Shankar, Spoken English, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Shankar is a genuine person. He outright denied our offer of help to him for his education saying that he can utilize part of his earnings in Sai Baba temple and requested us to help anyone who are in very dire straits and interested. When we insisted, he says that he wants to learn English.

VETA Spoken English Institue is very near to his place of stay in Porur. They have two courses: one for 40 hours - 1200 rupees, and another for 80 hours - 1800 rupees. We joined Shankar in 40 hours course based on his interest.

After the first course, he is little bit confident about English. He is able to write english words and also can pronounce them. But he is hesitating to attend further course. One reason is he is busy in temple and the other one is that he is feeling shy to attend the next course which includes speaking exercises. So he wants to practice first and when he can speak fluently, he wants to join the next one

We insisted that he has to continue his course and he need not hesitate. We paid him for the second and third level course.

Now he wants to do his Tenth and Inter and is ready to do Tenth and Degree simultaneously.

In a nutshell

Source of Information:Prasanthi

Date of News: 16 December, 2007


Contact Address:Dakshina Shirdi Temple

Institute: VETA Spoken English Institute, Porur, Chennai

Money Spent: Rs. 4700

Source: Group Fund


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