Support to Govt. School, Anikepalli, Hyderabad, AP


We came to know about the govt. school in Anikepalli after we sponsored bags, books and stationary to the slum children there.

We spoke with the Headmaster and teachers and they were very co-operative. We found that they need sports material apart from tables and other requirements. We decided to sponsor sports material.

We recommend the sports store in Ameerpet road. It is owned by Sikhs and he told us that he has been the same for so many years and he is not selling to gain profit but to run his business.

We decided that as there are more materials, it would be good if Murali can take us in his car. Murali accepted.

The following are the items that we bought:

  • Carrom Board - 1
  • Chinese Checkers/Chess Board - 1
  • Ring Balls - 4
  • Skipping Ropes - 4
  • Brainovita - 1
  • Tables Sheet - 1
  • Foot Ball - 1
  • Tennis Bat - 1
  • Letters/Alphabets Building Tool - 2
  • Maze - 1

Source of Information:

Date we bought : November 23, 2007

Date we distributed : November 24, 2007

Name:Anikepalli School

Money Spent:Rs. 1000

Kasyap bargained well and we bought so many games (indoor/outdoor) for Rs. 1000

Source:Group Fund

Volunteers: Prasanthi, Kasyap, Murali, Jairam, N S Vijayalakshmi, Murali's friend

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