2012 Independence Day Celebrations

2012 Independence Day Celebrations GPS Ambedkar nagar, Mehdipatnam @ Hyderabad:

15-08-2012: TMAD has been associated with this school since few years. We helped them by building a class room with cost of around INR 5L earlier.
On this occasion of August 15, we provided notebooks to the children and sports material, gifts for august 15 competitions.

Expenses: Rs.7953

Volunteers: Vinod, prasanthi, Harinath & Sai Prasad

Donor: Adarsh Padegal

Photos: Click Here

1)Gift Articles:Rs1056
2)Sports Equipments:Rs1811
3)Note Books:Rs3686
4)Auto charge:Rs200
6) August 15th snacks:Rs1100

2012 Independence Day Celebrations at Govt. Primary School, Kothuri Sitaiah Nagar, Borabanda @ Hyderabad:

15-08-2012: TMAD has been associated with this school since 2010. We helped them by providing 25 benches, renovating class room with the help of Capital IQ GVD programme, arranged a TV and provided books. On this occasion of August 15, we provided note books, gifts for august 15 competitions.

1)Gift Items (Pads, Boxes): Rs. 1575
2)Note Books:Rs. 4050
3)Sweets: 1350
4)Auto Fare: 270

Expenses: Rs.7245

Volunteers: Vinod, prasanthi, Harinath & Sai Prasad


U. L. Prasanthi - 1000
Vamsi Kiran Kapuganty - 500
Sai Seva Manthan Group - 3000
Nagaraju Bingi - 500
Ananth Panyala - 1000
Prashanth Musunuri - 500
Total Amount: Rs. 6500

Independence Day Celebrations, Vivek Nagar Govt. Telugu Medium School @ Bangalore:

15-08-2012: As part of Independence Day Celebrations at Vivek Nagar Govt. Telugu Medium School, Bangalore, TMAD conducted events like, Drawing, Sports and Essay Writing. TMAD gave the prizes like glass colors, drawing books, puzzle books, pens, shuttle bats, cocks, skipping ropes and flying discs for the winners.

Following are the prize winners.

Drawing photos: Click Here

Balaji ( 21 of 48 photos )
Kiran Kumar ( 36 of 48 photos )
Maruthi ( 22 of 48 photos)

Essay Writing:
Vara Prasad ( 9th Class )

Mariya kumari ( 10th Class)

Vara Lakshmi ( 8th Class)

10th Class(Shot Put):      Raju V, Kiran Kumar

9th Class (100mt Run):     Ram Prasad, Srinivasulu

8th Class (100mt Run):     Srinivasulu, Maruthi

Sports (Girls):
10th Class (Shot Put):     Jyothi, Yangamma

9th Class (100mt Run):     Pallavi, Thayamma

8th Class (Musical Chair):   VijayaLakshmi, Lakshmi

Expenses: Rs. 875

Bills: Click Here

Photos: Click Here

Donor: MBV Pullarao

Volunteers: Kamal, Santhosh, Arun Kanth, Lavanya, MBV Pullarao


Independence Day celebration at Jeevanahalli school, Bangalore


Poem telling

Nithya(1st Standard)

Syam(3rd Standard)

Vardan(2nd Standard)

Pick and Speech

Prasanth(6th Standard)

Supriya(6th Standard)

Essay Writing

Deepak babu(7th Standard)

Sireesha(6th Standard)

Expenses: Rs 240

Photos: Click Here

volunteers : Srinivas, Murali, Ragavendra, sagar, Ramesh and vasu deva gupta


Independence day celebrations @ Nellorepuram school,Bangalore:

We conducted Quiz competition and gave prizes to the winners.The children with lot of energy and enthusiasm performed cultural activities.

Winners list: Click Here

Appreciation Letter: Click Here

Expenses: Rs 340

Photos: Click Here

Volunteers: Suresh Pyda and Kamalnath


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