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About the Children Home:

This Home is in St. Theresa's Hospital in Erragadda. Address wise it is in Sanath Nagar. Sister Maria (78 yr old) takes care of 28 girl children (10 to 12 yrs old). The children goes to St. Theresa's High School which is in the same compound.
Of all the Homes we visited, we can say that these children are the naughtiest and mischievous lot. It was no different to our homes where grandmother scold the grand children but they care a damn and be on their job (of making noise).
All are very active, healthy and bubbly girls. The care taker is there right from the day the home has been set up here. She might be b/n 35 and 40 yrs. The children are not sparing her either.
There is a girl Lissy (I might have misspelt the name) is good at painting. She has good collection of her art work most of them are the pictures of Jesus and Mary and some are on Nature.
Sister Maria is no different to any grandmother next door or our own. She showed me the photos of the girls and boys which she gave for adoption and also the letters that they send to her.
But one important point is that Sister Maria is interested to give these girls in adoption. As a Home they had the license once but not now. Still interested parents who would be willing to adopt the girls (10 to 12 yrs age), can visit the home, select a girl and then go to state home, file the application and say that they select the child and follow the regular procedure.
A Professor couple who lost their grown up daughter in an accident adopted a girl from this home in this process. This is a complete legal procedure and through State Home only except that the child is not from the state home but from TLC. Amazing fact is that the 12 yr girl who was adopted by the couple looks "EXACTLY THE SAME" as their daughter. Even Sister Maria saw the photos of their daughter when she was of the same age as this adopted girl. Now the girl is very happily settled in her new home.
As per Sister Maria, the children are willing and look forward to be adopted by any couple as two to three of their friends left for their new home in this manner.
I wish we can find 28 couples who would welcome these girls to be part of their families.
27-06-2012: Supported to buy shoes to the 5 girls who are staying in the home
Expenses: Rs 1625
Donors: Nichchanametla Pavani (Rs 1000) and Santhosh Alladi (Rs 625)
Volunteer: Prashanti Uppalapati
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