Jaya Shivani, 12th Std, Kosakulam, Madurai, TN

Jaya Shivani

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Kishore Kumar Javvaji


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Volunteers: Saravanan Govindan, Kishore Javvaji. Special thanks to Balachandran Eswaran garu for visiting the needy's house to confirm these details.

20-Sep-2019: Our volunteer Saravanan Govindan spoke to CEOA Principal Mam about the scholarships / Fees concession. Their school provides Scholarships / Fees waiver when the parents approach the management at the time of admission. They already have many students who joined this school with fees concessions/ with scholarships. We requested them to consider this requirement as Exception and to help the girl child. She said she will have to discuss this with management and will be subject to their approval. However even if they agrees to provide any scholarship, that would happen only at the end of year and not immediately.

15-Sep-2019: Jaya Shivani met with an accident and had fractured her leg. Fortunately, Surgery is not needed and currently plaster cast is done. She has to be under bed rest for a week and later to be diagnosed by bone specialist again.

Details of the needy

Name: Jaya Shivani M

Date of Birth: 01/03/2003

Education Qualification: studying 12th Std currently

Marks obtained so far: 10th Std (75%), 11th Std (63%)

Mother Name: Muniswari R

Mother Occupation: Tailoring

Mother Income per month: Rs. 8,000

Father Details: left them in 2002 and gave divorce to her in 2009

Sibling’s Details: No

Total Family Income per month: Rs. 8,000

House Rent per month: Rs 4,000

Current Address: No.8, Angayarkani Nagar, Kosakulam, Madurai - 625017

Help required for: paying 12th Std course fee of Rs 16,800

College Address: CEOA Matric Hr.Sec School, Sriram Nagar, Kalai Nagar Extn, A.Kosakulam, Madurai – 625 017

Reason to join in this college: for better coaching since +1, +2 is most important for the higher studies

Last Date to pay the fee: Rs.6,800 immediately (should have paid in June 2019) and Rs.10,000 payable before Oct 10th 2019

Eligibility to get support from TMAD:

            Muniswari's husband had left her in 2002. She got official divorce in 2009. She is now raising her daughter since then. Muniswari siblings (1 brother and 2 sisters) were also not in good economical status and hence didn't receive any help from them.  Muniswari's mother is a sugar patient and Father is a heart patient. Her parents are old now and they not get any pension. They have a small house which they get rental income of about 5K which they use it for their medical expenses.
            Muniswari used to do some catering work and used to earn about 10k per month. That business didn't continue and she started doing whichever work she is getting. Now she is also doing tailoring and earning approx 8K. There live in rented house and they pay about 4k per month.            Until 1st term of 12th std, they were able to manage the fees. Since last 2 months, their financial situation worsen and they are not able to pay the Fees.
            Since there is fees pending for Amenities, the school is not allowing the student to attend classes and quarterly exams. Since it is 12th std, they are unable to join other school, else they may need to wait for next academic year.

The needy’s view to help others: she wants tohelp others in every possible way once she is settled


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