Dyva Krupa Orphan Home, Secunderabad thanda, Mahbubabad, Warangal (Dt), AP

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12-08-2012: We visited (Harinath,Kishore and Divaker reddy) Dyvakrupa orphanage at secunderabad thanda for new facilities Inauguration function. We spent Rs: 3 Lakhs to provide these facilities with donors support. What it seemed was not feasible is a reality (with the required facilities like toilets, bore,gas connection with double cylinders,borewell with motor, gates, big hall etc).
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Thanks from everyone at Dyvakrupa:Click Here
03-06-2012: We got the following done so far
We have released INR 1.5L till now.
1. LPG connection
2. Ground leveling work completed (see the video below) with approx cost of Rs.90,000
3. Borewell is drilled
4. Pipeline for water supply (from an existing borewell to the site)
5. In progress:Toilets, Gate,Water tank (for storage)
Videos:Video 1
Volunteers: Harinath (President, TMAD), Kishore (Board Member, TMAD)

Donors contribution in Rupees

Donors Amount
Padegal Adarsh 8000
Venkat 5000
Bulusu Sharat Chandra 3000
Naresh Samala 5000
Vinay Azd 25000
Anonymous 3000
Praveen Dasari 50000
Suresh E 10000
Total 109000

Donors contribution in Dollars

Donors Amount
Yavan Madduri 100
Sravanth Poreddy 102
Shilpa Vijaypuram 200
Shashikanth Garlapati 10
Ramesh Bevara 20
Uday Nallamolu 20
Nagesh Chandra 50
Srinivas Motupalli 30
Anil Meda 30
Gouthami Nelavelli 200
Sridhar Nannuru 50
Venkatesh Pallepati 50
Vijaya Kesari 100
Soumya Pingili 50
Vaddiraju Srinivas 40
Skanda Pokkunuri 100
Subash Sangam 200
Madhuri Naikoti 100
Chandrasekhar Kandimalla 100
Praveena Mettu 100
Preethi Vodnala 25
Sharat Konatham 50
Srikanth Akella 20
Manoj Kasam 100
Rajaram Kanaka 20
Anonymous 75
Jayasree Upaydhay 50
Dayasagar Medaboina 200
Sunder Polepaka 100
Dilip Banda 75
Abhishek Erabathini 200
Kiran Kumar Munnanoor 100
Mallikarjun Reddy Likki 100
Sujith Maram 101
Srikar Nimmagadda 51
Sudhir Sibbineni 101
Madhusudhan Reddy Kanapuram 250
Satish Thota 50
Amar Karimilla 100
Total 3420
About the Dyva krupa orphan home:
Mr. Lokesh Nayik is  a BA(1998 batch) discontinued. He has been working as a contract labor or daily coolie. He saw a kid eating food along with dogs from the thrown away plate at a function. He was heartened by the plight of that boy and then he brought the kid home. With strong support from his wife (parvathi) he started taking care of more orphan kids. people around this area, when they found an orphan, then started referring them to lokesh.
Lokesh registered a society with the help and guidance of local people officer with name Ballo Banjara welfare society (reg. no 411/2008).  At present he has 26 kids at that he is taking care of. They are of the age group 5 - 15, in which 11 of them are girls.He got help from donors in that area. Mr. Ramprasad DSP, Mrs Madhumathi (sponsored 31k) etc.
At present there are around 7 donors (from police department) who are contributing 500 per month. Also he gets support from local business people in terms of rice etc.  He is able to manage the operational expenses.What is is really looking for is to develop the land which he bought for the orphanage purpose. He and his wife spent extra time and build 4 rooms (made of cement bricks made by he and his wife and cement sheets). As the area is on the outskirts, there are lot of snakes and scorpions around so he started building fencing around the area. He build the boundary walls with the help of donors. Now he want to clear the ground properly (it is full of rocks and uneven). It needs around 300 tractors load of soil to make it flat. Also bathrooms for kids and additional 4 rooms. Also for water facility he plans to put up a borewell and motor.
Parvathi (Lokesh Nayik wife is preparing food for the kids on typical stove with firewood. Let us help them in getting a LPG connection.All the kids treat Lokesh and his wife as their parents.
The cost details are given below.
Specific requirements are:
1. LPG Connection -> 6k ( + approx 2k for additional cylinder)
2 . Bore and pump for water? - 25K
3. Bathrooms (4) - 25k
4. Gate -> 30k
5. Ground leveling - around INR 1 Lakh
Total cost approx: INR 2Lakh
Volunteers: Harinath (President, TMAD), Kishore (Board Member, TMAD)


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