Support to Poor Children @ Gopal Vidya Kendra, Soladevana Halli, Bangalore, Karnataka


18-06-2011: TMAD Contributed Rs. 25000 towards the education of poor children. This would take care of the needs of expenses of 8 children for an year.

Volunteer: Jayaram

Donation Receipt

Appreciation Letter from GVK Principal


TMAD Member/Donor Amount Donated
Jayaram Puvvula
Shobha Laya Nandula 1000
Kannam Raju P 6000
PullaRao MBV 5000
Manam SocialWelfare Organisation 10000
Total 25000


11-06-2011: Our volunteer Jayaram along with Gopi (Arrow Foundation) visited and collected the details of 10 students from 9th and 10th Standard. These children were selected based on their performance in studies and who are from a very poor background.

Please find the details of the students and some pictures of the school : Click Here

28-05-2011: Our volunteer Jayaram (8105988669) along with Pushpa (Spandana Foundation) visited Gopal Vidya Kendra, Bangalore which is striving hard to provide quality education to the rural and poor children. Pushpa is working for this school for the past 3 years. Mr. Muralidhar ex-employee of customs department started this school. He is unmarried and took VRS recently and is doing social service since very long time. This school was started sometime in 2005 in land owned by Muralidhar at Hessarghatta Road(between Soladevanahalli and Tarabanahalli). This place is around 30 min drive from Hebbal.


Number of children: 300

Fee per head: Rs.5000


Smart Class (125 Rs * 12 months) : Rs 1500

Text Books  : Rs 350

Sports : Rs 50

Medical Check up : Rs 50

Uniform : Rs 350

Badge/Belt/ID Card : Rs 100

Teaching Yoga & Music : Rs 50

Study Material : Rs 200

Teacher's Salary : Rs 2350

Total : Rs 5000

Mail to TMAD from Muralidhar about GVK





About ourselves

Our Trust took birth in 2005 with an aim to work towards the uplift of the poor and downtrodden children. We started working towards this end. However, when I found that the educational level in the surrounding areas is at an abysmally low position, we decided to enter the field of education. Thus started our educational institution.

From a mere 36 children in 2007-08, we have a strength of about 550 in the 5th year of operation, an increase which is mind boggling beyond any standards. The reason is simple, we have well qualified faculty, dedicated to the core and the personal attention we give to the students. The student teacher ratio is 1:30 and each teacher attends to at least 10 children individually who are a bit slow (I would not call them dull) in their studies over and above the regular classes. The end result is amazing.

Without the knowledge of language, there can be no progression in education. This being the fact, we teach our students first to converse in English, Hindi and Kannada. Once they are able to talk in these languages freely, they are able to understand what they are reading and writing follows automatically. The success of education lies in understanding what one is reading and this is directly proportional to the knowledge of language in which they are reading. I have devised a system whereby a child starts talking in English and Hindi within one week.

Character of our students

Most of the children, about 350 are from very poor background and have come from the Government schools, from Kannada medium. They cannot afford the costly English medium education. These children have been taken under our umbrella. They have not been blindly chosen. Initial training is given to all children without any difference. The commitment shown to the studies, the reception level, the discipline exercised by them all count when they are selected for scholarship from us. I am proud to state that about 98% of the children under our training conform to our standards. The kids are equal to their peers in the so called high end schools and given a push, will go places. If they are deprived of the support now at this formative stage, they may lose out on quality education and most of them will go back to the Govt. schools, where the medium is mostly kannada and the educational standards found wanting, despite the fact that the Govt. schools have better infrastructure and good teachers.


Till last year, our school was open only to students from Kannada medium and from this year, we have opened it out to children from other English medium schools and those who can afford to pay so that in a couple of years, we can make the school into a No profit No loss venture and which will work on its own. Even this fees is less than half of what the other schools charge but our education is at least 3 times than theirs.


About 300 children require full support and cannot afford to pay. The commitment is that if they do not reach a certain standard in education, are not disciplined and irregular to school, then they will not be considered for concessions in the following years. Fortunately, children having got an opportunity for good education in our school do not want to loose it and are performing well.

Our budget … what we need

We have 16 teachers on rolls. All these are well qualified teachers and have to be paid a decent remuneration. Then comes the books, uniforms and other incidentals. We have introduced the Smart Class from Educomp which costs money. Our annual budget is about Rs.25 lakhs and when divided amongst 500 children, works out to Rs.5000/- per child.

We solicit sponsoring of children.

We have purchased books, i.e. core mathematics and advanced English reader from M/s.Allied Publishers Pv.Ltd which comes to Rs.60000/-. We have paid Rs.15000/- and the balance needs to be paid. You may, if you decided, can pay the amount directly to the suppliers.

The Rs.5000/- per child, per year, includes one set of uniform, books, smart class charges And the salary which is to be paid to the teachers. The learning is faster due to the digital class rooms. In comparison to other English medium schools in and around our school, the fees range from 12 to 15000 in other schools to out Rs.5000/- but without any of the high tech facility. In course of time, we are attempting to bring down the fees in other schools rather than raising ours as good education can be imparted at this fee level.


Our joy is that children want to identify themselves with Gopal Vidya Kendra. We have class from LKG to tenth standard. The last batch of X was the first batch of 15 and all of them cleared the board exam with flying colors. Needless to state, these children came from KANNADA MEDIUM to English medium from

VIII and thus the result becomes all the more important.

We have reduced the burden of the students and teachers alike by handing out printed/Xeroxed notes. This saves precious teaching time for the teachers which otherwise would be wasted in dictating notes and correcting them. For the students, it reduces the need to carry the class work, homework books and thus the much debated donkey load. All these measures ensure use of precious learning time. We also require used systems, furniture for our school.

Coming to English and Hindi speaking, our children are encouraged to teach their parents, who are illiterates mostly and other government school children, thus inculcating the habit of giving to others and also developing leadership qualities. We request, require your help in this great nation building activity. All our actions are transparent and are subject to audit and inspection.

Any further information you may require, will be supplied.


Thanks and regards,.

Murali dhar g

Trustee & correspondent


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