Support to a farmer Venkinayudu, Kodur, Vizag, AP

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Venkinayudu is a farmer from Vizag, his crops were destroyed in Hudhud Cyclone in October, 2014. After 3 months, got electricity for agricultural bores but his bore was not working. He spent around Rs 40,000 to pull the motor out as it got stuck deep in the ground and for repairing first time. The motor didn't work after reinstall. After multiple repairs, it worked finally but the water coming out of it was not strong as it used to come earlier. He spent Rs 58,000 towards this repair. AMMA Welfare Association donated Rs 30,000 to him with support of TMAD contribution of Rs 15,000.


During this period, his father got paralytic stroke due to depression and joined in private hospital where he spent around Rs 20,000 towards MRI, CT Scans and other expenses for two days. Then he joined at King George Govt. Hospital in Vizag for one month. Unfortunately, his uncle (mother's brother) who is single and supporting him in farming is also joined in the same hospital due to severe health issues. Both his father and uncle died within a gap of 5 days. He spent around Rs 60,000 in total towards their hospital expenses and last rites. His father was worrying about the motor till his last breath. The motor started working after their soul left. His family members believe that both will be alive if the motor started working a bit earlier. He sold one of his two buffaloes for Rs. 20,000 and took credit for interest of Rs 3 per month to meet all these expenses.


Previously he was the owner of three tractors, one got damaged in the accident and lost his elder brother Ramu. To resolve all these issues, he sold two lorries and became a farmer. He is taking care of his brother's family.


His sister Chilakamma was killed by his brother in law by pouring kerosene and set ablaze. She is having two daughters Devi (13 yrs) and Madhavi (8yrs). from the past six years they are being taken care of by him. Devi had an accident hit by a bike in March 2014 and had a serious damage to liver and she was operated for it and it incurred around Rs. 70,000 expenses last year.

He was also taking care of his another sisters ( husband is a coolie) children who are now grown up and eldest one now joined army this year. Now they are not dependant on him.


He is having three children Ram (11 yrs, 4th class), Charan (8yrs, 1st class) and Adi Sankar (4 yrs). His wife Satyavati had severe disc degeneration (back pain) last year, after spending around Rs. 15,000 he finally admitted her in Ayurvedic hospital in Vizag (run by our volunteer Dr. Sunder Raj) for 2 months. After the treatment she went back to his village but unfortunately she couldn't take rest which is required because of hudhud. She used to bring water from hand pump so again her situation worsened. She is still suffering from back pain and his family condition is in such a big mess that he couldn't send her again for treatment at least for one week.


He is in still pathetic condition. Hope he will get rid of all these issues soon.


Expenses: Rs. 15,000

Volunteers: Dr Sunder Raj and Prasanthi Uppalapati


Prasanthi Uppalapati -- 5000

Santhosh Alladi -- 5000

Chandra Reddy Manubothu -- 5000

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