2010 New Year Celebrations @ RIMRS, Palamaner, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh


We visited RIMRS on 2 nd Jan 2010 which is splendid experience as usual.

There is lot of improvement in RIMRS, which got approval for another school for mild children which is started and has around 16 children. Two partitions are made in a room where three classes can accommodate and roofing is done using asbestos cement sheets.

Recently SBI people visited and distributed woolen blankets. Children showed their talent in dancing, singing etc.

Ramakrishna performed dance for two songs before us. He even asked for third but due to time constraint we had to disappoint him.

Later on celebration started by cutting the cake and We had wonderful lunch over there.

Teachers told lot of information about the new children, how to teach the mild students and how to join them to main course schools. Dr Sudhakar wants us to meet separately to record all this information over web so that every one can see and read the information.

Photos: Click here for event pics

Volunteers: Shyam, Ajay and Pavan Pyda

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