Kesava, MSc Operational Research, Chirala, Prakasam, AP

Request Mail from Kesava:

I am kesava,I am very happy to say that my mother's brother means my brother in law recently got job ,he is giving monthly 7000 rupees as a pocket money to me  that amount is sufficient for me in Delhi.stop giving money to me.till now pavan sir and harinath sir helped me so much, the way he response to my mail request is very good,I will return my rupees  40000/- to tmad after getting my job in du ,even placements have been starting since one week here definitely i will get a job  and then I will return my whole amount to you sir.thank you very much sir.
Thanking you sir,

As per the above information, he doesn't need TMAD support now. Thanks a lot to all donors.

Documents and Mark lists


Our support from 2016 Apr onwards:

We have paid Rs 5,000 monthly towards his room rent expenses from Apr 2016 to Jun 2016.

Expenses: Rs. 15,000

Donors: TMAD Group fund (2015-16)

Volunteer: Harinath Mallepally

Our support from 2015 Nov - 2016 Mar:

We have paid Rs 5,000 monthly towards his room rent expenses from Nov 2015 to Mar 2016.

Expenses: Rs. 25,000

Donors: TMAD Group fund (2014-15)

Volunteer: Harinath Mallepally


Details of the needy

Name: Kesava RamSai Pinjala

Date of Birth: 29/12/1993

Educational Qualification: M.Sc. Operational Research First Year

Marks obtained so far:


Obtained Marks

Total Marks


SSC (10th)




Intermediate (12th)




B.SC. Degree*




* Main subjects (Maths, Statistics, Computer Science etc..) are considered in Percentage calculation

Father Name: Sivanarayana

Father Occupation: Weaving

Mother Name: Sivalavanya

Mother Occupation: house wife

Total Family Income per month: Rs 4,500

Current Address: A-575/3, A block, near Gurudwara, Shastri Nagar, North West Delhi, New Delhi, 110052

Permanent Address: Hastinapuram, Jandrapet (Vi), Chirala (M), Prakasam (Dt), AP, 523165

College Address: HANS Raj College (Delhi University), Mahatma Hans Raj Marg, Malkaganj, New Delhi, 110007

Help required: Rs 5000 per month for room rent and food expenses

Life Ambition: to become Statistician

The reason to choose this course: to join Indian Statistical Service (ISS)

Eligibility to get support from TMAD: His younger brother is studying Degree First year; Govt pays his course fee and his father is taking care of his monthly expenses. As his father's earnings are low, he can't afford Kesava's monthly expenses.

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