2014 independence Day Celebrations

Our volunteers planned and reached the school at 9:30 AM and had a talk with the teachers regarding their agenda and teachers were more than happy to help them. 

Our volunteers divided themselves into 3 groups for conducting the events.

  1. Sruthi and Chanchal  -    10th standard 
  2. Dileep                        -     9th   standard
  3. Vydehi and Mani       -    8th   standard


From 9:30 A.M to 10:00 AM: They conducted dictation event where we would dictate a word and the students were expected to write the spelling of the words. They had prepared around 30 words and at 10 A.M the papers were collected. The papers were corrected during the leisure break (10:00 - 10:30 A.M)

                            The session resumed back at 10:30 and discussed the first 10 words given for dictation so that the students could analyze their mistakes. Rest of the words will be discussed in the forthcoming classes as there was a time constraint.

                            At 10:45, as there were practice sessions going on for Independence Day events organized by the school authorities, some students had to leave for the practice which reduced the strength of 9th & 8th standard considerably and hence they had to combine both the classes.

Quiz Competition:

As planned Sruthi conducted the Quiz for 10th, Dilip, Vydehi and Mani conducted the events for 9th & 8th standard (combined).14 questions were asked and they were based on diverse topics like General awareness, about India and Independence, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The papers were collected at 11:20 and the classes were dispersed. 

                              The students and teachers were very enthusiastic about the events and the support provided by the teachers was also commendable.

                              After a small discussion they came up with a prize distribution scheme which will be conducted on 15th August. The prizes were also purchased in the afternoon.

As the number of the participants from 8th and 9th were less for the Quiz event, the second prize for the same was scrapped.

Expenses: Rs 480

Bills: Click Here

Volunteers: Vydehi, Maniram, Shruti, Chanchal, Nikitha and Dileep Kumar Muvval






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