. All of them felt happy for having spent quality time with the children. The children are very enthusiastic though a bit shy.


Some of them want to become Police Officers (courtesy is the Commissionarate in the neighbourhood), some want to become doctors, one or two civil engineers and others software professionals.



1. 32 Lunch Boxes - Rs. 3192

2. TMAD Name on Lunch Boxes - Rs. 210

3. Provisions - Rs. 1700

4. Fruits (Oranges and Bananas) - Rs. 500


Total Amount Spent: Rs. 5602



The amount remaining from the blanket distribution activity (Rs. 3970) has been spent on this activity with the consent of the donors.

1. Blanket Activity Amount - Rs. 3970

2. Diwaker and Harinath - Rs. 500 for Fruits

3. Deepthi - Rs. 210 for Names on Lunch Boxes

4. Mrs. Parimi Leela - Rs. 200

Total Fund Collected: Rs. 4880


The additional Amount of Rs. 722 is from Group Fund




Satyakrishna, Alok, Prasanthi, Vijayalakshmi, Kasyap, Deepthi, Diwaker, Srinivas, Shailaja, Praveen, Fayaz, Sunitha, Ravi and Ram Prasad


New Year 2012 Celebrations @ RIMRS School at Palamaneru, AP


Event: On 31st Dec, 14 of TMAD members and friends visited RIMRS School at Palamaneru for New year celebrations.


Participants: Shobha, Pullarao, Jayaram, Sharath, Sharath's wife, Gitika, Amrutha, Sameera, Prashanth, Prashnath.V, Raghu, Jaya, Rakesh, Venkatesh and Shobha


Event Details:


1) Cake cutting and sharing the cake with the kids.
2) Played musical chairs with kids.
3) Dance performance by kids.
4) Interacted with the school teachers and director.
5) Lunch with kids.
6) Post lunch we danced with all the kids who were able to move.
7) TMAD sponsored Cake and food (Expenses: Rs. 3400) and Oranges sponsored by Jayaram for kids. We also gave away few clothes that we collected.
8) Sharath and family distributed chocolates.

Some of the discussion points with the Director who is also a Doctor.


1.  Awareness among parents about the congenital problems is needed.
2.  Most of the cases are due to genetic abnormalities. Inter family marriages are the main reason for this.
3.  Genetic mapping is a new technology that has emerged to help parent’s asses such abnormalities during pregnancy. This is done in St.Jhons hospital for free for the poor.
4.  It takes around 6 years to train a kid to join the normal stream of society. There are around 182 tasks identified for the kid to be ready for the society.
5.  It would take Rs.10,000 to sponsor a kid for a year. By Sponsoring 3 kids there would one more kid who be taken care too. So in all one could sponsor 4 kids for a year by paying 30,000.  You could also visit and interact with

the kid you would be sponsoring.
6.  The main challenge the school is facing presently is with the food. Government is providing food only for 27 children who live in the hostel and not for the day scholars. Presently school is providing lunch even for the day scholars. It

would take around 40k per month of a very basic lunch. The institution is looking forward for some help in this regard. We might have to discuss if we could help them in this regard.
7. They need volunteers to upload their data in to website.


Bill And Appreciation Letter from RIMRS


Background about the school:

RIMRS (Rural India Medical & Relief Society) has a school at Palamaneru for Physically and Mentally Challenged kids. The school is endeavoring to help the especially able kids to join the normal stream of life through special education techniques. There are around 70 kids in the school. 30 hostel students and 40 day scholars.

It would just take 2 hours for one to reach Palamaneru from Bengaluru. It would take 5 mins to reach the school from the main road. The school has a serene but a very small campus which dwells in the interiors of the town away from the market mayhem. We were told by the director that they have around 50 cents land allotted to them in the town.

We got to meet around 30 kids. It was a day off for the day scholars due to the cyclone effect. Of the kids we met there were varied problems.The kids are very enthusiastic. They entertained us with some dance numbers. There were some adhoc dance performances too. Though I am not the right person to talk about the potentials of children but I could certainly make out ingenious talent inherent in the kids that need to be fostered. Lack of opportunities,uninterested parents or financial discomforts plays odds for the kids. For instance there are kids who are interested in dancing but there is no professional and systematic coaching available in the town. There are many such challenges.

Despite the odds, the school kids have managed to win some district competitions.Over all it was a wonderful end for an eventful year, 2011 for the team who visited the school. Each one of us walked out of the school gates with an incomprehensible complacency with life. Thanks for TMAD team!!!


New Year 2012 Celebrations @ KGBV, Ramagiri, Anantapur, AP


24-12-2011: We got a request from Kasturiba Gandi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV), Ramagiri, Anantapur (dt) to provide Note Books and Pens. Most of the children are from poor families.

Volunteer: Kamalnath N

Request Letter

31-12-2011: TMAD and Neelaiahgari Kalyana Chakravarthi Seva Samithi together conducted Drawing competition for the children. Celebrated New Year 2012 with Cake cutting followed by distribution of Note Books and Pens to the children and Dictionaries to the winners in Drawing Competition
Volunteers: Kamalnath N and Satyanarayana N

Winner's Details:


Class 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rdPrize Special Prize
VI H. Lakhsmi B. Supriya M. Swathi Yadav  
VII G. Lakhsmi P. Siva Lakshmi K. Pooja T. Mounika
VIII K. Kavitha D. Kulsimbi T. ChandraKala B. Rajani


Expenses: Rs.1710 (Cake, Note books, Pens and Dictionaries) Bills


Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Pyda Suresh Babu 1100
Venkatesh J 400
Kamalnath N 210
Total 1710


Confirmation Letter


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