Support to Science Lab @ Sri Kari Thimmaraya High School, T Begur, Bangalore, Karnataka


12-09-2009: Neeraja and Pavan Pyda visited Begur School for the installation of science and computer lab on the 12th of September

It was a 3 month long effort to finally get the project approved. It all started with the introduction of the School Adoption program in May this year by Honeywell CSR team. It struck to me that Begur School may require some facilities that we may have to take up. Dr. Ramana Rao who is associated with this place (T.Begur) felt that education facilities would help the village a lot. He coordinated with the school head-master and principal and provided us with the information required to apply with the school adoption program.

Later Neeraja could get the school adoption program approved after some initial road-blocks. The science lab has all the basic equipment that are required for the students of standard 8th to 10th to conduct experiments and thus learn the practical aspects explained in their textbooks. Three computers have been provided with a complete set of Digital learning DVD’s which will aid the students’ learning process. In due course of time we would evaluate the utilization of the lab and provide inputs to the students and teachers where required. The science lab would not only be used by the school at Begur but also the schools in the adjoining locality which also lack these facilities.

We are thankful to the Honeywell CSR team and Dr. Ramana Rao for helping us to accomplish this.

Very special thanks to Neeraja for making this happen.

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01-08-2009: Honeywell is interested to provide Science lab to Begur school, but they need to have at least 4 tables to display those instruments. We have to provide the same to school. Neeraja will talk to Honeywell team regarding this and let us know about the update that has to be done.

26-07-2009: Neeraja Chigulla visited the Government school, Begur on Saturday along with the Community Service Board member of Honeywell. We had given prior information to the principal about our arrival.

We met the head master (also the Science teacher), School-in charge and other teachers. The head master apprised the CSB member about the school and also told him some information of the school background. He also showed us the proposed room where the science lab could be installed. The concern of the CSB member was that there were no proper tables where the experiments could be performed by the students. I am pursuing to get this arranged or we may have to talk to the TMAD team on how this could be achieved.

We were also told that 2-3 computers would also be provided by Honeywell to the school apart from the science lab. The responsibility that the lab is utilized lies with the school and we have to monitor frequently on how the lab is being utilized completely. Also we may have to take up some classes to demonstrate the science lab activities (some of which we know.)

Also meanwhile we have to plan on how we could provide the required benches (2-3) so that the computers and the science lab could get started. This is a pre-requisite for them to start installing the lab and was conveyed to me during the visit.

24-05-2009: The program which Neeraja applied in Honeywell was rejected saying that the no. of students in the school is too less (~160).

They said that they are targeting schools with a higher strength so that many will be benefited. However there is still some hope. Neeraja is coordinating with Shobha to get some nearby schools added to the list so that the no. of students increases and we have a more solid no. to present to the Community service board (Honeywell).

10-05-2009: Neeraja got the details of Govt School, Begur to provide infrastructure with the support of Honeywell CSR under “School Adoption Program”. She will talk to the concerned persons and let us know the update asap.

Volunteer: Neeraja Chigulla


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