Support to Govt. Primary School @ Borabanda, Hyderabad, AP

Source: Our volunteer Lava visited the school for the first time on 4th Jan, 2011 and referred to us.

We decided to visit the school and initially thought of sponsoring gifts to the children, on Republic Day, who participate in sports and cultural activities.


Jan 26th Participation:

Lava Alladi, Satyakrishna, LVS Ravi, Praveen, Prasanthi and Harinath visited on 26th. Our team sponsored the gifts


Particulars of the School

You can see the photos of the school here:

These are the snaps of ground floor only. First floor is the exact replica of ground floor.

Name of the School: Govt. Primary School

Address: Kotturi Seetaiah Nagar, Bala Nagar Mandal, Rangareddy Dt.

Medium of Teaching: Telugu

Classes: I to V

School Timings: 8 am to 3 pm

The school runs till 4 pm and 4th and 5th class students attend the school on Sundays as well. The teachers are being paid by the Headmistress for the extra hours.

School Type: Co-education school


Mid-day Meal: Govt. provides the Mid-day Meal. The concerned worker cooks the food in school only. This is as per the order of the current headmistress.

Library: Govt. provided books for Library


Benches: Nil
Children has to sit on floor. Flooring is not good. Teachers provided mats.

Toilets: Nil
Though all are Lady teachers, there were no washrooms(toilet). The present Headmistress spent 25k of her own money to construct two toilets.

Teachers and Students:

Strength of the School: 130 students in rolls but only 80 children are the regular attendees
No. of Teachers: 5 (including Headmistress)
Qualification: 2 B.Ed., one Hindi Pandit (others I do not remember)
Name of the Headmistress: Snehalatha

About the School:

School has been running for the past 10 years. There are no facilities in the school other than the school building which is a 2-floor one in 150 sq. yd. compound.

To be precise there are only two rooms and two verandahs (including the first floor). 1 to 5 classes have to be run in two classrooms and a verandah. The verandah in the first floor was used by Urdu school students (Urdu school has been shifted to another location from 2011 Academic year).

As the verandah is open, children suffer a lot in the winter season with the freezing breeze.

Including the present Headmistress all the teachers are new to this school, deputed to this school in June-July '2010. 

Teachers approached the Corporator to consider and sanction funds to the school. They approached Loksatta members as well. But there has been no progress.  TMAD is the first NGO which visited the school.



Need to cover the shed inside the compound and to close the verandah on one side and to keep grill on the three sides.

- TMAD approached CapitalIQ to consider this school for their GVD project. Many thanks to Sreenivas Prasad for informing us about GVD (Global Volunteer Day). Many Thanks to Sri Prabhakar Kotapati for approving the project and for assigning Erraiah, associate of CapitalIQ, as Lead for this project. Special thanks to Erraiah for executing this project exceptionally well.

On 18th July, CapitalIQ associates visited the school, did painting and clean up and engaged the children. Our TMAD volunteers, Naresh, Sarath and Naveen also partiicipated in this event.

Iron Benches

Around 20 benches  (the ones with the option to keep books and write notes) are required for the students of 3, 4 and 5 classes.

- TMAD thanks Panasa Ramakrishna of ITMD to refer this school to his friend Kartheek Koganti who contributed 1000 dollars for providing benches to children.

- TMAD also thanks to Giri Kolanupaka of ASHA to visit the vendor, talk to him on our behalf and for paying the initial amount.


Note Books and Stationery:


Lava Kumar and his friends donated note books and stationery in June, when the school reopened.


Sunday Classes to Teach English:

Sri Sankar Rajanala, Sr. Technical Writer and Editor, started taking classes to children from 10th July. Every Sunday from 9 am to 10 am, he teaches English to the students of 3, 4 and 5 classes.



Lava Kumar Alladi (9676128813) is the TMAD Project Lead for this school. For any info., related to this school or want to support, pl. contact Lava.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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