Dinesh, CA, Alwal, Hyderabad, AP


This case is about the financial support to a hard working student of an ailing family to pursue CA. On 22nd March 2011, one of our volunteers, Bhargav, received a call from one Ms. Hemalatha, a teacher who is making a living by stitching clothes at home. She requested support for her son's education.  Bhargav informed Prasanthi to get in touch with her.

Prasanthi gave a call and found these details about them:

This family is used to be good. Father who worked as a lecturer got mentally retarded, mother who once worked as a teacher due to family problems got ill (fits and other nervous problems). They have two bright children. The first one, a boy - Dinesh, completed Intermediate (86.1%) and is now aiming to study CA (new course in Graduation). The second one, a girl,  Sphurthi, will be joining 10th class in this academic year. Whatever the mother earns by tailoring (she discontinued going to school due to her ill-health) is the only hope for them. Either of the families of the parents does not support them. The boy is very bright. 

This family lves in Old Alwal. This is his mother's number: 9885666015.

One of our TMAD volunteers, Hema Shailaja visited their family on 23/3/2011. This is the update from her:
This is to update you all about the details of the Student Dinesh who is looking for educational support this case was informed to me by Prasanthi. I  visited their house in Alwal on 23/3/2011 and the details were:

They were living in a small single room and the house rent is 1500/-. Dinesh is very intelligent student whose life ambition is to do CA, but his family's financial condition is unable to support this so he approached us for financial support for his studies. His father has become metally retarded due to depression and his mother is doing stiching at home to run their lives. His sister is studying 9th class in near by High school and he is doing Inter 2nd year.

In order to pursue CA he needs to take coaching for two and half months for CPT exam which costs around 18000/-

Once he is qualified then he can join in CA where there are two stages like  PCC which is 9months and costs around 45000/-. Final for 2yrs which costs around 60000/-

Now immediately inorder to register for CPT exam he needs to pay 6000/-  to government towards registration. 

Sivaji visited the college (Sri Chaitanya, SR Nagar) and gave amount to them to pay the fee. Actual fee for coaching is Rs. 12000. After initial request they gave concession for 2k and asked us to pay 10k. Upon further request, they got concession for another 2k. So the coaching fee is 8k.

We, TMAD, paid Rs. 10, 775 for the boy (6k to register with govt. + 4k - part payment towards coaching fee + 775 rs. (exam and application feee). One of our new volunteers, Surekha, has given money to them for bus pass (600 rs.) and has raised 4k, which is the pending coaching fee.


Sivanand Parupalli - Rs. 10,000

TMAD Group Fund - Rs. 775

Surekha and Friends: Rs. 4600

Volunteers: Hema Shailaja, Sivaji, Prasanthi, Surekha

Prasanthi also approached SEVA Counseling Center to offer counseling to this family so that they can learn how to cope with stress and despair. The family will be visiting the center soon.

This family badly needs support. It would be good if anyone comes forward to support them on monthly basis for provisions and medicines (to the tune of Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000)


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